History Documentary 2016 – True Story about Lucifer – National Geographic Documentary

History Documentary 2016 – Accurate Story about Lucifer – National Geographic Documentary
History Documentary 2016 – Accurate Story about Lucifer – National Geographic Documentary
History Documentary 2016 – Correct Story about Lucifer – National Geographic Documentary

Rhonda Anderson
Interviewee for the Secret History of American River Men and women project
By Wes Modes on 2015-08-28 11:59:54
tags Naturally occurring glass in a kind of obsidian was employed even by Stone Age societies whose members utilized it to generate sharp cutting tools. However, the archaeological evidence suggests that the very first true glass was created someplace in north coastal Syria, Mesopotamia or Old Kingdom Egypt. Egypt, with its preserving climate, is a place exactly where we can find a lot of early glass items. Glass beads are thought to be the earliest man-created glass goods and date back to 3500 BC. They have been discovered in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia. The oldest fragments of glass vases are said to originate in Mesopotamia 1600 BC. A rapid development in glass producing techniques is assigned to the region of Late Bronze.

By the 15th century BC, Western Asia, Crate and Egypt became comprehensive glass producers. They knew and safely guarded a technological secret of initial fusing of glass from raw material. Glass workers in other places of the globe had access only to imported pre-formed glass types. There is lack of proof how glass sophisticated amongst 15th and 9th century BC. Over these years glass production was centred in Alexandria. From this spot it spread to Italy. The Hellenistic period brought many new methods of glass production, and glass became to be used in generating larger pieces, such as table ware. Throughout this period, colorless and decoloured glass became valued, and methods to have it developed studied in a a lot more comprehensive way. Nonetheless, it was only the very first century BC that brought a true revolution: glass blowing strategy was found on the Syro-Palestinian coast. This technique involved blowing glass inside moulds by using a long thin tube which because then has changed really tiny. This way they developed a variety of hallow glass things. Till then the approach of producing a tiny glass item was quite prolonged in time it could take a number of days to make the solution by casting, core forming or cutting.

The introduction of glass blowing led to substantial alterations in the glass making method and contributed to producing glass vessels effortless and economical to create. Then, ancient Romans started blowing glass inside moulds which elevated shape possibilities for hollow glass products. The Romans had been responsible for spreading glassmaking technology and making foundations for creating glasswork traditions across Western Europe. Throughout the rule of Emperor Augustus, glass usage flourished across France, German and other European countries. Also the Romans as the initial ones began using glass in architecture when clear glass was found in Alexandria around one hundred AD. Nonetheless, the decline of the Roman Empire led to the slowing down of the progress in glass generating. The archaeological discoveries from the 7th and 8th century show the transition from ancient to Middle Ages ways of generating glass, and in the 10th century a new strategy of glassmaking, when soda glass is replaced with potash obtained from the burning trees, was initiated.

The Middle Age introduced Venice as a major actor in glass producing in the Western Planet. In 1271, the ban on imports of foreign glass and on foreign glass artists wanting to work in Venice was introduced. In 1291 the Venetian Republic ordered the glass makers to move their foundries to Murano. The second half of the 15th century brought quartz and potash made from sea plants to the Murano glass creating tradition. Pure crystal began to be created. In 1688 French glass making introduced a new method for production of plate glass, which can be utilized in mirrors. The “plate pouring” process resulted in glass with excellent transmission qualities. The 19th century was a beginning of a considerable alter: glass creating began evolving towards market far more than the craft. Mass production of glass goods was introduced along with an invention of the tank furnace by Friedrich Siemens. It allowed make higher quantities of molten glass. With the 20th century came an era of revolutionary technology. Machines were created which replaced conventional mouth blowing with a semi-automatic method, and transformed the craft into an market. Classical man-created glassblowing became an art, keeping the tradition and expertise of ancient glassblowers. Today’s glassblower still utilizes the standard blowpipe, but now they have a vast quantity of supplementary tools to aid in functioning the material.

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  1. it always amazes me that people who dont believe in heaven or hell always tend to be on post concerning heaven or hell…besides whether it exist or not…what harm would it do to believe for just in case?

  2. – a sick sinister one. he liked bebittes; bed bugs, pine beatles, arachnids, cockroaches, virus, leaches, ect. a sick one. satan was one of his creation at one point that he couldn’t control. both were sick evil ones on what they liked. they had to be isolated with special light empathic forcefields and thrown out of creation.

  3. Hell is not on earth.
    Hell is a place of Regret,pain, torment,
    But just you cant see Gravity, Hell is Real.
    Its your right to disbelieve. You’ll find out one day.


  5. I cannot say am super religious. But take this. if there is light there is darkness. You cannot appreciate either one in the absence of other. so are the good and the bad. heaven and hell. its basically a state of mind. to say that a particular god is the only source of the so called salvation is what offends me. our ‘fate’ must be judged based on our deeds not alligence. if you are a person who would be hurt at seeing a kid or animal tormented, your heart is probably in the right place. if not you need serious help. no amount of religion can save your sorry ass.

  6. I know what I am about to say is crazy but I think they give the devil a bad rap now I know that sounds crazy but here me out god cast Lucifer out of haven to rule the most difficult job ever to punish every evil soul for ever I don’t think he’s a bad guy I think he just doing he’s job and human kind fear that because they think he’s evil and he’s not he is just a fallen angel doing his job

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    The first guy who has near death dream isn’t lying
    I had the same dream dawg shit is really crazy
    I had a bunch of people trying drag me down then a man in a robe with white light got me out… I woke up n was like I ain’t know what happen but it was a show in my head I would’ve never known this video would pop in my life

  11. All i see is lucifer want his freedom and dont want follows rule of gods. Out of anger he gave knowledge to human. And thats what we became.

  12. When me and my sister got into a fight when we was younger. She told me to go to hell and i replied I will see you there. Now i pray god forgives me and know i said it out of anger. because after seeing this i dont want to go to hell. lol

  13. If heaven,hell is in all living things not only in humans, why only humans have Angeles ? and devils?.for animals:- born life and death are only science but in humans there are so many things

  14. I dont see lucifer as a evil entity, i see him as a rebellious teenager that want to have a freedom. Parents (god)

  15. Hell is a fictional construct. Satan is a myth. Stop it you wankers. The first guys body language tells you he is lying. PLEASE change your channels name to the mythical channel.

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