IT FELT LIKE Really like Trailer (2014)

IT FELT LIKE Enjoy Trailer. In theaters starting three/21/2014.
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Eliza Hittman’s effective debut feature tells the story of Lila (Gina Piersanti, in a stunning debut), a fourteen year old spending a hot summer season in a blue-collar Brooklyn neighborhood far removed from the bustling city. Awkward, lonely, and frequently playing the third wheel, Lila is determined to emulate the sexual exploits of her more knowledgeable ideal buddy. She fixates on Sammy, a tough older guy, when she hears that “he’ll sleep with anyone.” Deluded in her romantic pursuit, Lila tries desperately to insert herself into Sammy’s gritty planet, but in doing so she puts herself into a dangerously vulnerable situation.

IT FELT LIKE Enjoy Trailer
A Movie written and directed by Eliza Hittman
Starring Gina Piersanti, Giovanna Salimeni, Ronen Rubinstein, Jesse Cordasco, Nicolas Rosen, Richie Folio, Case Prime, Kevin Anthony Ryan
Release Date : 3/21/2014.
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IT FELT LIKE Really like Trailer

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Talamanca (I) Dedicada a mi amigo PEPE (Jovisur)
Listen By no means-ending Road (Amhrán Duit) Loreena McKennitt

The road now leads onward
As far as can be
Winding lanes
And hedgerows in threes
By purple mountains
And round every single bend
All roads lead to you
There is no journey’s end.

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so easy and couple of
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

Deep in the winter
Amidst falling snow
Higher in the air
Exactly where the bells they all toll
And now all about me
I really feel you nevertheless here
Such is the journey
No mystery to fear.

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and couple of
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

The road now leads onward
And I know not where
I feel in my heart
That you will be there
Anytime a storm comes
Whatever our fears
The journey goes on
As your really like ever nears

Right here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so straightforward and handful of
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

Aptly, it is an echo of Homer’s timeless Odyssey that introduces Loreena McKennitt’s seventh studio recording, the most recent volume of a project she describes as “musical travel writing”. This time, the journey takes her in search of the Celts’ easternmost paths, from the plains of Mongolia to the kingdom of King Midas and the Byzantine Empire. Along the way, she muses on the concepts of property, of travel in all its incarnations, of the cultural intermingling that underpins human history and our universal legacies of conflict and hope.

Recorded at Real Globe Studios and featuring a host of acclaimed musicians, the album proffers a treasure trove of instruments, from harp, hurdy-gurdy and accordion to oud, lyra, kanoun and nyckelharpa (the Scandinavian keyed fiddle). Highlights incorporate the seductive rhythms and Silk Road influences of very first single “Caravanserai” “Penelope’s Song”, a paean to steadfast adore and Loreena’s musical setting of Sir Walter Scott’s poem of star-crossed romance, “The English Ladye And The Knight”. Together, the nine songs that comprise An Ancient Muse conjure up a wide world’s worth of human stories that are as special as they are unforgettable.

Talamanca es un municipio de la comarca del Bages, provincia de Barcelona, España situado dentro del Parque Organic de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac.
Dado su carácter medieval y sus construcciones de piedra, tiene un gran atractivo turístico. Su población permanente es reducida, pero consigue un notable incremento en fechas de vacaciones y fines de semana.
Aunque se han encontrado restos de yacimientos ibéricos, la primera notica que se tiene de su existencia data del año 960 cuando Salla, el fundador del monasterio del Sant Benet de Bages hace una donación de tierras y casas al término del Castillo de Talamanca. Entre los años 878 y 897, cuando el conde Borrell y Wifredo el Velloso hicieron la repoblación militar fue cuando campesinos provenientes del norte se instalaron cerca de castillos e iglesias y repoblaron la zona. En esa época debió tener lugar la fundación del Castillo de Talamanca y la Iglesia de Santa María de Talamanca ya citada en el 1038. Las construcciones de casas entre el castillo y la iglesia dieron lugar al pueblo actual de Talamanca.

In WordPress In Blogger In Onexposure
By Jose Luis Mieza Photography on 2008-08-27 23:02:40

The root of all marital concerns is loss of romance love. For a couple to be and stay together they need to be in a position to really feel that spark of romance, they initial felt when they laid eyes on each and every other.

There are a lot of things you can do as a couple to bring back that spark of romance enjoy back to your marriage. The very first thing you need to have to do is to alter the way you view each and every other. Don’t wake up in the morning and expect your wife to prepare you breakfast, why don’t you prepare breakfast for her these days?. Undertaking one thing impulsive every as soon as in a while keeps a partnership fresh and revitalized. It would be a great thought to take the day off, and program a candle light dinner. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could go to the restaurant you did when you 1st began going out?

It just requires little factors such as these to keep a romance really like alive in a marriage. There is no big secret to reveal, we possibly know what we should do right in the bottom of our hearts but we are just too timid to do them. Marriage is not about being timid you should not want to hide something from your life companion, because the largest secret is that sharing brings about a romantic feeling and closeness. Feel free of charge to share your inner most thoughts and desires with your companion.

Don’t think about what has changed because you have been married, believe about what you men and women nonetheless have even although that you are married. Most couples start taking each and every other for granted just a handful of years down the lane, why? Properly since they just do not share factors they once utilised to. Most men and women mistake romance for sexual need, which is not accurate, sex, is only 25 % of a marriage. In order to feel loved you should enjoy.

Attempt to be unpredictable, do not be a slave to your every day grind. However I wouldn’t advise that you go out and quit your job or leap off a bridge. What I truly want you to do is to go out on a trip with each other, without having getting to plant It out, it need to be sort of an impulsive trip.

Rekindling love romance in a marriage is not just one partner’s duty each parties should perform towards bettering the way they reside as a couple. The greatest factor is to cease the blame game and begin taking duty, it is only then that you will really start to take pleasure in every other.

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50 thoughts on “IT FELT LIKE Enjoy Trailer (2014)”

  1. When I read the title before I watched the trailer, I interpreted it in a whole other way then when I watched the trailer til the end. (It’s hard to explain, but it felt really odd)

  2. Would anyone who has seen this movie recommend it? It looks like an interesting Indie film based on the trailer, but a couple people in the comments have said they didn’t enjoy it.

  3. Most people don’t like this film for whatever reason. But as a 17 years old I have never related so much to something in my life. This is the time of someone where they r very, very confused, do things for no reason and r generally reckless. If I told any of u what I do everyday would surprise u bcos they is absolutely no reason behind it at all, so this is more of a crazed-teenager-movie

  4. I know right, Felicia Pang, this is similar to one of the stories I read on wattpad….the bad boy fall in love with the good girl….and such and such…totally like wattpad

  5. If u want burgeoning teenage sexuality watch "Good Girls", it stars Dakota fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, it’s actually perfect for that

  6. first 60 min this girl be creepy
    next 30 she a thot
    towards the end she acting like a hoe
    this movie got me like wtf from beginning til end

  7. Her staring at all those tats the whole time made me think this was a movie about kinks or smthn like that XD

  8. a lot of people have been commenting that its so bad, that it actually makes me want to see how bad it is

  9. I had a really awkward relationship with this guy when I was 15. I just thought he was really hot. We almost never talked but he was over every day. We just got drunk and high and had sex. It went on for about a year and then I drunkenly discovered he was cheating on his gf of 3 years and beat the crap out of him. I felt so bad for her.

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