Golf Story – Game & Watch (Nintendo Switch)

Golf Story is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, September 28th! We attempt out the golf RPG hybrid to see how it plays!

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To be continued…
some stories by no means finish.
By aftab. on 2007-07-21 ten:49:30

This story is about Cobra S2, which is an eight-club set (w/ irons 4-9, pitching wedge and gap wedge) of men’s irons. Cobra is advertising these clubs as forgiveness, accuracy and distance improvers. Cobra’s characteristic 9-point face technologies is present on the S2 clubs.


The cavity back of the S2 clubs aids to give maximum forgiveness and a higher launch. The wide-sole, low-profile design of these clubs shifts the center of gravity low and back for more consistent shots.


Tell you, the Cobra S2 Max Iron Sets are the most forgiving performance irons about. These irons have a superior feel and that terrific foregiveness is due to a multi-material design and style. The low back center of gravity and powerful lofts market longer distances with a high, playable trajectory. The new shape and mid-width, stepped sole appeal to a wide variety of player.

Now, let’s say the pin is at the opposite finish of the green and I have some much more room to roll the ball. The appropriate play is to hit the ball beneath the limbs and play for more roll. I do not truly make a lot of modifications to my pitching stance and setup. As with a higher shot, I play the ball in the center to slightly forward in my stance.





Only now, rather of concentrating on a more rapidly release of the hands, I attempt to delay the release of the hands to aid hit the ball reduced and with forward roll. I’m not intentionally trying to hold my weight on my left side, nor do I alter my influence position all that considerably (for proof, check out the two sequences and note the similarities).


Rather, by delaying, or slowing, the release of the hands, I’ll make get in touch with with less loft and develop significantly less backspin. The essential is to don’t forget to rotate the physique and finish the shot with the shaft below the hands, as you see in the photo to the appropriate.


The ultimate in super game improvement irons. The Cobra S2 Max irons provide improved accuracy, distance and forgiveness in the ultimate game improvement package. An expanded sweet zone – thanks to the 9 Point Face Technologies – helps far more consistent ball speed across the entire face. The cavity back design complements the wide sole and low profile design in this set, to market maximum forgiveness and a greater launch.

50 thoughts on “Golf Story – Game & Watch (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. This is my most anticipated game right behind Odyssey.
    (this game is Australian which explains the dialogue)

  2. Please someone needs to make an rpg tennis game like Mario power tennis for gba!!!!!!! That was my life when I was little along with sapphire and Mario kart super circuit!!

  3. Either Steven Universe was able to see into future or the devs who concepted the game got inspired by that particular episode….or maybe I’m just reading too deeply into a possible coincidence.

  4. I know you guys don’t normally do these kind of things but I’d totally watch a full play through of this

  5. Okay the awkward laughs are really starting to grate. Here’s and example 1:36 – 1:54 "ok so I have not ever actually played golf…hehehe…I played golf like a looong time time ago but uh yeah I usually stick to uh mini golf..hmphehehe….it’s just my dad hehehehe."

    2:11 – 2:19 "you couldn’t pay the 35 cents really?…hehehehe…uh….ehehehehe."

  6. Golf game for poor guys…? 😀

    Cinematic graphics, cinematic framerate and cinematic sound-effects (hello there 1970s!).

  7. At the time this video was posted (in the US) the game is NOT available now and it will cost 14.99 when it launches Thursday September 28th.

  8. Is it just me or does a clean UI and in-game font really clash with the pixel art style? I’ve noticed it in a few pixel art games. It’s not going to make me not want to play it, just thought I’d put my feelers out there.

  9. I know it’s a nitpick, but wish they went more pixelated/rasterized with the text style. It really clashes.

  10. 5:40 in and i’m surprised at how smooth the soundtrack is. the art is so charming, and the humor is amusing. this has potential but i dunno golf or have any interest in golf (>< ;;;

  11. If I see another Steven Universe comment I’m going to hang myself. (Seriously no one wants to hear about the similarities about this and the show)

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