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Why is J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy so compelling? How about The Matrix or Harry Potter? What makes these disparate worlds come alive are clear, constant guidelines for how folks, societies — and even the laws of physics — function in these fictional universes. Author Kate Messner gives a handful of tricks for you, also, to generate a planet worth exploring in your personal words.

Lesson by Kate Messner, animation by Avi Ofer.

Here may possibly the winds about me blow
Right here the clouds might come and go
Here shall be rest for evermo,
And the heart for aye shall be nonetheless………………

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By Duchess Flux on 2017-07-30 19:58:30

The Matysa Purana now continues with a cataloguing of the main tirthas.

Chandra and Budha

You forgot to inform us how Budha was born, remarked the sages.  Nor did you inform us anything about Chandra’s birth.

Romaharshana filled in the blanks. The sage Atri was Brahma’s son.  Atri after performed really tough tapasya.  A tremendous amount of power was released as a result of this meditation and the moon-god,  Chandra or Soma, was born from this energy.  Brahma appointed Chandra ruler over all stars, planets and herbs (oshadhi).

Twenty-seven of Daksha’ daughter have been married to Chandra.  These had been the nakshatras (stars). Chandra performed a rajasuya yajna (royal sacrifice) and the ceremony was an outstanding success. But all this accomplishment and glory went to Chandra’s head. The preceptor of the gods was the sage Brihaspati and Brihaspati’s wife was Tara.  Chandra’s eyes fell upon Tara and he forcibly abducted her.  On many occasions Brihaspati asked Chandra to return Tara, but the moon-god would not listen.

A terrible war then raged in between the gods and demons over Tara.  The gods fought on Brihaspati’s side and the demons aided Chandra. Shiva also fought on the side of the gods.  As the war raged, Shiva let fly a terrible divine weapon named brahmashirsha at Chandra.  Chandra countered this with yet another terrible divine weapon named somastra.  These two weapons of destruction threatened to burn up the complete universe. Brahma decided that it was time for him to intervene. Quit this nonsense at when, he told Chandra.  What you have done is most improper.  Return Tara at after. These words ashamed Chandra and he returned Tara.  But Chandra and Tara had already had a handsome son named Budha.  Budha became extremely skilled in the handling of elephants.  In fact, the understanding of tackling and handling elephants goes back to Budha. You currently know that Budha married Ila and that they had a son named Pururava. Pururava and Urvashi Pururava was a quite robust king who ruled the earth well.  He performed 1 hundred ashvamedha yajnas.


Critic Objection : How can Moon God Chandra marry 27 Star, Due to the fact Sun is a star, So the size of extremely huge examine to moon. It is Illogical.



Nasir Pasha

50 thoughts on “How to develop a fictional world – Kate Messner”

  1. Actually i’ve already bulit worlds many times before, since 8 years ago, possibly 57 fictional worlds.

  2. I’m sorry but I hate it when people use the word "literally" wrong. No, they do not literally build worlds.

  3. I just like to dream about different stories I start with an Idea like there’s something called flowey and they are good and something called trialy who are bad and they fight against each other and they have to train and then I start going into making a story about a flowey and trialy and make up that they fight and they touched a good human and bad human and now they are the humans masters and I build up all around and creating a story line and most times it’s just for fun and I do it in bed but out of the now like 15 to like 50 times I wrote a story about something ( I spent around 2 yrs and it was based off on Jimmy neutron) which only lasted about 5 chapters and started making a comic

  4. Building a Fictional World is easy, just explore your own inner imagination and write it down. Then ask yourself a lot of questions about your World and answer them brutally and honestly.

  5. At about 3 minutes in, with the narrator still beating around the bush, I saw the overall video length was only 5 minutes, and then realized that they were just wasting the viewer’s time. There are other sources on Youtube that are much more informative, and don’t flap their gums for half the video before finally getting to the point. I never thought I’d be this down on a Ted-Talk…

  6. Ideas can be easier to find but finding the motivation to write them down and build a story is the REALEST struggle

  7. – Builds fictional world
    – Satisfied with it and leaves it be
    – Finds out bout D&D
    – Uses world for D&D as a DM
    -Players kill the king of the empire and start a world war
    – Starts thinking about fictional world again
    – Soon makes best-selling novel with players as MC
    – Life is Gud

  8. 3 steps to making your own fictional world:
    – Create a world in which it has many positives but a massive underlying flaw. (Like everyone never gets ill but yo
    – Your main protagonist must be relatable and moral, but also has an underlying flaw he/she must overcome.
    – Your antagonist must have an understandable backstory that makes him the enemy of the protagonist.

  9. I’m interested in the process of creating this video. I really like the animation style, brush and color scheme. Can anyone please recommend me some tutorials?

  10. I somehow nail fictional thinking already… and I’m not kidding, I’m writing a book without a prompt, and I think I’m doing better than a prompt would give me, no joke at all, you can see i’m creative just by my literal profile.
    Look at reply if want to see teaser of book. ( :

  11. Me: Solution to ignoring real life: WRITE FANFICTIONS!!!… My friend: But… Sophia… your imagination gets bigger with every fanfiction you write….. Me: YEP! I DON’T NEED REAL LIFE!!!

  12. good video. I happen to be a writer myself, and I to make fictional worlds aswell. I have one question though. You said you made several sicence thriller for kids and adults. Where can I find them? They sound very intriguing.

  13. Ive already made my own fictional universe from powerful sovereignties to currencies….. I got ideas from studying diffrent mythologies around the world… also from watching science fiction movies and from all of it a TECHNOMAGICAL world is born……

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