How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant Head? | Mythological Stories from Mocomi Youngsters presents: How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant head

Ganesha is one particular of the most well-liked deities in Hindu Mythology and is also identified as the The Lord of Beginnings, The Remover of Obstacles and Vakratunda. He is most identified due to the fact of Elephant head.

Watch this animated video telling you the story of how Ganesha got his elephant head.

After upon a time, higher up in the Himalayas, my mother Parvati lived with her husband Shiva. 1 day, my mother sat down to make a sculpture of a boy. She meticulously moulded the clay and ended up producing a cute little boy, with chubby cheeks and everything. She looked at his chubby and roly likeness and was quite pleased with her creation.

So, she decided to give it life, and this clay sculpture- me- came to life. We have been each ecstatic. Since my mother had got dirty from generating me, she decided to take a bath. As my father, the wonderful Shiva, was away, she told me to guard the door and not let any strangers in.

Now, I had never seen Shiva, as I was just born. I sat outside, playing with a stick and minding my personal business, when a large man, all blue and cool, came up to the hut. Not being aware of who he was, I yelled, “Stop!” and he replied, “How dare you? I, am Shiva.”

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50 thoughts on “How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant Head? | Mythological Stories from Mocomi Little ones”

  1. Ok! I think you’re a big dick, and you’re making the kids becoming like you, future dicks!
    1. Do you know who is Maha Dev and what’s the signification?
    2. Why did Maha Dev cut Daksha’s head? Because Daksha was too proud, and had put a goat head to learn him humility, He had purify Daksha!
    3.Do you really think that Maha Dev don’t feel His wife in all the cells of His body?
    4. If He had cut the head of Ganesha is for a reason, it would be impossible for Ganesha to be considered as a god because he was made of dirt, so to purify Maha Dev had to cut Ganesha’s head.

  2. I don’t hate or love god because l don’t admit there such existence at all. I believe in Nature , I try my best to keep it clean.

  3. If anyone start telling that this is true and other is false, don’t believe it till you ensure it to be true.

  4. What song was playing in the background at 2:41? It sounds so familiar but I don’t remember where I heard it before

  5. Creator of the universe possesses all knowledge in the universe.

    Quran 6:59 And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.

  6. We human are above all god. Love human, not god. All the hate among human is for stupid god. God has no religion, they are terrorist rather destroyers of humanity.

  7. anyway sleeping with head to north is not good because north pole of earth repels human bodys north pole which is the head, so between these two repulsive forces obviously earths force is massive n we wud be at receiving end…means harmful for us…thats y our ancestors or ancient rishis told us not to sleep with head in north direction…..most of hinduisms beliefs have scientific basis… is embedded in religion for us so that we wud firmly follow it for our good…by our ancestors….so one needs to just explore hinduism to understand that most of the principles have scientific reasoning…..God n science go hand in hand for us….

  8. All we are stupid. Has anyone dared to ask questions to theirs Guru. I am Buddhist by religion but I don’t agree with Buddhist monks saying, sometimes. Dare to question if you don’t agree something. Be whatever your religion, Please don’t accept without it being question.

  9. There is nothing at all to learn from this incident. A man who is deemed a god beheads a child. Totally wrong. Kids are not evil, they do what they are asked to do. Shiva being a god did not know this? He should have shown mercy. Everything is nonsensical. He had powers so he could have reattached the child’s own head onto his body. Why did he get angry on a child in the first place. "Don’t you know who I am. I am Lord Shiva. How dare you stop me". He is arrogant. Then he kills an innocent animal. Nothing makes sense.

