History of stock auto racing, moonshine, muscle automobiles

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NYC marathon, Oct 2014 – 56
(much more details later, as time permits)

When upon a time, I had significant intentions of operating the New York marathon. It was back in 1979, and the entire point was a lot significantly less formal than it is now. Certainly, it was sufficiently informal that Rosie Ruiz was accidentally offered a “finished time” of 2:56:29 for the New York event that year, which qualified her for the 1980 Boston marathon. It was later discovered that she had not run the whole NYC course (nor did she do so up in Boston on April 21, 1980), and her time was in the end rescinded in both races. Had her instances stayed in the record books, her Boston time of two:31:56 would have been the quickest female time ever in the Boston marathon and the third-fastest female time ever recorded in any marathon…

Informal as the New York marathon was in those ancient days, you nonetheless couldn’t just show up at the starting line and expect to be welcomed. On the other hand, all that was needed to get an official invitation was going down to the principal branch of the U.S. Post Office on 34th Street at midnight on some long-forgotten summer night,and waiting in line with a bunch of equally crazy individuals. I got my entry ticket (or letter, or certificate, or what ever it was) a few days later, and began following a fairly severe education regimen, operating my way up to a modest 10-mile race … till a organization trip took me to Sydney, Australia for most of the month of August, 1979. Among enterprise and social events, and the cold, wet weather of Sydney’s winter season, I didn’t do any running at all for that entire month … and with my training regimen broken, I wisely decided not to run the marathon at all.

But because then, I’ve constantly had a fondness for the NYC marathon — particularly contemplating how significantly it has grown, and what a city-wide celebration it has grow to be. I missed the event in 2013 and 2012, so it has been 3 years because I watched on the sidelines in 2011. With the promise of cold-but-sunny weather this year, I decided to return after once more — and, as in 2011, I positioned myself at roughly the 24.5-mile point, at the starting of a downhill run at roughly 78th Street, at the side of the Central Park “inner roadway.”

The runners pass by all afternoon, and effectively into the evening but it is a small more hard to anticipate when the lead runners will attain any particular point. There are now so numerous participants in the marathon (about 50,000) that the runners are released in “waves,” beginning with these on hand-operated wheelchair/bicycles, and the “elite” girls, the elite men, and three or 4 waves of mere mortals. There was an further delay this year, simply because the headwinds have been so strong that the initial wave had fantastic difficulty propelling their wheeled cars up over the “hump” of the Tappan Zee bridge. So if you’re standing somewhere along the route, at the ten-mile mark, or the 20-mile mark, or (as I was) the 24.five mile mark, you can only guess at the moment when the lead runners — or a friend or family member whom you want to cheer onward to the finish line — may be coming close to you.

On the other hand, there are some clues. Helicopters hover above the lead runners, low adequate that you can hear the roar of their blades and there are two or three waves of police vehicles and motorcycles zooming ahead of the runners, pushing people back to the sidelines, and ensuring that there are no disruptions or obstacles to slow them down. Then — and it is always an adrenaline rush! — you see the official race vehicle, driving just a handful of feet ahead of the lead runners, with a huge race clock mounted on its roof, displaying these quickly-moving runners the exact number of hours, minutes, and seconds considering that they began their journey back at the edge of Staten Island.

The lead runners, of whom there are usually two or 3 or 4 even up to the final mile, are usually numerous minutes ahead of the next ones but those who are in positions three, 4, 5 or ten, and who will get no recognition at all from the press, the media, or the crowd when they finish … nicely, they nevertheless run as if their lives rely on it. And the crowd cheers them on, clapping and calling out their names and urging them onward.

A single of the variations I noticed this year was the widespread use of bicycle horns and cow-bells that the onlookers utilized to generate a cacophony of merry noise I do not know if the runners took it as a sign of encouragement, but it certain sounded that way to me …

I stayed longer than I had intended, and took several hundred a lot more photographs that I had planned … but they’re all just bits on the camera’s digital memory card, so it does not truly matter. One particular may argue that I need to have stayed for eight or ten hours, until the final runner had straggled by. And probably I should have photographed every single of the 50,000 runners, for I’m confident they each had their personal story to tell. But right after a even though, it gets overwhelming — and the faces and bodies and brightly colored shirts and tights and shoes begin to blur…

I think I got a representative collection of photographs and the video clips will give you a sense of the noise and the motion of what seemed like an endless stream of humanity racing past … but to truly comprehend it, you want to be there in individual. Barring a crippling storm (like Hurricane Sandy, which forced the cancellation of the 2012 marathon), you will locate another crowd of 50,000 runners racing by way of Central Park at the end of next year’s marathon, on the very first Sunday in November. And with any luck, I’ll be there with my camera …

Who knows: possibly even Rosie Ruiz will be there, too. It turns out that she was arrested in 1982 for embezzling $60,000 from a actual estate organization where she worked soon after a week in jail and a sentence of 5 years’ probation, she moved back to south Florida, where she was arrested in 1983 for her involvement in a cocaine deal. But as of the year 2000, she nonetheless insisted that she had run the whole 1980 Boston marathon. C’est la vie…
By Ed Yourdon on 2014-11-02 11:ten:08

NASCAR hosts so a lot of fascinating racing events a year. There are 3 main racing divisions that capture interests of the audience and hold on to it for as extended as it can.


Stock auto racing enthusiasts get hooked on the racing events by NASCAR since of many things. But possibly, the best issue that they see in the races hosted by NASCAR is that it gets far better each and every time. Every single year, it opens a complete new phase for drivers and enthusiasts alike.


