Islamic Children Cartoon, Muslim Children Story in English, Fun Film Tale on Prophet’s Pond

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Week 30 – Djinn
This week, I wanted to play about tiny in PS once more. And what would be a far better PS practice than to plunge into the tales of a single Thousand and one particular Nights? My notion was, to develop a Djinn and then just go crazy with lighting and smoke effects. The 1st point that comes to mind when you believe of Djinns nowaday, is of course the nice funny blue guy from Disneys Aladdin. This Genie is a wonderful guy for little ones and I feel Disney did a good Job with creating this character. He’s hell of a funny guy. But for my image I wanted to take a more classic approach. In Islamic Mythology, Djinns are creatures made of fire and air. They are currently described in the Quran. And these ancient Djinns are the function models for my Djinn here.

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Strobist Information:
For this pic I utilised a two strobe setup. 1 softbox at 05:00 as primary light and 1 softbox at 09:00 appropriate in addition to me as fill. I also employed one reflector at 03:00 to bounce the fill light back a little.
By Florian F. (Flowtography) on 2014-07-27 12:08:43
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