  10. there’ll realise that the story’s not true it’s sounds so imaginary and violent why do people believe in this stuff just face kids with story’s made up and not religious

  11. actual story is…..In Hinduism, every creature man demon etc etc has to pray to the Trinity for anythng they desire no other way,God is Highest…the evil just lives in an illusion for a while that it is greatest, that it can cheat God but only till it is defeated by God
    .In olden days, an elephant-faced demon named “Gajasur” performed severe penance(meditation) about lord Siva. Pleased by his penance, lord Siva appeared before“Gajasur”. He praised God Siva and requested him to reside in his (Gajasur"s)stomach. Lord Siva accepted his request and stayed in the stomach.
    Goddess Parvathi started searching lord Siva and came to know that, he is in the stomach of “Gajasura”. She prayed to lord Vishnu for the rescue of Siva. Lord Vishnu discussed with Brahma and other gods and planned to kill “Gajasura”. They decorated Nandi(Shivs bull). Brahma and other gods have costumed as musicians. God Vishnu turned him self as main musician to the group. They went to Gajasuras place and gave melodious music recitals along with beautiful feats of the “Nandi”.Gajasura came to know about the program and invited them to his place to give a recital.
    The team presented a very good program, by which “Gajasura” was pleased very much and told them he would grant them any wish. Sree Hari(God Vishnu) approached Gajasura and revealed that this is Nandi , the carrier of Siva and came to find where abouts of Siva. They requested to hand over Siva. Gajaasura was stunned by the words of Srihari and realises that he is none other than God Vishnu, the killer of demons and death is inevitable to him but he decided not to deviate from his promise.So Gajaasura prayed Siva who is in his stomach, ‘Oh lord Siva! Please make my head respectable by the universe and please wear my skin. Then he asked Srihari to take out Siva from his stomach. Srihari provoked Nandi and Nandi tore out Gajasura’s stomach with his horns and killed him. Siva came out and praised Vishnu. Srihari left to vaikuntha after a fare well to them and Siva left to his kailas on his Nandi.
    Birth of vinayaka—In kailas, Parvathi devi heard the arrival of her husband and felt very happy. She thought of completing her bath to welcome him. While doing so, absent mindedly she prepared a small toy from the turmeric n sandalwood paste and realised it was in the shape of a child. She gave life to that toy and She put that handsome boy for guarding the entrance telling him that nobody should enter and went in side. Mean while, lord Siva came. He was halted by the boy, and not allowed to go in.After multiple attempts at convincing the little boy,Lord Siva was enraged and he severs the boys head but immediately repents .Goddess Parvathi on knowing this is totally livid n her rage threatens to destroy the entire universe….Lord Shiva asks his ganas to get the head of Gajasur who is lying dead with his head to the North.He fixes his head to the little one ,gives life to it and our cute Ganesha is born(and also Gajasurs last wish is fulfilled)…All the Gods bestow him with immense powers and Goddess Parvathi is extremely pleased …

  12. I don’t get it if shiva can do anything and attach an elephant head on a boy then why didn’t he just attach the boy head back


  14. All gods are blot on humanity. They should Have learnt from us human, what is love and others virtues. They are wanting of all these virtues.

  15. Go forward not backward
    .Human development should be the ultimate goal of every human life, not god development. We people are developing god, making him more powerful .Nowadays God development has become the ultimate goal of life.

  16. what happened ill tell you im student of Hindu religion… Lord shiva was cursed by chandra dev’s father becuz in a fight between shiva and chandra (where chandra was faulty).. Shiva hit chandra and he fell to ground chandra father thought he is dead so he cursed shiva that he will kill his son as well unwantedly. Later chandra rose and this sight pleased his father and he reduced his curse by saying that the child could be alive again if some other head is brought to his neck. Since shiv is called Mahakaal means beyond time and everything who is not forbidden by any law, that curse could have done no harm to shiv but still he followed the laws of nature and let this event happen. Now coming to event, when he killed ganesh he ordered the others lords to go and find head of any new born living being who has been aborted by his mother after birth. The lords went in search and found a baby elephant who had life span of only one day and was neglected and aborted by his mother. When Lord Yamraj (Death God) came to grab the life of that baby elephant. The other Lords then took the head of baby elephant who became the head of the son of Lord Shiva. Lord shiv the only one who has the power to give rebirth and following the curse given to him… Gave rebirth to the baby and blessed him with mighty knowledge and power and named as Ganesha means the leader of all Gans and People!! And also blessed him to be worshipped first according to hindu calendar

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