Isaiah Martinez Story

Image from page 490 of “The Victrola book of the opera : stories of one hundred and twenty operas with seven-hundred illustrations and descriptions of twelve-hundred Victor opera records” (1917)
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Title: The Victrola book of the opera : stories of one hundred and twenty operas with seven-hundred illustrations and descriptions of twelve-hundred Victor opera records
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Victor Talking Machine Business Rous, Samuel Holland
Subjects: Operas
Publisher: Camden, N.J. : Victor Speaking Machine Co.
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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e thronging, Prior to thy blessed feet I lay Ill wrestle with the enjoy I cherishd. Until in death its flame hath perishd. If of my sin thou will not shrive me, However in this hour, oh grant thy help! Till thy eternal peace thou give me, I vow to reside and die thy maid. And on thy bounty I will get in touch with, That heavnly grace on him might fall! She remains for a lengthy time in prayerful rap-ture as she gradually rises she glances at Wolfram,who is approaching. She bids him by gesture notto speak to her, but he asks that he might escorther. Elizabeth again expresses to him by gesturethat she thanks him from her heart for his faith-ful enjoy her way, even so, leads to Heaven,where she has a higher objective to fulfill shewishes him not to accompany or comply with her now.She slowly ascends the height and disappearsgradually from view. Wolfram gazes sadly right after her for a long time,then seats himself at the foot of the hill, starts toplay upon his harp, and finally sings the noble andbeautiful ode to the evening star.

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  1. I wrestled imar in the state finals our senior years. Barely lost 4-3 should’ve beat him but got a takedown at the last five seconds. He’s really good tho.

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