Isaiah Bird the Legless Wrestler Story

Original Airdate: Sunday May possibly 17, 2015 (ESPN-Tv)

Television Shows We Utilized To Watch – Christmas 1959
Christmas 1959

Christmas Eve 1959 – Thursday 24th December 1959 BBC Tv

2:30pm Watch with Mother

(Watch With Mother was a cycle of children’s programmes produced by Freda Lingstrom. Broadcast by BBC Tv from 1952 until 1973, it was the first BBC television series aimed specifically at pre-college kids, a development of BBC radio’s equivalent Listen with Mother, which had begun two years earlier. In accordance with its intended target audience of pre-college kids viewing with their mothers, Watch With Mother was initially broadcast among 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm, post-afternoon nap and prior to the older young children came property from college.

The choice of Watch With Mother for the title of the series was intended &quotto deflect fears that television may become a nursemaid to kids and encourage ‘bad mothering’&quot

2:45pm &quotThe Man from 1997&quot, comic fantasy with Charles Ruggles

3:30pm Faraway Look

4:40pm &quotThe Apple Tree with the Golden Apples&quot, a Czechoslovak film

5pm Children’s Newsreel

five:10pm Crackerjack

(Crackerjack was a British children’s comedy/variety BBC television series. It began on 14 September 1955 and ran for over 400 shows, first in black and white and later in colour, till 21 December 1984.)

five:55pm News and Climate

6:25pm Christmas Fare

six:30pm Carols from Canterbury

7:5pm James Stewart in the film &quotTrail to Christmas&quot

7:30pm Julie Andrews in &quotThe Gentle Flame&quot, by Francis Essex

8:15pm Menotti’s Christmas Story with &quotAmahl and the Night Visitors&quot

9pm News Summary

9:5pm Rosalind Russell in the film &quotSister Kenny&quot

10:55pm-12midnight Midnight Mass of the Nativity, from the Roman Catholic Bergkirche, Eisenstadt, Austria

Christmas Eve 1959 – Thursday 24th December 1959 ITA – Linked Rediffusion (London)

4:45pm For Children – Little Time

5pm For Youngsters – Canadian Close friends

5:55pm News

6:15pm Close Up with Herbert Lom

six:45pm Children’s Carol Service

7pm Rawhide (western series)

8pm Dotto

eight:25pm This Week

8:55pm The Deputy (western series)

9:25pm News

9:35pm Merry With Medwin

ten:30pm Dial for Music

11pm News

11:2pm Dick and the Duchess

11:25pm Crooked Path

11:50pm-1:5am The 1st Communion of Christmas – Midnight Mass

Christmas Day 1959 – Friday 25th December 1959 BBC Tv

eight:30am George Mitchell Glee Club and Dennis Wilson Quartet

9-9:3am The Queen’s recorded Christmas Message to the Commonwealth (sound only)

11pm Morning Service from St. George’s Parish Church, Stockport

11:45pm Programme from the International Pestalozzi Children’s Villages

12:15pm &quotMeet Mr. Kringle&quot film comedy

1pm News Summary

1:5pm Max Jaffa’s Trio, Alicia Markova and the Linden Singers

1:35pm &quotDay’s Before Christmas&quot Canadian film

2pm Boots and Saddles (western series)

2:25pm Although Angels Watch

3pm Chipperfield’s Circus Festival

4pm Billy Cotton’s Christmas Celebration

4:45pm Barrie’s &quotA Kiss for Cinderella&quot

5:15pm News Summary

six:20pm Christmas Night with the Stars

7:35pm Harry Belafonte in &quotSongs of Many Lands&quot

eight:20pm Gary Cooper in &quotHigh Noon&quot

9:45pm News Summary

9:50pm &quotBleak House&quot (element 11 final episode)

ten:20pm Make May for Music

10:50pm Epilogue followed by Weather Report

Christmas Day 1959 – Friday 25th December 1959 ITA – Connected Rediffusion (London)

ten:45am The Nativity

11:10am Christmas Morning Service from the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

12noon This Superb Globe

12:30pm The Dickie Henderson Half-Hour

(Dickie Henderson, OBE (30 October 1922 – 22 September 1985) was a London-born entertainer.)

12:55pm News

1pm Christmas Box

2pm Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra

3pm The Queen

three:5pm &quotA Girl in Every Port&quot starring Groucho Marx

4:15pm Happy Christmas

four:45pm Richard Todd presents

5:30pm Educating Archie

(Educating Archie was a BBC Light Programme comedy show broadcast from June 1950 to February 1958 on Sunday lunchtimes featuring ventriloquist Peter Brough and his doll Archie Andrews. The programme was profitable in spite of a ventriloquist on radio seeming strange, though in the United States, Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy had also undertaken radio function. Educating Archie averaged 15 million listeners, and a fan club boasted 250,000 members. It was so successful that in 1950, following only four months on the air, it won the Day-to-day Mail’s Variety Award.)

