I Am Not Ideal – Basketball Quick film

A determined boy who just so occurs to be into basketball. He tries to beat a rival but struggles on the way. Will he reign victorious?

Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by: Sopithan Rajeswaran
Instagram: @sopithan21
Email: Sopithan26@hotmail.ca

Starring: Brandon Planet, Abdul Bangura, Jason Meng

Dialogue by Jason Meng

Filmed on a Canon 60D with 18-55mm and 50mm (1.eight) lense used.
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

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– Sopithan Rajeswaran

Kelsey Minato three
Sophomore guard Kelsey Minato scored a Patriot League Championship game-record 31 points, as the second-seeded Army Women’s Basketball team defeated No. 5 Holy Cross, 68-58, to claim its second conference title March 15 at Christl Arena.

By virtue of winning the conference championship, the Black Knights (25-7) earn the Patriot League’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament for the second time in Division I plan history. Army final reached the national tournament in 2006. The Black Knights’ 25 victories set the team’s Division I record for most victories in a season, and tie the all-time total set as a Division II program in 1983-84 (25-3).

“These youngsters knew that whatever the atmosphere was going to be, they had been going to make their personal history right here tonight,” Army head coach Dave Magarity said. “For us to come out and execute the game program the way that we did was unique.

“(The team) embraced what happened the last time we played a championship game right here. We told the story, we showed them the story, but we also spent a lot of time talking about how this is their time. (The 2005-06 team) is such a massive portion of the fabric of our history here, but this group will go down as 1 of the greatest.”

Minato, who was named the tournament’s most-beneficial player, went ten-of-18 from the floor and 8-of-eight from the foul line, whilst also grabbing 5 rebounds. Senior guard Jen Hazlett earned All-Tournament Team honors and finished with seven points and five boards, and freshman forward Danielle Failor posted seven points and seven rebounds. Junior guard Krishawn Tillett and sophomore forward Brianna Johnson also tallied seven points.

Seniors Brisje Malone and Alex Smith each netted 16 points to lead Holy Cross (20-12), even though sophomore Raquel Scott posted a double-double with 15 points and a game-higher 15 rebounds.

Photographs by Eric S. Bartelt/Pointer View and the U.S. Military Academy Public Affairs Workplace. Text and story by Harrison Antognioni/Army Athletic Communications.

By West Point – The U.S. Military Academy on 2014-03-15 19:06:32
The Miami Heat, currently one of the best teams to watch in NBA with a number of best players playing for, has produced some spectacular plays in the course of its profession. Based in Miami, Florida, the Heat plays for the National Basketball Association, is a portion of the Eastern Conference and the Southest Division.

Hot In Miami

In the eighties, the NBA decided to add a quantity of expansion units and in 1987 Miami and Orlando were actually at each other’s heels, vying for the franchise bid. The Miami Heat was born the following year, with Orlando getting its own franchise in 1989. The Heat began out with a wonderful coach and assistant coach. And that was it. The team itself was produced up of players who were either also young and inexperienced or were journeymen. It wasn’t surprising that fans who had purchased Miami Heat tickets, identified themselves witness to the group setting an NBA record for losing its initial 17 games.

Added to this was the truth that the Heat was for some purpose placed in the Midwest division, resulting in lengthy road trips for the team. As if that wasn’t enough, the group was also bogged down with injuries. The Heat also produced a number of draft picks, which merely did not provide on the court.

The Nineties and a New Beginning

It wouldn’t be until the nineties that the Heat would truly start off to increase. This was mostly due to the addition of a quantity of higher-caliber players like, Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning. Sales of Miami Heat tickets picked up, since a number of fans just wanted to see these legendary names play. The team continued to increase and quickly had kindled a rivalry with the New York Knicks. The rivalry among the two teams was probably best noticed in an altercation that really had the Knicks coach clutching Mourning’s leg in an attempt to cease a fight. By the time the new millennium rolled around, the heat was absolutely on fire, pulling in almost consecutive division title wins. In 2006, the Heat won the NBA championships and basketball lovers were clamoring for Miami Heat tickets. Though the group was geared to pull off one more huge win in 2007, the group slipped into poor playing, mainly due to some of their star players being bogged down with injuries and individual tragedies.

Regardless of their poor overall performance, the Heat is looking to put in some greater performances in the new season. With a number of fascinating new drafts, the Heat looks prepared to set the courts on fire once once more. If you are seeking forward to some hot basketball action, you can not go incorrect with the Miami Heat. Get to an on the web authorized ticket vendor now and book your Miami Heat tickets.

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  1. If you are not good trash talk get in thier head and they will take bad shots and miss trying to prove you wrong

  2. This is very good, can i recomend whe you know that you want a shot in slow motion, record at a higher frame rate to make it smoother

  3. This video made me sad… I know now that i’ll never play in national team…My dreams are dead?? thanks a lot???????

  4. Ay man I’m ok at basketball but I’m not perfect either and I’m black so if u just keep practicing u will beat him this is coming from a 12 year old ?

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