Hollywood Occult – Corey Haim & Corey Feldman Abuse Victims – E Correct Story

Two of the most manipulated Hollywood children in history, if there ever was a Harvey Weinstein in pedophile kind, he and others owned the souls of these children in Hollywood.

2014 – Vancouver – two Chairs
Hotel Blue Horizon on Robson Street in the West End of Vancouver BC.

From the hotel website:
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From Frommers:
This 31-story high-rise built in the 1960s towers above the rest from its lofty position on a rise. It has some fairly terrific views, specially from the upper floors. It’s also a pretty sweet-seeking hotel on the inside, thanks to a significant reno in 2011 that included new windows and a cool, new decor. The rooms appear fresh and contemporary, with bold colors and sleek lines, jazzed up with funky particulars like throws printed with tree branches, multi-colored striped carpets, and paintings of seascapes that echo the view out the windows. A great place near the purchasing district of Robson Street, and a terrific value for the region.
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50 thoughts on “Hollywood Occult – Corey Haim & Corey Feldman Abuse Victims – E True Story”

  1. I was a teen in the 80’s too and I never thought Haim was that good of an actor or a heart throb. Feldman is way more talented than Haim. Haim had everything and blew it away on drugs. And people are suppose to feel sorry for this kid? Ya….right.

  2. I had such a crush on him as a kid. I had so many posters of him all over my room. On the walls on my door. It was crazy. I can’t believe he’s gone. R.i.p Corey. !

  3. Hollywood loves single moms. Even the scriptures mention widows and fatherless boys and how it is detestable to mess with them, poor thing was easy prey. But then again 2 parents or 1 a child in the industry unsupervised or with parents so greedy for their cash that they ignore responsibility will be a victim either way. Shame…

  4. I’m old, and the 80’s (& last of the 70’s) were, in my opinion, the most FUCKED UP TIME OF U.S. existence. We went from the love and justice movements of the 60’s, to the GREED, MONEY & SUPERFICIALITY WORSHIPPING OF THE 80’s (from which, I hope, we are able to recover). It must have been BRUTAL to be a kid coming up in that (especially, in plastic, DUMB Hollywood).

    They were BRILLIANT in The Lost Boys, and while I’m sad that Corey H., couldn’t handle all that dumb shit, I’m incredibly grateful that Cory F., a hero to those, who need him, has.

  5. I feel like they should teach this in medical school, how about something like "jew cock shooting seAmen deep inside your butthole will make you feel sad inside and make you die of sadness", Sounds pretty scientific right there

  6. Oh ya, and the down fall of Corey Haim is called DRUGS…..Not…..SEXUAL ASSAULT. My God people! Wake up! This kid had the world by the balls and he blew it away on drugs!

  7. Saw this year’s ago, sad watching it back now! Knowing how things ended. I ain’t no massive "fanboy" of his I have just dealt with addictions….Sad .

  8. Fucking druggie ass cock takers let’s be real here . They not mad when they were gargleing each other dicks.

  9. such a bitch ass pussy blames everyone but his loser self the ugly fuk on earth if on tv be famouse this guy lost soul!! his work what pussy thank god he isnt on this great earth THIS GREAT EARTH ISNT PLACE FOR EVIL WEAK HUMANS

  10. 8:47 I bet Sheen not only fucked Haim, but also Winona Horowitz, too, and I believe HE IS THE PERSON, who sexually abused C.H.

  11. corey ham such fukn loser little bi sexual blame the world for his problems many kids inin life worked as kids poor this little scum bag deserve be dead suckling pussy hell for corey ham for sure little puke!!!!!

  12. this made me cry. so sad, he seemed to be getting his life together and getting back to his passion of acting and his life was taken. so sad, rest in peace corey ?

  13. Seems to me like the family were more interested in their own lives, than seeing to Corey’s safety, and the sister? Hell, she just seemed irritated by her wee brother. Little wonder so many filthy pedophiles in HollyWeird have such easy access to kids, when families like Corey’s are allowed to pimp out their own kids..Disgusting.
    Pedophiles cannot be changed or helped, so life in prison or a bullet is the only answer.

  14. Its David Nicksay that Raped Cory Haim in the movie The Two Corys it shows Cory being raped on the set of the movie Lucas Cory F just as you sat in interview stating Cory asked you to tell his story you are only given nibbles and you are not telling your Best friends story being you won’t release the name yet you have hired bodyguards just spit it out then I’m sure most will stand by you it’s hard to believe when you won’t be one hundred percent truthful what’s sadder is Cory Haim isn’t here to talk himself there seemed to be lots of animosity between the both of you just sad Cory spoke right to you and said you were still friends with his rapist …what a web we weave be careful KARMA isn’t kind I believe that you both partied hard drug problems lead to situations that sometimes are unwanted subjects and to yell out rapists you best make sure its truthful which is why no names have been named hmmmm, it’s just sad I believe something happened but there are two sides to a story GOOD LUCK on your third marriage!! Blessings

  15. Its sad that yes, he battled drugs and all that happened to him but to die a natutal death cause his heart couldnt fight off the pneumonia disease. Go figure that’s how he left us too soon 🙁 he was great. I just wanted to give him a hug

  16. Side note: my comment is general and is not necessarily a response to the video . Honestly i dont knw why ppl think its just a right of passage for teens to expermiment with drugs and party like crazy ! Hello they are kids in what world .

  17. Haims mom recently said he was raped by Michael Jackson. I bet Feldman was too but was paid off to keep quiet. Not really admirable imo. Hes just using the molestation thing as his last hustle.

  18. ⚠☡☠☢9.10 – 9.19 ?
    Edit: he was 14 & you knew what was going on, but better yet you keep him supervised! Now all you producers & exs are suspects (especially on Lucas)

  19. These two young men, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim ,and other young people like them, are the real heroes. They were very young, they were children, they had no defense. It is very sad that it had such a horrific profound effect on Corey Haim. Such a wonderful talented actor he was, and I believe he would have been even more wonderful.

    All of those "coming forward" today, so empowered and wonderful, keeping their mouths shut. What was the thought process, "oh well, let others get sexually harassed and assaulted, not my problem".
    So many people knew, KNEW what was going on and stood silent, for years and years. Bravo!
    And that Rose McGowan. Rose, honey, you knew what was going on. Rose took money to keep silent so she should not attack someone else for not doing what she should have done.
    Yes, all of you crawled through the trenches, clawed your way to the top, heroes, empowered, shouting it out! I call your bluff
    Smell that? That’s a Hollywood movie in the making. Each of them can play themselves

  20. Like the other 154 people prior to me I don’t like. And it’s sad his parents allowed this. Not allowed purposely so don’t attack me – but sought this out.

  21. The choice of words used throughout the whole doc are very interesting. Hollywood loves a broken spirit. Sad thing is, the destruction played out right in front of our eyes.

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