6pm &quotOnce Upon a Christmas&quot starring Mavis Traill

6:30pm News and Sports Results

6:45pm The Christmas Hour with Hughie Green

7:45pm Emergency – Ward 10

(Emergency – Ward ten is a British tv series shown on ITV among 1957 and 1967. Like The Grove Family, a series shown by the BBC among 1954 and 1957, Emergency – Ward 10 is deemed to be one particular of British television’s very first main soap operas.)

8:15pm The Army Game

(The Army Game is a British sitcom that aired on ITV from 1957 to 1961. Made in black-and-white, it is about National Service conscription to the post-war British Army. It was developed by Sid Colin. Several stars, like Charles Hawtrey, William Hartnell, Bernard Bresslaw, Alfie Bass and Dick Emery became household names, and appeared in the Carry On films, which began with Carry On Sergeant, practically a spin-off. It was produced for the ITV network by Granada Tv.)

eight:45pm Take Your Choose

(Take Your Pick! was a United Kingdom game show originally broadcast by Radio Luxembourg in the early 1950s. The show transferred to television in 1955 with the launch of ITV, where it continued until 1968. As it was the first game show broadcast on commercial tv in the UK (and the BBC did not at that point provide monetary prizes on its game shows), it was also by default the first British game show to supply money prizes.)

9:15pm The Macomber Affair

10:45pm News

10:50pm The Turn of the Screw (Act 1) followed by the Climate

11:45pm The Epilogue

Boxing Day 1959 – Saturday 26th December 1959 BBC Tv

12noon-5pm Grandstand
– Boxing
– Horse Racing from Kempton Park
– Motor Racing from Brands Hatch
– Football and Racing Summaries

5pm Whirlybirds

(Whirlybirds (often named The Whirlybirds or Copter Patrol) is a syndicated American drama/adventure tv series, which aired for 111 episodes — broadcast from February four, 1957, by means of January 18, 1960. It was developed by Desilu Studios.)

5:25pm &quotThe Three Princes&quot by Rex Tucker

six:15pm News Summary and Climate

six:22pm Laramie

(Laramie is an American Western television series that aired on NBC from 1959 to 1963. A Revue Studios production, the program originally starred John Smith as Slim Sherman, Robert Fuller as Jess Harper, Hoagy Carmichael as Jonesy and Robert L. Crawford, Jr., as Andy Sherman.)

7:10pm Dixon of Dock Green

(Dixon of Dock Green was a BBC television series following the activities of police officers at a fictional Metropolitan Police station in the East End of London from 1955 to 1976. Some episodes have been later remade as a BBC radio series in 2005 and 2006.)

7:40pm Mother Goose with Frankie Howard

(The Boxing Day pantomime, recorded prior to an invited audience of 1,500, was Mother Goose starring Frankie Howard in his first part as a pantomime dame.)
9:10pm News Summary

9:15pm Quatermass and the Pit (Element 1)

(Quatermass and the Pit is a British tv science-fiction serial, initially transmitted live by BBC Television in December 1958 and January 1959. It was the third and last of the BBC’s Quatermass serials, even though the character would reappear in an 1979 ITV production simply entitled Quatermass. Like its predecessors, Quatermass and the Pit was written by Nigel Kneale.)

10:45pm Old-Time Music Hall

(The Good Old Days was a well-known BBC tv light entertainment programme which ran from 1953 to 1983.

It was performed at the Leeds City Varieties and recreated an genuine atmosphere of the Victorian–Edwardian music hall with songs and sketches of the era performed by present-day performers in the style of the original artistes.

The audience dressed in period costume and joined in the singing, specifically &quotDown at the Old Bull and Bush&quot which closed the show. The show was compered by Leonard Sachs. In the course of its run it featured about 2,000 performers.)

