I Virtually QUIT ART – Storytime + Drawing Time Lapse

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Soil God
The tragic primary character of the children’s story &quotSoil God and fox&quot by Kenji Miyazawa. And me calling out to Soil God from the shade of the birch.
By Gustav Klim on 2013-11-08 04:32:31
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50 thoughts on “I Nearly QUIT ART – Storytime + Drawing Time Lapse”

  1. I’m going through this thought process right now… My parents want me to pursue art because they say i’m talented. But at the same time, i want to open a bakery with my sister. They say the bakery isn’t going to work out, that i’m going to regret not going to Art School, and i’d be a fool if i didn’t take their advice.

  2. I, for whatever reason, was under the impression that art, as a career, was forbidden fruit. I thought I couldn’t make a living and it would, like you said, ruin my hobby. Luckily I came to my senses and studied graphic design.

  3. New here! I really loved this tale of yours. I seriously didn’t think you were going to say that you went through with it and became a bio major! I love that you do art as a hobby. I wonder if I would be a better artist had I not chosen to follow it as a career path. There’s a lot of negative stuff that comes with choosing this path, but I don’t think there is much else that would be as satisfying to wake everyday to. Either way, I think you’re brave to go against the grain and do what makes you happy… go you!!

  4. This was really motivational and I really can relate to it. I am top of my class and love biology and math. I also love doing art. Although I still haven’t decided what career to pursue, this was helpful and proves that you really can be an artist even while doing other things.

  5. I had the different thing my parents and some of my closer friends thought it is a bad idea since as an artist you starve…. and I am really son’t think I am that bad 🙁

  6. i’m a new subscriber! and i’m actually 100% on board on going to an art college already, specifically doing video game illustration/character design work. I’m watching this to help motivate me to keep pursuing my dreams and not waste my savings on tuition on something I’m not 100% sure about

  7. I’m currently going to school with the end goal of working in a laboratory. I was wondering whether you graduated with a 4 year degree and then got a job or if you found a program that would teach you what you need for lab work

  8. I love that digital art you were doing.? Also I’m also starting to do digital art.? I’m quite an artist myself.?

  9. When I was little, I almost gave up on drawing as a whole. I was fully aware that my drawings were nowhere near as good as my grandmother’s, but I still loved to draw. My mom and grandmother were extremely supportive. My dad, on the other hand, was not. Whenever I showed him my drawings, he would glance at it for a second before saying "Cool", and going back to what he was doing. When I would ask him if I could draw, he’d often say "No, it’s a waste of time, and you never clean up after yourself", even though I always put the crayons and unused paper away. What hurt the most as a kid, was when I made him a birthday card, one that took me two to three days,and I was so proud of it. I gave it to him, and he barely batted an eye. I swore to myself I would never draw again…now I have a DA account with 30+ followers, Several Amino communities who appreciate my talent, and I’m starting to gain attention now that I’ve started taking commissions. Mom says that Dad doesn’t appreciate art because of the way he was raised, but I still feel hurt by the way he reacts to my art. I’m pretty sure this reaction won’t change until I start making money off of it, but I still love to draw.

  10. I wish more people talked about this kind of thing because it’s really helpful to know that other people have doubts and struggles, even though they do enjoy art. It’s not always going to be happy-go-lucky 24/7.

    For me, it was the other way around. I had spent so much of my life dedicated to art and when college came around, my family insisted that I didn’t go to art school, didn’t study art at all. I was told "Find something other than art."
    This was my thing. This was the ONLY thing I knew how to do, the only thing where I felt happy and comfortable.

    I was also told which college I would be going to and it was a college that had nothing to do with art at all, which felt like I’d been set adrift with no navigation. I hated all my classes. Nothing was familiar. I was overwhelmed with the workload. I hated art and couldn’t even do it on the side because what was the point? It wasn’t "good enough" for college. I quit art for all of college. I couldn’t stand to look at it. And then my family was like "Why did you stop art? That was your passion." Because we had fight after fight about it??? Because this one thing I’d dedicated so much of my life to was suddenly not "enough".

