Golf Story: Quick Look

On the road to becoming a pro golfer 1 need to find peace with each birdies and turtles.
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By JAY ZHANG on 2011-03-02 20:38:41

Today I will inform a story about the golf club. The club is Taylormade Rossa Tourismo Putter.


It features TaylorMade’s new AGSI + technologies with 14 grooves positioned closer collectively, which is far more efficient at promoting forward spin and negating backspin for a smoother roll. The Tourismo’s wire frame-head construction allows added weight to be moved to the perimeter of the putter for a higher MOI and higher forgiveness on mis-hits. It’s 304 stainless steel construction with midnight black finish is of premium quality and provides it cosmetic appeal. The Tourismo’s intense MOI shape gives exceptional forgiveness and stability for straighter putts on mis-hits, this putter incorporates Taylormade’s Moveable Weight Technologies (MWT) which enables you to modify head weight by installing different MWT cartridges in two rear ports.


Involves a wrench for changing putter head weight
Wire frame-head construction
Intense MOI shape
Moveable weight technologies

In words, it is an outstanding putter and face insert. Enjoy the insert, club aesthetics and head cover. It just inspires confidence. If your placing touch is just undesirable ,or you do not have adequate time to practice, this is the putter to even the game. To be honestly, I truly like the Rossa Tourismo putter, its working out fantastic for me.



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The Rossa Tourismo is hugely underrated, I tried the spider from TM, which is much much better identified, and this a single by far has a significantly greater really feel. Notice that it may possibly take a handful of strokes to get used to its inverted shape (wider in the back and narrower in the front). Actually, at the beginning I hit the ball a handful of instances in my practice stroke with the bottom just since of this asymmetry. Nothing at all that you cannot get employed to.


Besides, it is extremely easy to align. Gets the ball rolling virtually immediately.Provides me a lot of confidence. Bought it brand new on ebay for $ 50 with the wrench (which in no way utilised) and got it cut down to 31″, it is my self-assurance club. Not positive if there are any poor points, possibly the bottom sometimes can get stuck in the grass but that is largely due to a bad stroke.



40 thoughts on “Golf Story: Fast Appear”

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    Fuck exclusives.

  2. 6:40 Why not aim just short of the hole with topspin and have the ball roll up to it, rather than risk overshooting? Golf tactics 101.

  3. I love how Alex declares his prediction of how the ball is going to land when it’s 85% of the way through its travel.

  4. maaan how stupid is Dan! why tf do you aim for the ball to go slam dunk every time, you should aim a bit before so it rolls in

  5. Dan thinks he’s adding back spin to the ball but he’s actually making it loft up more so the wind carries it more. The back/top spin is controlled with the shoulder buttons.

  6. Dan is going to be that old guy who puts on his best pair of dress pants, a golf polo, and fixes up his hair and then fires up the Nintendo to play Golf.

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