11:45pm Weather

Boxing Day 1959 – Saturday 26th December 1959 ITA – Linked Tv (ATV London)

1:10pm News

1:15pm Ballroom Dancing, Horse Racing, Ice Show, Wrestling &amp Sports Final results

5pm Patrick O’Hagan (songs)

(Patrick O’Hagan Songs was an Australian television series starring the Irish tenor. It was developed by station ATN-7 in November 1958, and started being broadcast in early 1959. Unlike most Australian-made series of the era, which have been live, Patrick O’Hagan Sings was made straight on film, with a total of 26 episodes created, every of which was made to fit in a quarter-hour time-slot. Patrick O’Hagan sang songs in the series.)

five:15pm Robin Hood

(The Adventures of Robin Hood is a British tv series comprising 143 half-hour, black and white episodes broadcast weekly between 1955 and 1959[2] on ITV. It stars Richard Greene as the outlaw Robin Hood and Alan Wheatley as his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The show followed the legendary character Robin Hood and his band of merry males in Sherwood Forest and the surrounding vicinity. Even though some episodes dramatised the traditional Robin Hood tales, most episodes have been original dramas developed by the show’s writers and producers.)

five:45pm News

6pm Cannonball

(Cannonball was a 1958 Normandie Productions and ITC Entertainment co-production half-hour loved ones drama series. Filmed in Canada but starring two American actors, the series followed the adventures of Mike Malone and Jerry Austin as they drove trucks across the US and Canada for the fictitious C&ampA Transport Firm Ltd. The truck depicted in the series is believed to be that of a GMC Model 950 COE (cab-over engine) diesel tractor built and sold in the identical decade by General Motors.

The series would appear to be unusual, as sources say it is one particular of the few ITC productions to air on ABC Weekend Tv in the UK. Simply because Associated Television (ATV) owners of ITC, also ran the London weekend and Midlands weekdays ITV organizations, they tended to hold the rights for ITC series in order to show every one in the Midlands (where ABC was the weekend operator) during the week.

The series ran for 39 episodes in monochrome. In the last episode, Austin who was Malone’s co-driver on the truck has a likelihood to go back and finish college. Malone knows this and knows he will not since Austin doesn’t want to split their partnership. In his yearly medical, Malone pretends to have tunnel vision (lack of peripheral vision) which indicates he can’t drive trucks any far more. This signifies Austin is now free to go to college.)

six:30pm Boy Meets Girls

(Boy Meets Girls was a UK popular music Tv show which was launched in September 1959 replacing the earlier show Oh Boy!.

The show was presented and developed by Jack Excellent. Marty Wilde was the principal resident male artist and The Vernons Girls had been the female residents. Joe Brown made normal appearances. Other artists appearing integrated Terry Dene, Freddy Cannon, Small Tony &amp His Brothers, Adam Faith and Cliff Richard.

The director was Rita Gillespie for ABC Weekend Television element of the ITV network.
It closed in 1960 all 26 episodes were subsequently wiped, and none survives in ITV’s archive as of 2009.)

7pm Wyatt Earp

(The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp is a western tv series loosely based on the life of frontier marshal Wyatt Earp. The half-hour black and white system aired for 229 episodes on ABC from 1955 to 1961 and featured Hugh O’Brian in the title part.)

7:30pm Tommy Steele in This Certain Show

(Tommy Steele OBE (born Thomas William Hicks, 17 December 1936), is an English entertainer. Steele is widely regarded as Britain’s first teen idol and rock and roll star.)

eight:25pm The Voodoo Factor (Episode three)

(Tough-driven scientist David Whittaker finds himself battling for the survival of the planet against a disease spreading from a tropical island brought on by a legendary spider-goddess.

Stars: Maurice Kaufmann, Maxine Audley, Philip Bond)

8:55pm News

9pm The Four Just Males

(The Four Just Men was a 1959 Sapphire Films production for ITC Entertainment. It ran for one season of 39 half-hour monochrome episodes.)

9:30pm Film Time: &quotCounterblast&quot with Robert Beatty

(Counterblast is a 1948 British thriller film directed by Paul L. Stein and starring Robert Beatty, Mervyn Johns and Nova Pilbeam. It was created by British National Films at Elstree Studios.)

11:15pm The Invisible Man, followed by Climate Forecast and Epilogue

(The Invisible Man (later known as H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man) is a British science fiction/adventure/espionage television series that aired on ITV from September 1958 to July 1959. The series was networked on CBS in the United States. It ran for 26 half-hour black-and-white episodes for two series and was nominally based on the novel by H. G. Wells, one of 4 such tv series. The deviation from the novel went as far as changing the major character’s name from Dr. Griffin to Dr. Peter Brady who, in this version, remained a sane man, not a energy-hungry lunatic as in the book or the 1933 film adaptation. None of the other characters from the novel appeared on the series.)
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Right here are the best four workouts for wrestling that I have located to be most effective for developing strength.

Box Squat

The squat is by far the mother of all workout routines. Even though it at times gets a bad rap, when performed appropriately you are capable to use about 70% of the total muscle in your body. The squat will create legs stronger than you could ever envision and help you battle effectively by means of almost each wrestling scenario recognized to man. I have all of my wrestlers squat and the majority of their squats are completed on a box.


