Indomie Challenge | English Mukbang | Mi Goreng

We’re finally doing it!!!
We’re going to locate out who is the fastest at consuming noodles!!!

You guys should join us in our race!
Make 2 packets of Indomie/Mi Goreng and join us!!

We hope you guys enjoyed this video we had a lot of entertaining filming it 🙂
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By johnb/Derbys/UK on 2009-12-25 12:03:17

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50 thoughts on “Indomie Challenge | English Mukbang | Mi Goreng”

  1. i think both of u guys are tied to me both of you guys eat fast but the real question is who eats SLOWER DADADADADN

  2. Please Try Filipino Instant Noodles "Lucky Me Pancit Canton" the one with chilly flavor, its the Red Big plastic pack.

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