HILARIOUS Team Quest Stories with Chael Sonnen & Nate Quarry

Awakening… a tiny story!!! / Réveil… une petite histoire!!! :)))
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Final News:
I’d an apparition close to my Wild River… an interview by an angel…!!! :)))

I do not like as well considerably to talk about myself but some of you have expressed an interest for my relation with the I Ching! Unable to meet all of you…here is a little bit of my story!

I constantly wanted to provide my own needs! To manage myself! I had my eyes open whilst trying to fight my dependence on terrestrial items! I kept in thoughts that my actual growth in this life should be an interaction amongst the accumulation of material possessions and the quest for spiritual improvement!

This earth has been generous to me and I enjoyed her abundance! I have owned almost everything that my heart wanted! But I missed the most important… the real inner security! I turned my attention to my spiritual improvement!

I searched in all directions to lastly find out by a content coincidence the I Ching in which I was in a position to create a wonderful relationship with the Invisible… partnership which gave me a spectacular overview and this inner peace so important to my life… now contemplative! :))) Now, I do not consume much more than required although remaining valuable for my entourage! End of my small story!!! :)))

Je n’aime pas beaucoup parler de moi mais plusieurs parmi vous avez exprimé votre intérêt pour ma relation avec le Yi King! Ne pouvant vous rencontrer tous… voici un petit peu de mon histoire!

J’ai toujours voulu subvenir à mes propres besoins! Me débrouiller seul! J’avais les yeux grands ouverts tout en essayant de combattre ma dépendance envers les choses terrestres! Je gardais à l’esprit que ma véritable croissance dans cette vie devait être une intéraction entre l’accumulation de possessions matérielles et la quête du développement spirituel!

La terre a été généreuse pour moi et j’ai profité largement de son abondance! J’ai possédé tout ce que mon cœur désirait! Mais il me manquait le plus important… la véritable sécurité intérieure! J’ai tourné mon focus vers mon développement spirituel!

J’ai cherché dans toutes les directions pour finalement découvrir par un heureux hasard le Yi King par lequel j’ai réussi à établir cette merveilleuse relation avec l’Invisible… relation qui m’a donné une spectaculaire vue d’ensemble et cette paix intérieure si essentielle à ma vie… devenue contemplative! :))) Maintenant, je ne consomme pas plus que nécessaire tout en demeurant utile pour mon entourage! Fin de ma petite histoire! :)))

A stunning film about awakening humanity and hence the collective consciousness to a blissful state of basically Becoming Enjoy!!! :)))

By Denis Collette…!!! on 2007-11-23 09:22:18

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9 thoughts on “HILARIOUS Team Quest Stories with Chael Sonnen & Nate Quarry”

  1. Unbelievable Matt Thornton would say that to Nate…if you were not me. Matt Thornton was super negative on me even though I took part in bringing him to Chicago and he talked a lot of shit about other JKD Instructors.

    Yeah, whatever. Matt has his place, but if you see this: Matt Thornton you are an arrogant, egotistical mother fucker. One day you will grow up, and when that day comes you will see me again.

  2. "Sometimes when you’re getting in a fight, you just want your friends there." Dope quote by the bad guy before he was the bad guy

  3. I think all fighters who have podcasts should do a few "story time" shows like this. They are the best accounts of the ground floor history of MMA . Another generation from now these stories will be less accurate, more exaggerated, and the true history will be lost if we let it get lost. Put this stuff out there more guys.

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