Golf Story Reveal Trailer

Golf Story – Out now on Nintendo Switch.

Tee up anywhere – on and off the course.

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Single SB-600 flash with green gel manually fired from behind each and every of 4 trees in the course of an ir-remote-triggered bulb exposure.

Enjoyable story: Ellen just reminded me that even though we have been walking down the dark road to take this photo, two employees members from the YMCA camp drove by in a golf cart and stopped at yet another tree only a couple of feet away. 1 stated to the other, whilst gesturing upward with his flashlight, &quotSo this is the tree that I saw the bear cubs climb up into final evening.&quot

UPDATE: Thanks for all the added attention from the Strobist blog, David! I’m simultaneously shocked, honored, proud and thrilled. I only not too long ago got on the Strobist kick when my buddy, Kim and his wife invited me, my wife and an additional buddy more than to commence watching your DVD set about a month ago. In the course of the sessions, we watch a few chapters and then practice our newly discovered methods. What we have lovingly dubbed StrobeFest2008 continues this weekend with Portion III. I’m actually grateful to you and the Strobist neighborhood for sharing your expertise, great tips and encouragement!

Could it possibly be even greater On Black?
By boeke on 2008-07-03 21:44:21

50 thoughts on “Golf Story Reveal Trailer”

  1. So… Has anyone else here watched Steven Universe?
    Cause this game REALLY reminds me of Golf Quest Mini from the episode "Rose’s Room".

  2. first time switch owner, this is going to my first game im getting on switch, looks like mario golf with rpg.

  3. I saw the five seconds of footage in today’s Nintendo Direct and immediately knew I had to get it. Can’t wait!!!!

  4. Out of curiosity, were you guys inspired by Mario Tennis and Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color? It really reminds me of that and intrigues me 😀

  5. This reminds be a lot of Mario Tennis for Gameboy Color. Loved that game when I was a kid so definitely picking this up when it comes out.

  6. "You got the mithrill putter!"
    "Oh windmill, why must we always fight?"
    "It’s all just par for the course!"
    Hope I get to unlock the secret ending without someone trying to show me some dumb wailing stone that breaks my switch with it’s noise vibrations.

  7. Reminds me SO much of Mario Golf on GBC which I played the ever living snot out of. Stoked to get this one, and hopefully it’s not super pricey

  8. Would there be any chance anyone would like what software I could use to make my own RPG like this one? Thanks!

  9. Just came from the Switch direct. Easily my favorite from the showcase! Gives me ‘Mario Golf: Advanced Tour’ vibes in the best way. Super excited to pick it up this month. ?

  10. this reminds me of the game that steven universe played in that one episode that was like pokemon,but i like this alot better its so cute and cool xD

  11. I know it says coming September in the Nintendies direct, but I can not WAIT to get this! Do anyone know when in September?

  12. Can’t wait for this one from you guys! Please let me know if there is any way I can help promote it for you! Looks like a sure hit!

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