    I think it was good for me to stop art for those 3+ years. It felt kind of like a detox period. I’m slowly getting back into art now after being out of college for a year. But art is not my main focus anymore. Writing is. Too many people were telling me how I should do art, what I should paint if THEY didn’t like the subject matter (big issue with my parents). Writing doesn’t feel that way.

    I’m still frustrated with art sometimes but after cutting it out of my life for three years, it feels like I have a fresh start, painting what I want to when I want to. I’m not trying to fit anyone else’s vision except mine.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. It was such a breath of fresh air. ♥

  11. the reason why i want to quit art is it does not generate barely any attention at all and the quality is way too high for a meaningless result

  12. I’d probably turn around and say ‘What’s the point in getting an art degree if I don’t want to do anything with it?’

  13. I really appreciate this video because I feel like a lot of us on the other side of this problem have wished numerous times that people would just support us becoming artists and push us towards art- but we never consider the opposite problem and how awful it might feel if someone told us we could ONLY be an artist and we were ONLY good at that so we had just one option- it makes it feel like less of a choice, less liberating.

  14. Oh my god, I thought I was alone with having two totally different interests! I’m studying biotechnology and I am also trying to do as much art as I can. I always heard that if I want to become good at art I have to quit science and vice versa. But it was always so hard to decide what I loved more ;-; Anyway, it’s nice to see that I am not the only one with that kind of problem and it’s AWESOME to see that you managed to do these two things at once! I hope that one day I will be able to do have two careers ;u;

    sorry for my English, I know it’s not perfect ;-;

  15. I gave up on art slightly after high school ( I got into one of the best art colleges in my field but didn’t attend ) years later I had the urge to do it again and started a business making t shirts , recently I had an order to draw super heroes and I realized I can’t draw as well as I used to so now idk if I should continue… what do you guys think ?

  16. Here is what your friends are trying to say: "You are really good at art! So good in fact that you could get into an art college!" I believe that they can add: "But if you are worried about having an art job, or a career in art, think about the other things you like!"
    Btw, you can make a reasonable amount of money by being an art professor. Or, like my sister, try to become an animator for Disney! But like I said, the choice is yours! If building rocket boots is an interest of yours, go find a job that builds rocket boots! (Though, I doubt that you would be interested in that…)

  17. I got the opposite. I wanted to go to art school and people told me my grades were too high for art school. Now I’m a 3rd year in computer engineering degree in college. I hate my life and every class. I’m trying to go back to art in gradıate degree or as a masters thing.

    I wish I had supportive people around me.

  18. God I wish my family and friends were that supportive about art. Being a concept artist or animator is my dream job, a dream that my parents want me to postpone for something more ‘practical’, like being a pharmacist. It’s very disheartening as someone who is confident in my skill as an artist.

  19. I’m stuck between art and writing and I really don’t know. My parents want me to do writing but I love both and I want to do both!

  20. wow, I have almost the same story as you do. throughout high school, I was so determined to go into the art career field. At first, I wanted to be a concept artist, but then I wanted to be a storyboard artist for the longest time. I thought about going to SCAD… and then the reality of the whole situation set in. I could count on my hands how many times I’ve made a comic, and art felt more like an obligation than anything. I realized that art is best for me as a hobby and shouldn’t feel like WORK. I made a last minute decision during my senior year to apply to a community college, and I’m now getting my associates in science to become a wildlife biologist (which I do very genuinely want to be). this video really helped me understand that I can enjoy art and choose a career field that I’ll also enjoy (and I’d be better at, lol).

  21. Ive been wanting to quit art for the longest time cause alot of people say to me "your art is shit, stop." "Your art isnt good, stop sharing it." And its just been getting me down. I have no motivation, i feel like theres no purpose in it anymore. I already have a drawing tablet, and im just thinking on selling it.

  22. This art looks so amazing, wow. I love all the colors and shading and love the color you used for her air. Well done 🙂

  23. I have always thought that I should stop drawing because I’m to scared to try different art styles, and both my sisters draw super well and they can draw bodies and all that and I can only draw the head and shoulders

  24. I just had to pick my high school classes for the first time and the freaking counselor wouldn’t even let me say what electives I wanted! Also the only art class I have taken was elementary art class, and I wanted to take art classes! And last topic of this paragraph my family and friends are always saying I’m so good at art I should totally do this, and I’m like what made you think that I’m trash. But before you say ‘ don’t put yourself down ‘. When I put myself down is when I do more art and I progress in finding my style.

