Goldilocks and the Three Bears || Fairy Tale for Little ones

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Hen and egg
From A Summer’s Tales by Eno Raud, illustrations by Mai Miturich.
(Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1981)
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50 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears || Fairy Tale for Children”

  1. The smallest bowl is not even yet GONE!?!?? And goldilucks hair I thought it’s golden blonde hair but… I like it a little bit :),Be kind And honest 😀

  2. Well hey at least the only thing you didnt ruin is my 7 year olds ability to spot total bullshit. I think youre awful on purpose because otherwise how is this explainable. Id tell you to kill yourself but youre clearly dead inside


  4. Shit soundtrack sounds like a 70’s thriller not a bedtime story for kids! A-holes ..useless cunts

  5. There is so many problems with this, they say the wrong things "Somebody has been eating my poridge", the chairs are not supposed to be dining chairs, why is moms poridge pink, th narrator is supposed to call it momma’s poridge, not the "medium sized bowl", and most of all, GoldiLocks, stands for GOLD LOCKS< and locks are hair curls, and gold is the color.

    The beds look tattered too, not comfortable. This is almost changing the tale to something foriegn, and not american tradition.

    If your not familiar with the story, watch a more traditional versoin.

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