I Must Be Dead….Bad Grizzly week.

Crazy couple weeks during 90 days in the remote northern rocky Mountains of British Columbia.


Got Hunted by this Typhoon
Hi Flickr People,

Have been out there sailing the last couple weeks. Have been visiting Sweden and Denmark. I should say these countrysides are fairly rad. I was furthermore in a position to come back to Kopenhagen for the second time in my life. It is an great city and actually has the scandinavian spirit.

Even so today I show you guys one more photo I did in Thailand while I was on a boat going from Koh Tao to the Mainland.

If you like to read my stories accompanying my photographs I recommend to listen to this song as it reflects my moodHave exciting!

Of Monsters And Guys – Dirty Paws

There was stunning weather on the boat and the countryside was changing from wide regions to the standard Limestone-Rock-appear that one can uncover everywhere in southern Thailand. As I have been on boats very a lot I am often aware of clouds and the climate. So as I sat on the rooftop of the ship reading a book, I noticed some clouds in front of the boat quickly drifting to it’s end. I continued reading and closed my book just seconds ahead of the rain began to poor. I had enough time to run into the inside of the boat ahead of a crazy thunderstorm surprised us all.

As I looked outside I saw a crazy Typhoon hunting the boat. My camera was inside of the boat. To poor I was a small bit to slow to capture a really clear image of the Typhoon. The moment I had my camera prepared it started to get extremely foggy. I clicked as rapidly as my D90 permitted me to do. This was the initial shot and it truly was the only one particular where a single can see the crazy forces that jugle our planet the way THEY want to… Not US!

Fortunately the Typhoon didn’t hit the boat. Everyone was fortunate and most of the folks haven’t even noticed it as the fog was too thick to see via it.

I can only encourage all of you to after in your life go on a boat trip. Possibly not the ones with “Queen Elisabeth” of Southampton style, as you won’t be connected to the forces of nature whilst you revel in luxery!

If you are on a tiny ship you locate time for your thoughts to rest. It is like a very good prayer. You locate time to restore!



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By Sprengben on 2012-09-03 13:59:37

337 thoughts on “I Must Be Dead….Negative Grizzly week.”

  1. Como sempre, um trabalho bonito, admirável, e muito bem executado…
    Parabéns. Tenha uma semana Abençoada… Desejo sincero deste seu Amigo…
    Obrigado por estar desse lado….

    ******************* PENSAMENTO DO DIA, PARA UM DIA MELHOR *******************

    ***"Tudo o que amamos profundamente se converte em parte de nós mesmos."***

  2. Wonderful!
    Sorry for my lack of comment and contact lately – it is a very busy time of the year for me and sleep is limited, but more so contact on here!

  3. The experiences we have from those little adventures is a treasure in our life , the photo is wonderful, I love sea even rough, and this light blue color of the material at the bottom gives life to your shot !!!!!

  4. Live you life, crazy as hell, Ben !!
    I enjoyed your picture and the story behind it !!!

  5. Squib load is bad! flat out. I did it with my 44mag. I double check my loads always now. For hunting load your own or buy..great video man, glad you made it back safe.

  6. Hello Ben, how great to see you here again, i read your description and i could imagine what you went through, i am glad you are safe and sound and everything was just another experience of your trip. Take care and see you soon!!

  7. Um magnífico trabalho, tal como o resto da sua galeria, parabéns…Tenha uma semana Abençoada… Desejo sincero deste seu Amigo… Obrigado por estar desse lado….

    *********************** PENSAMENTO DO DIA, PARA UM DIA MELHOR **********************

    ***"Nem todos os futuros são para desejar, porque há muitos futuros para temer."***

  8. Whoa! That’s a water spout! I witnessed 5 of them about 1.5 miles off our bow as we were racing to get back to port before it caught up to us.

  9. crikey….amazing image, not sure I would like to be at sea with that coming after me …great shot, very brave 😉 take care

  10. I hope you managed to enjoy your trip! With that weather conditions it must have been challenging! Awesome capture!

  11. Genial como tudo que você faz, parabéns…Tenha uma semana Abençoada… Desejo sincero deste seu Amigo… E obrigado por estar desse lado….

    *********************** PENSAMENTO DO DIA, PARA UM DIA MELHOR **********************

    ***"Quem quiser prever o futuro, não necessita mais do que estudar passado."***

  12. Incredible shot! You were so fortunate! And I went to YouTube to listen to the song..and found myself listening to others by Of Monsters and Men…Lakehouse, Your Bones, Love Love Love, to name a few…I love their sound! So, not only sharing a great photo..but a great sound!!! Thanks!