  25. I actually chose(for high school) to take on fashion instead of art and i was worried if I’d give it up. Thank you for giving me more motivation

  26. I’ve been wanting to give up lately, I’m young, but I feel like in comparison to the other kids in my class, I’m utter shit. I can’t help comparing myself to everyone. I love art, but it seems everything i draw is just wrong in some way and I can never make it right. I’m the worst artist in my class, i work so hard but everything is just so ugly, I wand nothing more than to be a professional, but I feel like I’ll never be that level. Whenever we have assignments and I see other people’s artwork I immediately feel embarrassed and don’t want anyone to see. Not to mention I seem to be the only student who can’t do ever form of visual art in existence. I can only draw with graphite, but everyone around me seems to be making the Mona Lisa out of tin-foil and crayola markers. I’m not even good at pencil drawing, all I can draw is human females. Barely. Still I won’t give up on art, even though I’m getting increasingly frustrated, I will become an artist, I just really needed to get that off my chest.

  27. I’m 12 and I never do anything right.. I love art and want to be an artist when I grow but but at the moment I feel like all I’m good for is drawing , I don’t know why but I want to do art but don’t know how it would turn out.

  28. I love your story! Very inspiring and motivational! There have been plenty of times where I wanted to quit because I didn’t feel like I was meeting my potential. I’m in better place now art wise.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m quite at the same dilemma of what to do, to follow my dream or do something that will allow me to have an stable job… But knowing that you can do both things and be happy it’s just something that makes me feel better so thank you ????????

  30. Last year i was shit at drawing, I was shamed by some bitch. I improved *drastically* over the summer and now they dont talk to me ;P

  31. there’s art therapy you can get into. Art is a relaxing thing that can help and minister to many people.

  32. I’ve been practically living on my computer for about 6 or 7 years now (I’m 13), and I also loved to draw, and still do now, but it all changed with my art teacher saying my art didn’t have any meaning, although I put as much meaning into it than her throwing it in the bin because there wasn’t any shading, which I would get onto after I washed my pallet..

  33. I wanted to become an animator and am working hard to make that dream come true. i didn’t get much support from my family till recently for my decision to take this as a career. They always wanted me to become a doctor or something, a career which not only made good money but benefited other people. I always feel guilty and wonder if my passion is the right choice or if I’m being selfish; wanting to be an artist and go into entertainment when there is so much going on in the world; where people like doctors, engineers, lawyers etc… are more beneficial to society and overall " better" people. I’m a Muslim too so I’m always told that I should try to do something professional and academic as to get an upper hand in this world and show that we as a community are capable and strong. ( more of a political and societal thing) I hope to one day make a name for myself by creating a tv show or working at Pixar, to represent Muslims, Woman and POC in the most popular form or communication, the media; entertainment at that. I constantly wonder though if what I’m doing is right and if I should do a more " fulfilling" and " selfless" job.

  34. See I want to go into a biology major but my friends, teachers and parents say " oh but you’re so good in art, your going to art school. Don’t waste your talent. " ughhhhhh gotta love my fellow bio nerds tho 🙂

  35. It’s taken me until now to believe that art is meant to be the primary focus of my life, not secondary or tertiary. I was doing so many other things, working for other people, and trying to seem like a "real" adult….and art felt like something I was supposed to not do. Nobody in my family has ever supported it, and I’ve never had examples of people who just do art for a living, rather than working a real job and selling art on the side. I got more and more and more unhappy, and more and more tired….and stopped doing art. Because it took too much effort and time to do art with so many other things going on. I know now the problem was that I was trying to be and do something that wasn’t meant to be, which was making me push further and further away from the person I am. I spent years not making anything.

    Being back in the saddle feels right. I was created to create.

  36. Just thought I would add, when she first starts the line art, the nose looks like a sad/sleeping face which is kinda cute.

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