Sponsors in the NASCAR racing events include the leading known manufacturers of sedans and other types of racing cars that are utilized in the competitions. However, since NASCAR aims for the races to be fair and maintain the standards higher, they set regulations that will make all the players as competent as possible. This becomes a lot more thrilling as it cannot be very easily determined regardless of whether a previous driver or group will execute as well as it has ahead of, given that as the season progresses, a lot of changes occur and the tracks where the games are held are different from one yet another.


This association deems for all the players as nicely as the viewers to enjoy every moment of the racing occasion, and as such makes positive to boost in their implementation, promotion, and execution of the necessary elements involved in stock auto racing. Considering that the opinion of their sponsors and the audience impacts their popularity really a lot, they listen to all the appeals, suggestions, and opinions of all parties involved so that the racing events will continue to entertain everyone who participates in it.


Whenever NASCAR racing is aired on Tv, enthusiasts would be so thrilled even just by seeing it on a digital screen and not being in the actual place where it is held. This is because the level of excitement that the NASCAR races induce to all its viewers is unparalleled and can in no way be defined concisely with just a couple of easy words.


When it comes to speed and racing high quality, NASCAR guarantees that its racers comply with the set of guidelines they have created to give the public the assurance that security is at the best of their priority. Whether or not watching it live or on television, these racing events will surely give you a feeling of sweet, enticing sensation.

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  1. You know they otta bring those cars back… if "they" simply fixed the friction/heat and cooling issues on those cars you could run them lean as fuck without burning up the spark plugs!! They would be efficient as fuck… with no emissions!!
    Make heftier rods and pistons you could run higher compression… and smooth your way with the oil fuel!!
    What’s better a block heater, or a diesel/fuel oil heater? Think about it??

  2. The clips with the ’59 Chevrolet Biscayne look familiar at 3:55, 5:02, and 5:22. Does anybody remember what movie that was from?

  3. Louise Smith is / was a TRIP.
    Her FIRST race…she could drive….but didn’t KNOW the flags system involved…
    So when red flag came out….AFTER race was over…she kept going.
    She’s WON the race, but hadn’t SEEN the checkered flag.
    A sweet lady.

  4. Wendell Scott was the first Black guy to race and he started by running shine there is a movie called Greased Lightning and Richard Pryor plays Wendell

  5. Не думал, что гонки выродились из бутлегерства) Интересный факт

  6. Just an excuse to the break the law. Too lazy to work a real honest job so let’s make liquor is no different than someone selling drugs today.

  7. lol ya ok… fastest muscle car from the factory was the superbird at 185mph and moonshiners were not buying superbirds… richard pettys did just over 200…. so I’m dure this old moonshiner had cars that did over 200 mph… smh.. lies and bullshit… all of it.

  8. I wish I had been an adult in America in the 1950’s and 60’s, that’s when the country was at its peak. Certainly more fun to live in a Country that was more free and did not suffer from political correctness or the police state mentality of today.

  9. They wasnt just running ‘shine’. Back in the 50-60 there were still county’s in states that were/had been dry since prohibition. Many made money hauling regular name brand booze from wet countys to dry ones, especially on the weekends. Your right gov and cops made it dangerous. My pops gave me a few rides down some roads that were his favorites to lose revenuers on. I cant imagine doing it in old cars with no brakes,no seat belts,shit tires,heavy with a load &evil handling. They had some balls

  10. and nascar did not come from moonshiners no matter how much u rednecks want to think that.

  11. Stock car racing is for me the first (BADASS) or (GANGSTER) sport ever, I remember my grandpa runnin in the pits with a gun after the guy who spunout my uncle in the wall at Sanair Intl Speedway

  12. moonshiners where drifting originated….not japan…try driving 3000 lbs with drum brakes….real skill

  13. yup.. o I’m sure your moonshine car went 150 mph just like u said… ya.. all day long. … lol… lies… motherfuckers never had speedometers that read over 120 till the fifties and only on vettes and fast roadsters… these guys are so full of shit.

  14. my 71 hit 150mph  STOCK condition  needle danced at end of speedo. one time in the rain it felt like hydro planning  no road feel at 150mph clear open highway.  could not resist what the heck no cops no traffic  AWAY WE GO

  15. The first muscle car was in fact a police car. it was built to catch the gangsters and moonshiners! direct from the factory

  16. I think that article I posted from Nascar itself will clear up to any who doubt that Nascar has a history with bootlegging!

  17. the Indianapolis 500 of 1940 had the fastest car hitting 127 mph with an average of 114mph… so how many more lies are u red necks gonna tell????? that’s the fastest race car that year… so when u say u had a moonshine car that did 150 it tells me your totally full of shit…… that’s the truth.

  18. ok people… hate to burst ur bubbles but racing cars on dirt track was here long before moonshiners… moonshiners did not invent racing… did not even have much of an impact on racing at all… ya… a couple racers were moonwhiners and that’s about it… yoy guys watch too much history channel and too many movies… idiots. guess what… they built fast cars cause guys like going fast and that’s the real reason… plain and simple… they were dirt track racing before world war two… long before alcohol became illegal….

    listen to that dumb red neck… as if someine passed him at 150mph and he says it didn’t run good till it hit 100 mph… bullshit… its fucking lies… my crotch rocket will blow the doors off any old car idc if it has 600hp…. and no car had 600hp back then… the moonshiners and raci g are all fucking fairy tails and that’s the truth.

  19. and really… what 200 mph car could u buy in 1970… wow… these southern car guys are like fisherman… the stories are too much.. and its all bullshit… I had a muscle car magizine and it listed the fastest quarter mile.. horse zero to sixty ect from every muscle car of all time… production or limited like a copo or baldwin or yenko… and I do t remember seeing any 200mph cars… even the daytina and superbird were just over or just under snd I’m gonna check the top speed on a superbird right now but these guys are so full of shit its not funny… my friends 454/450 chevelle pulls like 150 and it wants to blow up going that fast….

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