GOING OUT WITH FRISK… AND CHARA!? | AnimeTale (Visual Novel) #3

Nowadays we go down to the garden to meet FNIA/ AnimeTale Frisk… and Chara as well!?

Final episode – https://www.youtube.com/view?v=X9BL7DNfEHg

Read through it right here – http://cloudnovel.net/perform?n=acab1198141


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About: (dev description) From the maker of the FNIA Visual Novel, is a visual novel based on Mairusu’s AnimeTale artwork. (Contemplating about an update for Undyne.)

This one is a bit more grownup then the last 1.

A number of backgrounds and characters are from various artists, which includes Toby Fox and Mariusu.
Chara is by LadyMurderer007 on DeviantArt.
Mettaton EX by Pushimo on DeviantArt.

Estelle – Tales of Verperia
Website | Twitter

(CC) Phillip Jeffrey. www.fadetoplay.com. Come to feel cost-free to use this photo. I request that you website link back to the unique image on Flickr and credit score as shown above.

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  1. Can I be in 10 videos with you please that will make me happy and here’s my phone number its privet 317 281 6992 my name in roblocks is frisk50005

  2. Tails,(Yes I know what Mairusu means) how are you changing up the video images? I SWEAR these images were NOT here before.


  4. What the f*** is wrong with Shara like she does eat a whole stick of her mouth I will probably die if I Trump a whole steak into my neck hole sorry to sound kind of weird the flask holy s*** she’s hot

    1.Look at FNIA Frisk.
    2. Download Undertale.
    3.Go through all the shitty cutscenes.
    4. Now look at Frisk.

    RESULTS: Now it SHOULD make your mind think the FNIA Frisk is the original and Frisk(is a she by the way)should ALWAYS have her eyes open. Did it work? Or did you get DIFFERENT results? Reply!!!

    BONUS: The overworld sprite of Toriel; the 4 pixels at the bottom of her head LOOKS like her nose, but in reality, her mouth. Ugly, huh?

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