  13. Just found your channel and the 2 bear stories you told have me hooked. Hope you have some more stories on here.

  14. Wonderful & Scary moments in life travel but adventurous 🙂 and it make it worth.
    Interesting story behind the
    pic too. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a lovely life & enjoy with your travel…:)

  15. Excellent capture. Looks like a scary moment. I woudn’t have liked to have been out on the water with it!

  16. Glad you made it out safely !!!! Great photo !! Scary place to be though !!! Thanks for sharing !! You are in our continued prayers !!!

  17. What great adventures you have Ben, and stunning photography to accompany your awesomeness. I won’t be joining you anytime soon though, due to sea sickness ..

  18. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/17872154@N05] Not if you work as a scienties, chasing these things as seen in Twister 😉
    Thanks to all of you for comment, favs, notes, galeries, views, love and critics!
    I appreciate

  19. A. Reload your own.
    B. Or check the ammo of others against known similar factory rounds for C. O. L. and approximate weight .
    C. Always run each reloaded/Handloaded round through the action and into the chamber to check sizing dimensions.
    D. Always test fire a roundof a new batch to see the zero is what you expect.
    Skip any of these and you have a good chance of a ruined trip or much worse.
    If you can find a reasonably close factory load, use it on dangerous game, even if it is $100/box. But check each lott, and buy about 3 boxes of the same lott. Commercial lotts are numbered on the box.

  20. Always nice to have you visiting my photostream, Sprengben. And if you every visit the northern parts of Norway on your travels – make sure to contact me in advance!

  21. This video made me so anxious! I’ve been charged by a massive boar Grizz up in NWT, Canada. About that myself I was so scared. Fortunately, it had no idea that we were there and was just running away because it heard one of our pans clanking and it freaked out. Anyways, my dad and I were sitting with our backs towards the river with the camp fire in front of us and my grandfather was sitting across from us. All we heard him say was in a really surprised but calm voice "oh damn." His eyes got huge and my dad and I swing around to see a probably half ton Grizz charging head down right at us. I bolted straight through the campfire to the Tahoe about 15ft away to grab the only gun we had which was an over and under 22mag over 20ga loaded with a magnum slug. My dad was close behind me and I tossed him the gun as he was a far superior shot than I, he swung around to take aim at the bear and it sees us as I yell "shoot it!" and makes sharp 90 degree turn into the woods and is gone. Later we went to the tracks and found that it was following the bank of the river eating bear berries and stumbled upon us by accident and took off running when it heard our pans clanging as we were cleaning up from breakfast. The bear started charging about 60 yards out from us and broke off about 20 yards away from us. The whole experience gave me a new appreciation for bears. That bear covered so much ground in such a short amount of time. Terrifying.

  22. wow ben, this is really scary! mostly to view from a sail boat! fantastic image and fantastic moment…to remember many times!

  23. You and anyone else who gets off on this shit are a bunch of insecure little dick pussies. Those bear have no fucking clue what’s going on and you play this stupid majestic tune in the background while you trick an animal who is doing jack shit but minding his business and shoot him with a weapon in which he has no chance to compete for his life against. Im guessing you have a really tiny dick or some kind of backwoods closet homo who is seeking sensual attention from other cousin fuckers such as yourself. I would understand if you were starving and ya know needed to eat the motherfucker but the fact that you do it for nothing else other then attention lets me know that you are in actuality a pussie and need to validate your bravery and self esteem by killing animals who have no clue what the fuck is going on and is doing nothing but simply minding his/her own business. May one day you as well as a loved one get your guts ripped out by a fucking bear. your a bitch. Have a shitty rest of your life you fucking inbred closet homo.

  24. Reminds me of "Life of Pi"! Interesting story to go along with the image. I wish you happy travels, Ben.

  25. sehr schön… klasse Bild.. Da hast Du scheinbar Glück gehabt…
    vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch, bei mir ist alles klar… hoffe bei Dir auch…
    wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit…
    Grüße Stefan

  26. Amazing brave !! Ben, thank you for always inspiring me !!
    It’s so nice to be with you in this flickr garden !!

  27. Wow! Incredible! So happy that you managed a shot and that you are able to still tell the story!

  28. Wild shit happens in the field, No doubt about it. I think I would buy commercial shells next time while hunting Bear

  29. absolutely amazing!

    just reread a comment of yours on my stream from 3 years ago or so… it brought a smile on my face since I was away quite a long while from flickr and I didn’t know how much I missed it until today… thank you 🙂
    Have a good day!


  30. The boat trip between the mainland and Ko Tao can be very special, Ben !
    It was the worst trip with a boat I can remember.
    During a dark and stormy night, with an absolutely drunken crew, most of the tourist passengers vomiting or sea sick (not us, we had a bottle of mekong whiskey ;-)) … but we survived too and the island was worth it !

