I Miss You | Quick Movie

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Really like at 1st sight is not always what it appears, but it really is ideal although it lasts.

Directed by Anton Sheptooha & Nick L’Barrow

Screenplay by Nick L’Barrow

Alex Fitzalan and Steph Howe

Narration by Alex Fitzalan

Editing and Cinematography by Joshua Hodgman

Original Music by Misha
Finish credits song: “All the Very good Items (Get Lost Collectively)” – written by Misha Rouyanian & carried out by Ed Stewart (unsigned).
On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82oOR…
On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ed-misha/all-t…
On iTunes: https://itun.es/au/iqEq7

‘Morning Placidity’ by Kai Engel (employed under Imaginative Commons)

Filmed on a Canon C100 with Canon L-series 24-105mm and the 50mm 1.4
Sound recorded with the RØDE NTG1
Edited all with FCX

Special THANKS TO:
Robyn Slack
Ben O’Sullivan
Cineplex Balmoral
Dan Gierach

It took him a whilst to realize her complexities – that some days all was smooth and she operated like a well oiled machine. He learned to compensate for the days when the gears just jammed and he attempted to be patient when the wheels locked…
By Norma Desmond on 2006-08-09 eleven:21:18

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50 thoughts on “I Miss You | Quick Film”

  1. I just texed everything this just said to my first love and he said" I miss you , I love you mykal , I really really need you!!!

  2. When I look back and look back, years will pass.There will be long distances between us.I will miss you so much.you have to go.if you see this post one day,I am always here..if i can not be here.those nice days we laughed come to mind. İ miss you taNno

  3. Nobody will understand how bad is the feeling of how bad is losing the person you most love in your lo de and watching them leave is hard…

  4. This is a stretch but
    If my ex sees this, i really miss you so damn much and i cant stop thinking about you. its been a while since I’ve stopped thinking of you and how much i miss you. I wish things were better, and I hope you at least remember me, because i know i will never forget you.

  5. Ile razy bede slyszec twoj glos tyle razy bede plakac i nie pytaj czy mi jest dobrze w tym popapranym swiecie nic mnie nie cieszy,ciagle myslalam ze moze jednak zmienisz zdanie i wrucisz do mnie ale jak widze to sie wszystko wlecze i nie wiem czy wogule kiedys Ciebie poznam na zywo.No nic czas isc spac moze kiedys znow mi sie przysnisz.Pozdrawiam

  6. I’ve been here…. hurt by many…. broken by plenty. my heart was empty… but i found myself again! i am strong, like king kong, amazing feeling dont feel too wrong… so i made this song… i hope you get on, move in ur own way. Dont stay! you can do it, if not, poo it hahah (joke at the end)

    thinking of writing my own poetry…

  7. Recently, I had a ginormous crush on this guy, and he liked me back but events led him to telling me that he doesn’t feel the same, he was going through a lot and I really tried to be there for him but he pushed me away so much, and eventually he exploded, and said some hurtful things. I was so heartbroken but it’s been a few months and I am so glad that nothing really happened between us. I feel more better than ever. It was never gonna work anyways. I even kinda like someone else now but the sad thing is..he’s starting to regret it and I already moved on. I hope he will be okay but people, please don’t let fear control you, don’t spend your life wondering what could have been, if you never try you’ll never know…I guess that’s all I have to say

  8. Today I remember her, I feel very sad, it’s been almost a year since I’m without her, I only have memories of happy moments next to her, I just hope that time will erase my mind all the past, she took another path the reason I do not know maybe I was not as she expected, I deluded a life with her, but time teaches you to be strong, I hope everything goes well and is happy is my only wish, no matter in other arms next from another person. I just want her to know that I have always loved her and I will continue to love her until death. I love you VKQF Goodbye.

  9. What do you do if you still love and miss them after 5 years not seeing them, and they are still crazy about you too? Do you leave them as an ex or is it the red string of faith…

  10. ohhh no he didn’t just close that …
    we regret the things we never said, and only learn from those we do say.
    come on, mayne!
    tomorrow is never promised.
    how frustrating.

  11. holy shitt the lake scene reminds me of violet and finch soo much like wtf??

    BTW any "All the Bright Places" Fan here??

  12. Funny.. When I was young I knew two guys that killed themselves after a breakup. It seemed so stupid to me. Stipid until this year. This miserable sleepless agonizing year in which NOTHING tastes better than the taste of killing myself. I miss you.

  13. Woooooow man you acctualu made me cry, like a little girl. I know this is just a video and i culd souds like an idiot of something else but just woooow. All of this words it’s just i cant express myself. Just no words, great great work. i know my english))

  14. This shit made me fucken cry. Excellent job. And such real live instances too. Thank you for this, beautiful work.

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