I Tried The “Military” Diet program For A Week

Ugh. LOL. Right here we go! This is undoubtedly on par or worse than the Victoria’s Secret Diet plan. Have you tried this before? I did the military diet program for a week and survived to inform the tale.

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50 thoughts on “I Tried The “Military” Diet program For A Week”

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  2. I tried that diet last fall and I did lose about 6 lbs, but when I tried to continue the diet for the remainder of the week the weight crept right back to where I started so I’m not sure what the hell the problem was … I have to admit though I did spruce up each meal with seasoning.

  3. just wanna confirm that the army is not the only branch of the military… you made it sound like that was the only branch. lmao

  4. Simple steps to lose weight
    Step 1: Eat less
    Step 2: Do exercise
    And that how you do it I think this method works since I loss 29 pounds so far since December.

  5. Hey everyone, I just want to clear things up that I did not know this was a pro-ana diet, as many of the people recommending this had gone through it to fit in a dress in a few days or look good for a vacation. I should have researched a little more. This was not meant to trigger anyone!

  6. I would not make it one day! My wife would force feed me something because I get super hangry! I would be like a hungry mountain lion and I would without a doubt pounce on someone and someone would be going to the ER!!!

  7. I tried the military diet for some ungodly reason I found it easy. Maybe because I live off mostly liquids?

  8. am I the only one that thinks that she looks like Tonks from Harry Potter, especially because of her purple hair

  9. So, would this work if you were to change the foods but keep the same amount of calories? For instance, breakfast is 310 calories, so if i wanted to change the foods but keep it 310 calories, would it still work the same?

  10. its called self control i did the diet never felt better so i did it for 4 weeks lost 30 pounds never felt better then i moved it took 3 days to travel and stayed at hotel for 2 weeks we didn’t have a place to live yet my grandmother got cancer so sudden we didn’t have any chance to get a house but after we did i noticed that i gained weight all i was eating was fast food cuz we were living in a hotel did the diet again amazing getting back in shape it effects everyone different i was full of energy i was moody but that’s not anything new it was great I’m done and just watching what i eat more then i did when i was young

  11. I am currently doing this diet. So far it is going good. I think it helped that the week before I cut down my calorie intake, so that the shock of less calories was not that bad. I also started eating eight hours a day….so I have breakfast at 11ish, lunch at 3-4ish and have dinner at 7ish, and don’t eat again until 11 the next day. It seems to work for me….

  12. i think she’s the only person to ever be able to wear purple lipstick without her teeth looking yellow.

  13. You need plastic surgery on your face first then try it on your ass then your arms they need it bad maybe do the arms first then your face and fix your teeth

  14. This is a pro Ana diet . I used to diet like this when I was suffering from anorexia . It was 6 years . I went into treatment and majored in psychology. I plan to do my specially on eating disorders . If you are suffering from an editing disorder please get help .

  15. It’s a longer calorie diet so don’t moan hahahha. 1st day = 150 calories, 2nd day=1300 calories and 3rd day =1000 calories…

  16. That doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice, wtf are you all eating everyday that has this diet seemingly so intense?

  17. That first day looks like my normal diet, minus the bread and ice cream..as I watch this, I realize that it is my diet, except I don’t eat hot dogs or sugar or dairy or bread… hahaha hahaha… I love oatmeal

  18. PSA – The military doesn’t actually eat like this. The military wants you to eat large amounts of veggies, lean protein (mostly chicken), and healthful grains or potatoes. They only restrict calories by feeding CORRECT portions and hammering you with extreme amounts of exercise while in training. A normal breakfast would be something along the lines of a cup of scrambled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon or sausage, a cup of grits or a biscuit, and some fruit juice. Lunch and dinner will look almost the same with something like a chicken breast, a cup of rice or potatoes, a cup of broccoli and carrots, and some milk. You’d be lucky to have two full minutes to eat, but you become a pro at barely chewing food.
    I am 6′ and entered basic at about 170lbs with 15% body fat and left around 185lbs and 10% body fat.
    Also, you’d be consuming a TON of sodium to keep up with your hydration.
    The military has shown you’ll benefit more from a balanced diet and correct portions than from starving yourself.

  19. I love your energy and sense of humor. Your attitude towards life really draws me in. Definitely going to subscribe!!

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