Hunt Stories – Wolves Hunting Grizzlies

1st hand account of wolves attempting to kill a grizzly bear.
Have a wolf problem, try this….

Brown Falcon: Not Terribly Good Club
Brown Falcon
Not Terribly Great Club.

I have told the story of this on the blog, but none the much less, believed I would share it right here.
She was hunting in the roadside culvert and came up to land on a submit.
My mistake was picking the incorrect submit and then not seeing this one coming up in the viewfinder.
To Nikon’s credit score the AF held. The camera motion is previous bloke not retaining up.
By birdsaspoetry on 2017-05-22 15:56:32

Make use of your two most important marketing tools, your camera and your clients. In the business of hunting outfitters and fishing lodges, photos of your customers, and their trophies, are like gold, very useful. Photographs assist inform a story about what your future customers can expect when they book their fishing or hunting trip with you, and they remind your previous consumers of their wonderful instances they have had. When thinking about images, make certain to take photographs of oneself, to establish you as an skilled in your area. Photographs of you with that huge Walleye that we want on our wall or with that trophy whitetail buck that creates hunter envy in all of us will help with establishing your credibility.

Find out to Use Your Camera To get fantastic pictures, discover how to operate your camera. Digital cameras have different setting for action shots and still shots, for vivid light conditions and reduced light. Get lot’s of digital photos, they are free of charge and we all adore to appear at pictures as reminders of the wonderful times we invested with our fishing and hunting buddies. Your future clients will want to see pictures of what a hunting journey or a fishing trip with you will be like. Make certain you capture photos of by yourself, with a walleye we would all be proud to have on our wall, or with a buck that will trigger envy among all the hunters amongst us.

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Gathering Pictures from Buyers At times the hardest part is acquiring the pictures from your buyers once they have left your property. They have the images of their hunting adventure or fishing on the memory card of their digital camera. Here are three straightforward strategies to gather some fantastic photos.

1. Set up your personal pc in an simple to accessibility area so that before your buyers leave, you can get 5 minutes to copy their photographs. Make sure you have all the accessories to take care of the bulk of camera kinds, that signifies memory card readers and adapters as nicely as a range of USB cables. Check at your local camera retailer or computer keep for the most common and you will be capable to cover off 90% of the products for beneath $ a hundred.

2. Give your customers your enterprise card ahead of they leave and compose a short note asking them to electronic mail you their favorite photos from the journey. Adhere to up with a mobile phone following a week (great consumer services as properly) to remind them to send you the pictures.

three. Begin an on-line photo contest with your buyers. Your net designer should be ready to set up a easy image submission kind and photo contest on your internet site (if not, you have the incorrect net designer). Having a contest is fun and gives your clients an additional way to brag about their trip and present off their trophy’s. Give the winner a price reduction on their next journey to you, or provide them a premium support for a regular price tag.

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38 thoughts on “Hunt Stories – Wolves Hunting Grizzlies”

  1. cool story man! what general area was this?
    last year I had a pack of wolves surround me in 100 mile.. shot one at 8 yards and had them chase me to my truck on a solo moose hunt. i have a pic n a crappy video before they attacked

  2. Not surprised at all about this.
    Wolves are very determined, disciplined hunters.
    Just glad for the sake of that sow and her cub that the rest of the pack bayed to let the others know that they had already gotten a kill of their own.

  3. []
    Thanks Geoff, on the blog I have quite a few from the couple of hours and kind of enjoyed my own bewilderment by the timing here.

  4. When the crackhead Judges aren’t interfering with the wolf hunts here in Minnesota we go after the wolves pretty hard. We’ve seen plenty of black bear fur in wolf scatt. So we know they’re going after the black bears. Definitely surprised that they go after a griz though.

  5. Man brother you got the most amazing luck some would say its bad luck but your still alive so igood luck it is also has anyone ever tell you to write a memoir or a book because im sure there’s a bunch of people like me who love your story’s man BC on my bucket Iist for sure be sawfe and happy holidays from a north Maine woods hunter and keep on posting these incredible videostorys

  6. []
    Hello Eleanor,
    Sometimes I wonder if they carry the posts under their wings and just prop them up when needed between them and the lens. 🙂

  7. For some reason I see the members of the Heroic Failure Club getting boisterously drunk and out of control while the members of the Not Terribly Good Club sit around having a quiet and relaxed afternoon chat over a few G&T’s..

  8. Really like your video, but I can;t let my son listen to it because you are trying to be cool with the language.
    Do the next one for the kids…

  9. in the bush….no rifle…..hmmm I heard a story not to long ago, in the bush, no rifle, grizzly country or valley or something….where did I hear that…oh wait that was you again!!!!
    LOL beginning to see a pattern here. Great stories.??

  10. []
    G,day Peter,
    Here’s info on the original.
    The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain club was started by Stephen Pile in order to bring together people of notable ineptitude so that they could share common experiences of failure. The club had a handbook, The Book of Heroic Failures, which became a best-seller.…

    I think that the book became a wonderful best seller and completely defeated the purpose of the club is one of the great ironies of my time 🙂

  11. Wolves (nature in general) are scary. Glad you’re schlocking them. Too many people have romantic sentiments about them.

  12. For being a hunt guide seems like you’re sometimes unprepared? LOL the amount of times you go into Predator country and always wishing you had a rifle with you. What’s a sawed-off going to do to a grizzly besides piss it off.

  13. I have seen a big grizzly walk in on 12 wolfs and take there elk kill …when they saw him coming they made sure they step aside ….they don’t fuck with a big grizzly

  14. []
    Hello Peter, more likely a "Heroic Failure", a definition of the original Not Terribly Good Club, which had to fold as it was a roaring success, thus defeating its own constitution. 🙂

  15. Those posts just pop up at a moment’s notice sometimes! All the same, a great shot of her flying along and concentrating on her goal.

  16. Can a pack of wolves kill a full grown grizxly. Maybe bitimg at her hind legs amd letting her bleed out. I dont see how they could kill a full grown grizz

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