Essential West Bridge Fishing – Episode #3 – Fact Or Fishermans Tale.

Moving farther up the Keys from Kemp Channel to No Name Bridge on Massive Pine Key. Complete moon tides are ripping and operating a lengthy time generating fishing difficult. Plus, that whole stretch, most of the bridges are closed off to fishing. Oh properly, that gets us to the point where we can commence hitting some of the huge bridges.

Fish tales
By vj-photography on 2011-02-15 13:20:48

Spring bass fishing is about as excellent as bass fishing gets. The bass are hungry, aggressive and straightforward to catch. This is when the bass move from the depths into the warm shallow water exactly where they will feed for the initial time in months and spawn. It is also a time when hormones activated by the warmth cause some very aggressive behavior in males. They will strike your lure even if they aren’t hungry at occasions, basically because they will not tolerate the presence of other fish about it, particularly if they are still guarding their nest.

Make confident you check your local regulations for spring bass fishing season prior to heading out simply because it is illegal in most states to fish in the course of the spawn.

As soon as the shallow water temperature reaches 60 degrees, spawning commences. The most significant bass are the very first to start off constructing their nest. They construct their nests in two-eight feet of water by sweeping an area with their tail. Larger bass typically spawn in the deeper regions. Bass are naturally inclined to select a rocky or gravelly spot to nest but will spawn on sand or soft bottoms if necessary to. Remember that the big bass get 1st pick at the very best spots. Bass will start off to spawn if the temperature stays around 60 for a couple of consecutive days, if there is a cold spell for the duration of this period they will retreat back to deep water and have to start off all more than again when the weather permits.

During the spawn, females will continue to feed right after they have laid their eggs whilst the male will not. He will guard the eggs and the fry (baby bass) without consuming until they are prepared to go on their personal. That doesn’t mean you can not catch a male even though. Basically placing a lure in its nest region may possibly lead to it to attack. It need to defend against all intruders and if that intruder is your lure then he will attack it. This may possibly take some persistence on your portion but it is a established technique. Just make confident it is legal to be fishing in the course of the spawn in your area.

The males will guard their fry for two to three weeks, but fortunate for us, their aggressive hormones will final a bit longer. When spring bass season opens, the bass will nevertheless have their super charged aggressive instincts left over from spawning which tends to make spring bass fishing so considerably enjoyable.

Start off your spring bass fishing efforts in two-eight feet of water on the northwest banks of a lake as nicely as main creek arms. Appear for locations with lots of cover and structure. As in any time of year, bass require factors to hide about to hunt properly.

Spinner baits and jigs are my bait of choice for spring bass fishing, but crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater poppers are also successful, just don’t forget to retrieve them gradually – far more so in the early spring then later. In the early spring, bass are nonetheless a bit sluggish. They are nonetheless shaking off the winter blues but their power levels choose up as the water gets steadily warmer and they eat far more.

For much more information, verify out this article: Spring Bass Fishing

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  1. Love your videos man, Im from Colombia myself and Ill be going tomorrow fishing on your spots 🙂 if you dont mind me asking, what were you doing in the jungles of Colombia? Btw keep up the awesome videos!

  2. Another good one ,crazy maggot story . I didn’t go for it until the end WOW!! That was really cool to send them the clip of the tarpon 🙂

  3. Thanks for the bridge series videos, and for sharing your knowledge, these come handy for those of us that don’t own a fishing kayak…..yet. The video quality is great, are you using a GoPro? RegardsMarty Z

  4. By the way Steve do you do any redfish or speckled trout fishing? It would be nice to watch what strategies you use for them in the back country. Thanks

  5. You’re a good guy for sending that couple a copy! Glad you got that bot fly mag outta your head lol. Cheers!

  6. I know this video is old, but someone should have read a book about African flies, I feel sure if they had shaved your head and covered all the areas in a thick coat of petroleum jelly the maggots being deprived of oxygen would have backed out trying to reach air.

  7. Do you know the history of the White Street Pier? It has fascinated me since I was eight years old and someone told me they were building a bridge to Cuba. They are, right? Don’t destroy my dreams man.

  8. Thanks for the videos, how is life in key west. Was just there in August via a cruise ship and really loved the key west area.. so lovely..

    Only thing is I have heard it is very expensive to live there??

  9. Thanks for bringing us along. My step daughter used to live on BPK and commute to KW. Your video brought back memories…

  10. Old Wooden Bridge Fish Camp is one of my favorite places to stay when I come down to the keys. When I used to live in the Lower Keys 78/81 I used to ride my motorcycle up from Key West on the weekends and hang out at the No Name Bar back before everyone knew about it but the drug dealers.

  11. Awesome vid ! How do you land a bigger fish from the bridge ? What would of Happened if the tarpon stayed on how do you land and release it?

  12. Curious what was her end game plan with the tarpon? Walk it the length of the bridge to land it… or just see how long she could keep it on?

  13. 23 dislikes? Um,ok. Avid fisherman and avid watcher. Really enjoy your videos and the Keys. Thanks for taking the time to share the fun!

  14. Steve, again my compliments. Take this compliment from a guy who has gone from owning boats and seriously competing in bass tournaments to an angler now fishing from shore and from a kayak, I have to tell you that I seemingly learn something new every video. From shore and from my kayak, I’m having as much fun now as ever and look forward to trying a few of these bridges on my next Keys trip.

  15. Good vid bro, I think them deer are called dik dik, could you feel them maggots squirming around in your skull? almost look like bot fly larvae

  16. "oww!" I feel your pain. where is that bait spot? I live down here and can’t figure it out. it’s not the military pipe, right? Thanks for the bridge series it is sweet!
    Keep it up!

  17. I remember going down to the keys with my parents when I was a little kid. If we ever had a blow out we would just hit the canals and flip at the mangroves. always came back with a cooler full of snapper

  18. Steve i i was fishing on the long key bridge at night and we were catching mangrove snappers and i notice that big rats came out and were running along side the concrete walls in the dark lots of them! have you seen this before? Also i used to catch the bigger snappers at the channel 2 and 5 bridges

  19. you use "crap" instead of Sh;t, but then use the Fbomb like it’s nothing, kids watch these youtubes ,use common sense if you have any left …Idiot

  20. 1:50: "ow fucker!" Priceless. Snapper wasn’t impressed with your catch and release netting. 🙂

  21. im heading to the keyes next month, so i subed to ur channel for info, anticipation, etc..,
    how long did you walk around with maggots camping out in your head? and did you have to get stiches once they were taken out

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