Hansel and Gretel Story – Bedtime Story and Fairy Tales for Children

Hansel and Gretel cartoon fairy tales and bedtime stories for children dubbed in American English.

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Image from page 11 of “The peacock and the wishing-fairy and other stories” (1921)
Identifier: peacockwishingfa00ingr
Title: The peacock and the wishing-fairy and other stories
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Ingraham, Corinne, 1887-
Publisher: New York : Bretano’s
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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THE WISHING-FAIRYS ANIiMAL Pals It took him a lengthy even though to reach Stella and her lovelylily-property, and he was quite tired and thirsty so that he wasglad to drink out of the Get-tiny-pool, when 1 of theBrownies asked him to do so. He told Stella that he wantedto be stunning. So Stella waved her wand with the tiny staron it about him, and suddenly he found that he had the mostwonderful tail of eighteen extended feathers, that trailed on theground when he wanted it to, and that he could spread it outlike a huge fan back of him, when he wished to show it to any person. The Peacock was delighted, and he thanked Stella andwent house.

Text Appearing Following Image:
All his friends believed that the Peacocks lengthy feathers werelovely, and he was really proud and happy. He spent all histime spreading the feathers, so that he could show them toeverybody. THE NEW TORK pimic UT^ iftt.K. LEMlX ASP

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Fairy tales are some thing that we all have grown up listening to. A lot of of us nevertheless really like reading old fairy tales and story books. These fairy tales take us into a planet of mystery and fantasy exactly where there are fairies, ghosts, elves, dwarfs, prince and princesses, etc. the planet of fairy tales is a globe of magic and miracle which leaves us enchanted.

Some of the renowned classic fairy tales from trustworthy book guide are enlisted beneath:

Cinderella: This story revolves about Cinderella who stays with her step mother and two step sisters. This story shows how Cinderella transforms into a stunning girl with the help of her fairy godmother and goes to the royal ball exactly where she meets the prince who falls in really like with her.
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: this story is about a gorgeous princess who runs away from her evil step mother and stays in the woods with seven dwarfs. The evil step mother tries to kill her with a poisoned apple but a prince kisses her and brings her back to life.
Sleeping Beauty: this is a story about a princess who is cursed that she will die on becoming pricked. This curse is altered by a excellent fairy so that alternatively of dying she will sleep for hundred years. The princess gets pricked by a spindle and falls asleep till a handsome prince comes and wakes her up.
Rumplestiltzkin: this story is about a poor man who tells the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold. The king sends her into a room full of straw and asks her to spin it into gold. She fails to do it all of a sudden a little man comes and assists her. The girl offers birth to a son whom the small man desires when she refuses he feels pity and tells her that if she guesses his name appropriately he will spare her kid. The girl guesses his name which is rumplestiltzkin and the man runs away.
Rapunzelle: this story is about a girl with incredibly extended hair, the girl is locked up in a tall castle by a witch. She is rescued by a prince who climbs the castle by the help of the girl’s lengthy hair.

These had been the handful of best classic fairy tales of all occasions. For a lot more info on fairy tales refer weblog for books.



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