Funny Fishing Video – The Back 9 … A Fishing Tale

A great weekend away with the boys on Lake Hume fishing with golf clubs and coming up with a decent catch.

Final Holiday with our mate Mitch. R.I.P. Be careful on the roads as also young folks are taken from us.

European Carp:
Declared noxious fish in Australia and New Zealand since carp damages the organic environment of native fish as their habit of grubbing through bottom sediment for food uproots and disturbs vegetation.
In Australia and New Zealand carp need to be killed when caught.

Fish Tale
That water is as well cold for me….
By rblood on 2008-01-27 16:51:07

There are only three black bass fishing rigs that need to be learned. Just manage these 3 and the bass will be coming into the cooler, rapidly. Bass anglers all to typically seem to have the enthusiasm to get themselves all juiced up for a huge day of fishing only to find themselves coming in at the finish of the day with only one or two bass. That is sad, pathetic and virtually unnecessary. Why go via all that time and labor, preparation to just come back with one or even two bass? Not worth the time my bass hunting friend. There is a greater way and I will inform you correct about now.

But just before I do that, let me say a handful of things about why the bass fishermen of the globe fail when they go fishing. What most bass fisherman do is invest the day casting, re-rigging, running, and loosing lures all the whilst obtaining frustrated because the fish aren’t cooperating. Sound familiar? It need to and do not be embarrassed or proud, I am not your girlfriend. I surely know this feeling and any angler reading my write-up has had the same feeling at some point and time. The lonely feeling is not true. We have all been in this precise identical position, alone struggling with no 1 to turn to. Well, these days are coming to an end, do not feel undesirable if this does occur to you simply because you are undoubtedly not alone. A single of the most essential variables of bass fishing is the art of rig choice.

3 rigs are all you will ever want and here they are Texas rig, Carolina rig, and the floating rig. These 3 rigs are almost certainly the most effective lures for catching largemouth bass an angler can use just about anywhere, anytime. Assured my bass fishing buddies. Now, some anglers may ask, “Why would I use all 3 of these rigs?”. The answer is really quite simple. It’s like making use of tools of the trade. A carpenter wouldn’t use a hammer to back out a screw, nor would he or she use a screwdriver to pound nails. Properly, at least most of them wouldn’t! The exact same goes with bass fishing. An angler should have the appropriate tools of the trade to do a specific job.

The initial rig and most likely the most utilised in the whole bass fishing world, is the famed Texas rig. This is the only one particular I will describe in detail because actually it will work for any variety of bass fishing. It is a easy rig that can be tied in a hurry. This rig has landed a lot more bass than any other rig around, and I use it nearly religiously. To rig a Texas rig you will need to have a line, hook, and sinker. That’s it. The measures are simple, like I stated. First, you put your sinker (generally a bullet-shaped slip sinker) onto the line with the smaller sized point of the weight going on 1st or “facing up.” Then tie your hook (normally an offset worm hook) to the end of the line. Now you are prepared for the live bait or even a jig. It does not matter, this Texas rig operates for each live and artificial baits. A genuine winner! The other two rigs are fine but do not compare to the versatility of the Texas. The Carolina and the floater are good rigs and have their spots in bass fishing, just not right here.

By Werner Wichmann who is a bass fishing enthusiast and gives suggestions on bass fishing tactics, offers articles and tips at go take a appear now!

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