Human Interest Photography “Stories From One more Perspective”

Photographer : Bagus Priyo Amboro
Video Slide editor : Bagus Priyo Amboro
Camera : Nikon D90 & Nikon D7000
Photographs are taken in Indonesia in a couple of cities
‘Kujang Fotografi’

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Petershagen Lahde – Klostermühle 05
As a specific place of curiosity of Westphalian Mill street there is in Lahde the mixed windmill and water mill referred to as &quotKlostermühle&quot.

The necessary energy can be won with the wings of the windmill or with a turbine from the water, from this sort there is only an other functioning mill in Germany.

The &quotKlostermühle&quot stands in currently 1292 mentioned as mill spot.

In 1876 the two-storied gallery Dutchman was established. The mill developing established from bricks is plastered in the exposed side. The mill constructing has a big foundation for the waterwheel impulse in the basement.
By Daniel Mennerich on 2010-03-23 sixteen:57:07
tags Quinceanera customs are really crucial to people individuals celebrating this occasion. Quinces, as they are usually named, celebrate a younger Hispanic teenage girl’s increasing into adulthood. A Quinceanera is a unique event held to mark a 15th or 16th birthday celebration. This is just not your typical sweet 15 or 16, nonetheless. Quinces take equally as significantly planning as a bridal celebration, which permits it to turn into very luxurious occasion. It is no surprise that tiny Hispanic ladies longing for their Quinces.

Quinceanera Dresses
A Quincernera dress is quite important to a Hispanic woman. It might be the initial formal dress which she wears in her life. Do make positive she dresses like a princess on the particular day. You might discover your best dress at DressesShop.

Quinceanera Court
The “Quinces Court” is kind of as getting a wedding ceremony celebration. It truly is composed of all around 14 youthful women and also teenage boys. The Quinceanera and her court all clothe themselves with stunning Quinceanera dresses and tuxedos. The dresses donned by the ladies should be synchronized, nonetheless the Quinceanara will pick white or some particular colour which differentiates herself from the others. When the guests and her court go into the reception hall, their names are officially launched. Soon after that, they’re going to current a choreographed dance as traditional enjoyment.

Quinceanera Waltz
A single a lot more Quinceanera tradition could be the Quinceanera waltz. The lady, her escort and the Quinces court will existing waltz at the reception hall. A great deal of hosts will almost certainly pay out huge bucks for that Quinces Court to adopt qualified ball space dancing education to put on an entertaining occasion. The Quinceanera is generally supposed to dance collectively with her dad.

Quinceanera Gifts
Traditional gifts for the Quinceanera consist of:
A scepter symbolizes her entry into adulthood and shouldering responsibilities.
A tiara signifies her as “princess” for the special day.
A Rosary to remind her to stay purity and innocence.
A religious cross to remind her of faith.
A bible to go through.
Earrings to remind her to adhere to God.
A bracelet and a ring.

Quinceanera Doll
Every girl’s childhood is total of a variety of stunning dolls. As a outcome, no Quinceanera would be ideal with out possessing the presentation of the Quncineanera doll. At the reception, the Quinceanera’s mom and father will give their girl with a pretty porcelain doll which signifies her “final doll” in childhood as effectively as a mark of her expanding up.

Quinceanera Toast
Historically, the Quinceanera’s father ought to lead the visitors in a toast to his daughter. Other people can offer you toasts as well.

Quinceanera Record
It is a single of the most essential events in a Hispanic woman’s lifestyle. Thus, you want a specialist photographers and videographers to record this unique day. Never forget to make an album for your guests.

Ask Meenouir Cheung, who is from, for suggestions in areas of Quinceanera Dresses and Get together Dresses. We write quite a few articles providing information for the clients. We carry a fabulous assortment of Wedding ceremony Dresses made to complement your bridal outfit.

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  2. Ein großartiges Foto !

    Great shot – made in Germany or Austria !

    P 1 – C 2
    Umwerfend glänzend dargestellt!

  3. I really like the composition on this one too. I always look forward to reading your interesting narration of these too.

  4. Daniel. You are a Contemporary Master. You realize that don’t you? I think you are on the same league as Breughel …..

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    Excellent work!!! Congratulations. Greetings

  6. Excelente composición y procesado !
    Que tengas un bonito martes !

    Pensamiento de hoy:
    El arte es algo que se piensa, se vive y se siente, que se ama, se respira, se observa, se toca y muchas veces se entiende; es y no es, pues sólo el que ha amado, llorado y sentido comprende y recibe la pasión del arte que no muere sino que sólo existe en aquel corazón que en algún momento lo cobijó

    Arte en mármol, Tecali de Herrera, Puebla,México,
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  7. Daniel, Love your windmill shots. You have a gift for capturing these and also the post-processing is spot on. Good shot

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