Golf Story – Evaluation (Nintendo Switch)

Is Golf Story on Nintendo Switch a hole-in-one particular? Discover out in our overview of this Golf/RPG hybrid!

Review by Jordan Van Glish

Thanks to NomComms for some of the footage!

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Granada Golf Course, Coral Gables
Beautiful day for a round of golf!
By The Miami Story on 2009-11-13 15:25:53

The new Mizuno MP-68 Irons  Blade moves away from the reduce muscle design that the MP-67had and resembles the MP-37with the muscle back building from the toe location. The muscle back lines and edges nevertheless are smoother on the MP-68than the MP-37and some in Japan have said it reminds them of the classic MP-14 with its curved muscle back and sharp toe.


Mizuno has also followed suit with its 2009 style guidlines by putting the running bird logo on the sole and the model MP-68 with new MP logo in the toe corner. The 0verall head and face is very compact and coupled with the thick muscle provide the purest really feel of any Mizuno grain flow forged blade.


The acclaimed Faldo Golf Institute at Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort is designed to be a location committed to helping golfers increase their skills, while supplying a exclusive and outstanding golf studying encounter. In reality, the Institute has hosted thousands of golf students, from newbies to elite players, and right now stands as a single of Central Florida’s premier golf schools.

The face of Mizuno MX-1000 Irons  is teamed with a hollow building and internal weighting -encouraging strikes from a wide location of the face to hold their line with minimal distance loss. The hollow building also permits weight to be engineered deep inside the head for a naturally high trajectory – enabling the use of stronger lofts for even greater distance.


It’d be difficult to find a a lot more competitively priced golf location than Myrtle Beach. Long regarded as the affordable alternative to larger-end golf hot spots, it is poised to attract budget-conscious golfers and a new crop of vacationers in the course of the existing economic downturn.


Mizuno JPX E600 Iron Set  and deeper box structure makes the broad sweet location of the shaft, forged by soft iron, feasible . The balance weight design, by adopting tungsten steel alloy in the middle of its bottom, realizes the considerably reduced center of gravity and higher MOI(moment of inertia).


Of course, bargains are not Myrtle Beach’s only attraction. Very first and foremost is the high-top quality (and higher-quantity) golf. Myrtle Beach has about 100 courses on its Grand Strand, and many of them rank amongst the country’s best. Another draw is the area’s pleasant spring weather.

50 thoughts on “Golf Story – Overview (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. This guy talk too slow, Andre talks so fast he can’t annunciate his words properly… Looks like Derek is reigning vocal champion.

  2. Fantastic game. This dude made it sound boring as fuck and harped too much on some little shit. Drop the kid.

  3. I was so excited for this game and for the first few hours I had a great time. I found the golf mechanics and game fun and the story was gine but once I reached the fourth area, it was feeling really slow and just not very fun. The story was really boring to me and I just wanted to play the golf part. If anyone has finished it I was wondering if it it gets better past the first part or if it just wasn’t my thing.

  4. If I’m looking for a review it’s because I haven’t played it yet. I’m sure followers of this channel know to expect spoilers but I didn’t. Please warn for spoilers in description next time because I looked before watching the video

  5. This guy is pretty boring sounding.   As someone who hasn’t been keeping up with gamexplain, this unknown boring sounding guy doesn’t make for a good video.

  6. I agree with much of the review, but disagree on two points:
    1. Disc golf controls are fine, they just have a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not anything more than a game like Geometry Wars; it’ll take 2-3 attempts to get it, but after that, the game is very simple – it’s all about gauging how hard to throw and turning.
    2. I felt the RPG upgrade mechanics kept the game engaging through to the end. Most RPGs aren’t constantly conflict driven either, many do depend on their mechanics for large portions.

  7. Everyone who says he is monotone relax he’s new at this and once he gets comfortable I’m sure he’ll sound better. I like his reviews and he had a bit more energy this time keep it up Jordan!

  8. Took you long enough to finally review the best selling game on the Switch rn. Great game; I loved it. 🙂

  9. Don’t worry about your voice, Jordan. You’ll get better at it as you keep doing it. Everyone does. Good job on the review.

  10. Hope you keep improving Tom! Criticism is hard to take but i encourage you not giving up. Find a style that fits you and is good for the viewers. Great video!

  11. well if i actually had any interest in golf i’d defenetly check this game out. it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. i might consider letting my dad know about it though because he is a golf FANATIC…then again i like havin my switch with me all the time

  12. Am I the only one who finds Jordan’s voice to not be monotonous? Just because it’s not as widely diverse as, say, Andre’s voice, doesn’t mean he’s absolutely not putting emphasis on key words or speaking in a manner that distracts from the content. I’d say he’s about on par with Ash tone-wise, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone speak out against Ash’s style of reviewing.

  13. For monotone issue i recommend u to stop reading the script and try using bullet points to comment your point of view and explanations.

  14. I like the low tone of the reviewer, it beats the normal American delivery of overdramatically shouting into the microphone.

    Good review, I’ll be buying this soon.

  15. This is a F**ki*g horrible review That’s full of Huge spoilers & Is very badly made! I have Completed the game & it’s by far the best Indie title on the Nintendo Switch. If your one of those morons whom read the comments section before or during the video then Consider yourself saved & Stop Watching the Video immediately & go & buy the Game Now. If You like Golf games then You’ll love this game.

  16. Excited to hear what Andre or Derek has to say! [hits play] falls asleep 20 seconds later…] *after waking up 4 hours later* This guy again? Either perk up or please write articles, guy. Or at least put a disclaimer that it’s this guy doing the review because this is basically clickbait otherwise.

  17. Lol, for some reason fire emblem warrior review’s comments got mixed into the golf story review comments. Wow, I was misled into thinking this game wasn’t as good as I thought. (Until I read "warriors" somewhere). Refreshed the page and it fixed it.

  18. Ughhhh not this guy again, every video this guy narrates is literally so dull. Cmon gamexplain, even if you guys haven’t played the game this guy has can’t you just get him to write the script and one of you guys read it?

  19. I feel like the pitch for this game was like “Remember that joke from Steven Universe where Steven plays a golf themed Final Fantasy? Well let’s make that an actual game.” But seriously, this game looks nice. I’d play it if I had a Switch.

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