    A great capture of the typhoon, my dear friend !
    Viele Grüße !

  31. They can’t live in harmony with nature. Everywhere they are, and everywhere they go, the indigenous human and animal populations suffer. They have an uncanny way of portraying others as the real savages. The land, air and water doesn’t fair any better with them around. Natives have coexisted for thousands of years with wild animals, but these people can’t. They better thank "God" one of them invented the modern gun because they’d be extinct by now.

  32. I would have kicked my freinds ass that reloaded the shells for me!! He should have been paying more attention to what he was doing or had a method that would have told him he was fucking up! Thats as nad as if he would have dbl up on the powder which could also have easily happened i wouldnt let him reload anymore rounds for me if i was you i reload my own rounds and never reload for anyone else which being you shot an expensive round you should reload your own and if you dont have the time for some reason id buy new rounds which is also what i do if i happen to not have the time when i go to reload i make sure im going to have plenty of uninterrupted time to do more rounds than im doing leave my cell phone in my bedroom and make sure my with and kids now if anyone calls or comes looking for me im not home and no one knows where im at or when im coming home unless its an emergency i also dont let anyone or animal in my room that might distract me i know that one day my son will want to learn but until hes of age and ive stressed how dangerous a mistake can be i wont let him take part ive heard lots of storys like your happening from reloads. I feel for you and hoped you might have bought a lottery ticket that last day cause good luck and god was watching over you.

  33. Os trabalhos sobre fotografia, são a forma que nós usamos par nos expressarmos, um gosto comum a todos nós,
    como tal, os seus trabalhos muito contribuem para que cada vez mais possamos ser melhores nesta nossa demanda… Os meus sinceros parabéns…

    Tenha um fim de semana tranquilo e abençoado, Desejos sinceros deste seu Amigo…
    Obrigado por estar desse lado….

    ******************* PENSAMENTO DO DIA, PARA UM DIA MELHOR *******************

    ***A melhor coisa que uma fotografia contém, é que as pessoas dentro delas nunca vão mudar, mesmo quando essas pessoas mudam.***

  34. Really a neat composition for what you describe as a quick snap. Sounds like an incredible storm

  35. Wow – what a moment !. Great to read the story. Your stream is impressive – from Asia to North Sea. Keep up your great postings my friend !

  36. Yeah!! I really like the stories you tell us! The shots come even more to life!!
    And indeed, when I was young I sailed some small sailing ships too, wow, that really makes "man" feel small and vulnerable indeed!!!
    Awesome photowork!

  37. I would have just droped dead when i saw the faulty bullet…
    amazing story.
    Sure a "life lesson" for many…. !
    Thanks for posting..!
    Stay strong, stay bleesed…

  38. dang thats crazy!, I have a pretty crazy hunting story. one day about a year ago it was my dad and my grandpa and I and we went to a hotspot somewhere down in Virginia and my dad was in the woods driving dear and me and my grandpa are in a tree stand like 5 feet apart and I hear my dad over the radio saying I pushed something out so 3 deer are laid out sprinting about 50 yards away so I didn’t have a shot with my 20 gage so anyway me and my grandpa got out and got down we walked towards the woods and my dad comes running out shooting his gun and a 400-600 pound black bear was chasing him so my dad had no more bullets and I took a shot but I only had buck shot so I shook him pretty well and out of no where I hear aloud bang! and my grandpa took his colt smith n Wesson revolver and shot and killed the bear. so that was only a few lucky shots we had on a bear and thats how close we were to almost dying…or at least my dad

  39. Amazing Feat! You got a ‘GEM’! Love reading your travel log and photo adventures.
    It’s Fascinating & Magical Trip Ben!

  40. Exciting & frightening at the same time.Very nice capture.Thank you also for the kind words & it is always a pleasure to hear from you my friend.

  41. Been reloading for over 30 years , only load 5 at a time for my rifle 9.3 x62 Mauser , thought I knew it all ,always checked my powder in all the brass whole 9 yards , one time I pulled the trigger and nothing ! Cause was, I did not seat the primer deep enough, although I was aware of this common problem reloading , and the firing pin just pushed the primer instead of firing it , my son was going to use this big rifle deer hunting in areas where there are bears . So I don’t load any more for anyone but myself . just my 2 .

  42. Como sempre um trabalho admirável, e executado com brilhantismo parabéns. Tenha um fim de semana Abençoado… Desejo sincero deste seu Amigo… E obrigado por estar desse lado….

    *********************** PENSAMENTO DO DIA, PARA UM DIA MELHOR **********************

    ***"O fim da esperança é o início da morte."***

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