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Sophomore guard Kelsey Minato scored a Patriot League Championship game-record 31 points, as the second-seeded Army Women’s Basketball group defeated No. five Holy Cross, 68-58, to claim its second conference title March 15 at Christl Arena.

By virtue of winning the conference championship, the Black Knights (25-7) earn the Patriot League’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament for the second time in Division I plan history. Army final reached the national tournament in 2006. The Black Knights’ 25 victories set the team’s Division I record for most victories in a season, and tie the all-time total set as a Division II system in 1983-84 (25-three).

“These kids knew that whatever the atmosphere was going to be, they have been going to make their personal history right here tonight,” Army head coach Dave Magarity said. “For us to come out and execute the game strategy the way that we did was unique.

“(The group) embraced what occurred the final time we played a championship game here. We told the story, we showed them the story, but we also spent a lot of time talking about how this is their time. (The 2005-06 group) is such a huge element of the fabric of our history here, but this team will go down as a single of the very best.”

Minato, who was named the tournament’s most-useful player, went 10-of-18 from the floor and 8-of-8 from the foul line, although also grabbing 5 rebounds. Senior guard Jen Hazlett earned All-Tournament Team honors and completed with seven points and five boards, and freshman forward Danielle Failor posted seven points and seven rebounds. Junior guard Krishawn Tillett and sophomore forward Brianna Johnson also tallied seven points.

Seniors Brisje Malone and Alex Smith each netted 16 points to lead Holy Cross (20-12), although sophomore Raquel Scott posted a double-double with 15 points and a game-high 15 rebounds.

Photos by Eric S. Bartelt/Pointer View and the U.S. Military Academy Public Affairs Workplace. Text and story by Harrison Antognioni/Army Athletic Communications.

By West Point – The U.S. Military Academy on 2014-03-15 19:59:41

Autistic savant? Yes, there are numerous wonderful heart-warming stories that baffle even the most talented people in the world. According to a savant is “a particular person of profound or substantial learning discovered scholar”. It is a remarkable thing to feel that an individual with the debilitating symptoms that typically accompany autism may possibly also have the wonderful mental powers of becoming a savant. Interestingly research have shown that about ten % of all those with autism are savants. Researchers also feel that a single percent of all non-autistics have some savant abilities. 1 theory is that these abilities come out since of some kind of head trauma. In some autistic savants the feeling is the trauma might be a brought on by a seizure or a fall.

Lets use the example of a twenty six year old autistic savant in the United States. This young man is unable to drive a auto. He cannot tell proper from left, but he is in a position to recollect pi to the 22,514th decimal location. He says he can see the numbers in front of him. This young man, who has difficulty with social capabilities and cannot make eye contact, has mastered six languages as well as English. He is even working on a language of his own. He will not take a walk on the beach because to him it would pose an unanswerable mathematical problem. How numerous pebbles would there be? There would be way also several to count and this would be extremely disturbing to him. A grocery purchasing can be sensory overload, with all the shapes, colors and sizes to pick from, but a math problem, which he can resolve more rapidly than most calculators, is comforting.

There is a blind autistic savant, also an American, who could play a Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto after hearing it only one particular time and this with out so considerably as a piano lesson. Or what about the British savant that was able, soon after only 1 helicopter ride more than London, to draw an extremely concise map of the London skyline. This was carried out solely from memory he had taken no notes and no photographs.

The film Rain Man, where Dustin Hoffman played an autistic savant was in truth primarily based on a man, who even though a savant, was not autistic. He has brain harm and though he is unable to button his shirt he can read two pages of a book at the exact same time, and claims to have study over 7500 books. He has fantastic skills when it comes to memory and can recollect for you the story in any of the books he has study no matter how long ago.

Never ask an autistic savant how they do whatever it is that they do, they have no idea. So several of them have difficulty with language, probably have a severely restricted vocabulary, but their abilities in math and memorizing are unbelievable.

If you feel that there is “some thing not proper” with your child you have to locate out as soon as possible if autism is the issue. Treatments are much less powerful with every passing day as we develop older, so locate out now with the total autism resource for determining symptoms and goes into depth about ALL remedy options for autism, natural AND healthcare. So do your family members a favor and verify out the information at Autism Symptoms.


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