“Immune” by Azrik Feat: Aural Stimulation I Jeff Clement [Zombie] [Horror] [Creepypasta] [Drama]

Another favourite tale that I believed was cursed due to the fact it’s taken me months to get this completed!

Particular thanks to Aural Stimulation/Jeff Clement from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights for lending his voice in the project and truly producing it come to life! If you like the sound of his voice here, you need to verify out his channel!

Here’s the tale of two dying guys in the wake of a zombie apocolypse, but one particular of them has a secret that he might take to his grave.
I give you, “Immune”.

Aural Stimulation’s Channel (In case you did not click on it above)

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If you wanna Read along or want to attempt your self:

Music and Sounds:

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My daughter worked on a film named &quotA Tiny Bit Zombie!&quot She gave me this tee shirt from the film.&quot It is a fabulous story and is on Netflix if you want to see it. It’s about a guy who got stung by a mosquito that had previously stung a zombie. It was filmed in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. I wore this tee shirt to the airport in Albuquerque and the TSA agents loved it!
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22 thoughts on ““Immune” by Azrik Feat: Aural Stimulation I Jeff Clement [Zombie] [Horror] [Creepypasta] [Drama]”

  1. you are a fantastic narrator dude. you sound like an A-list actor reading this. I just subscribed and didn’t find as many stories read by you as I’d hoped for. you have serious chops man, and could give Corpse Husband a run for his money ?

  2. It’s almost as if this story was destined to be narrated by you and Jeff; youguys have the perfect voices for it! Good job, you two 🙂

  3. I understand why he wouldn’t wanna offer himself up as a cure.
    Humans obviously made the zombie virus as a weapon,not to mention the lovely nukes and guns we’ve made.
    Humans have and will continue to destroy the world we inhabit till we drive ourselves to extinction. By ending our existence, we could inherently save millions upon billions of animals here on earth and who knows where else

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