The deadlift is arguably the ideal way to boost your hip and low back strength muscles that will aid in nearly every single position on the mat. There are two variations that I have my wrestlers carry out: standard and sumo. The conventional deadlift will create an iron back while the sumo is employed far more for strengthening a pair of championship winning hips. Because each are vital for winning matches, I have my wrestlers modify their deadlift stance each few workouts.

Weighted Chinup

If the squat is the mother of all decrease body exercises, the chinup is definitely its upper physique counterpart, especially when it issues workout routines specific for wrestling. It goes without objection that wrestling is a sport of pulling, however, the typical measure of strength nevertheless seems to be the bench press. Tighter clinches, a greater percentage of shots finished, a a lot more dominant hand fight, and unyielding stress on top are just some of the functions of your pulling strength. Increasing your weighted chinup will undoubtedly enhance your possibilities of dominating on the wrestling mat.

I after educated a four-time New York State champion who could do three strict chinups with 125 pounds attached to his waist. Now, despite the fact that there is no denying his skills as a wrestler how a lot of folks do you believe could successfully sprawl against his pulling strength? There might be a few, but combine his pulling strength with his other wrestling expertise and takedowns are inevitable.

Bench Press

The bench press is undoubtedly the most well-known of all exercises. If somebody finds out you lift weights their initial question is practically usually, “How significantly do you bench?” Bench pressing is a excellent way to build upper physique strength. Though it is not the most functional lift for wrestling, it is still an essential component when searching to increase total body strength for the sport and preserve muscle balance.

Dickie White is the co-founder of Shamrock Strength and Conditioning, one particular of the nation’s top systems for education champion wrestlers. Dickie is a 2006 graduate of the Ithaca College Clinical Physical exercise Science program and holds a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). For more info on how you can improve your functionality on the mat through his strength instruction program please visit

54 thoughts on “Isaiah Bird the Legless Wrestler Story”

  1. After this video you have to just love this kid. Now, you really have to love his coach and family; they are there for him as much as he is there for himself. If there was a vote for American Hero I would vote for this coach.

  2. This kid is a reminder to all of us that we all have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill in life no matter our circumstances.

  3. Wow. I met Isaiah and his coach last summer for an amputee camp I just started wrestling. Now to see how he actually wrestles it’s pretty cool!

  4. the kid actually has an unfair advantage. think about it those other kids aren’t trained to wrestle him. while he is trained to wrestle 2 legged wrestlers.

  5. This kid is at a great average for wrestling because with out leg weight he will wrestle kids with less upper body strength. Also if you are the opponent if you shot you’ll have to go in to his massive upper body. But I love the video I respect your back story little budy

  6. People like this shouldn’t even wrestle they got all these special rules and shit like they aren’t special just because they are missing a limb and wrestle doesn’t make you different your just another person

  7. I. A local wrestler actually where he is from and I’ve seen him practice and met him multiple times and he’s surprisingly very good and he’s uplifting and energetic. What a great thing

  8. I’m about the same age as those kids.. We had a TV exactly like that one in 1959 too!

    I think the flap was the on-off switch.

  9. I just realized he has the strength of an upper weight class kid but is down lower because he doesn’t have legs that makes a lot more sense now

  10. Yasss Isaiah I only met you yesterday but you are amazing ! Remember no excuses! See you in Maryland next year!

  11. I wanted to see the size of his arms compared to the size of a typical 7 year old. I imagine he’s really strong!

  12. Can someone tell my why this legless troll lookin motherfucker is beating normal fucking children that have legs ,which already give them a *LEG* up. Honestly, what stops you from picking that weird little bowling ball lookin motherfucker and ending his life with a takedown?

  13. Some wonderful photographs on your stream recently Pete, thanks so much for sharing these great images, always a joy to see what’s new in your collection.

  14. There are advantages to not having legs, especially in wrestling. Trying to pin a person is a great deal more difficult when they can move without the restraint of legs.

  15. Some may remember a similar wrestler with one leg who won a national title a few years ago: Anthony Robles.

  16. 1959 Ending that year

    The Adventures of Twizzle (1957–1959)

    The Adventures of William Tell (1958–1959)

    The Invisible Man (1958–1959)

    Ivanhoe (1958–1959)

    Oh Boy! (1958–1959)

    Quatermass and the Pit (1958–1959)

    Torchy the Battery Boy (1958–1959)

  17. 6:59 look at Isaiah next to the kid with the grey sweatshirt Isaiah doin push-up with just his arms dude strong as hell

  18. props to him, hes has my respect. I have a question though, how does the whole wrestling with similar weight class.

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