From Fatboy To Slim (Wellness Documentary) – True Stories

One particular boys desperate try to turn his life around.

Jack has just turned 16 and is 20 stone. He says he’s attempted everything to shed weight but presently puts on more than two stone a year. Three years and countless failed diets later, this film follows Jack to New York as he appears for answers in the consulting rooms of the world’s top adolescent weight loss surgeon. There he was given the shocking news that with out surgery he’ll inevitably die from his morbid obesity. In the UK only a handful of men and women Jack’s age have ever received this type of surgery and the teenager knows he could wait years before he’s granted an operation. Jack’s determined not to wait till he fits the tougher criteria for surgery in the UK so he’s taking his life into his personal hands and desires a quick fix.

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a story known as hope…
Cancer individuals need to have encouragement, HOPE and much more typically than not, a Huge dose of &quotYou CAN do this!&quot They do not want endless sympathy or to be coddled. My husband and my doc had been the &quotcoaches&quot in my life and they ACTED like coaches. I believe through my eight-months toward healing I was allowed an actual pity celebration only two occasions. They supported me and encouraged me BUT they did not Let me to change my system or take days off or do something that would jeopardize the effectiveness of the system. I necessary that accountability and I think that most cancer individuals need to have somebody who will be truthful and truthful even if it indicates seeming like you are ragging on them. This is not meanness or discouragement, it is known as Love.
We are all creatures of habit and change is one of the most difficult things in life to implement, specifically if you feel like you are the only one that must change. There have been times when I felt like crying when absolutely everyone else was getting an iced-cold Dr. Pepper and I was obtaining a glass of distilled water with organic apple cider vinegar. But as I began to get well, it got to exactly where it did not bother me any a lot more. As my habits changed so did my attitude, my emotions and my sense of properly-getting.
We are fooling ourselves if we do not take the time necessary to heal. I don’t imply sitting on the couch all day and crying—despite the fact that I had a couple of these days. I imply changing a lifestyle that brought your physique into dis-ease into a life-style that brings wellness and healing. I believe that it is Dr. Lorraine Day that says it is needed to take a year off to just concentrate on wellness—–not cancer—-but overall health. It really is all in how you look at items—–being positive or becoming damaging and continually pondering about all the items that you &quotcan’t&quot do. By the way, it will do every person nicely to get rid of the words &quotcan’t&quot and &quotbut&quot from their vocabulary. These are damaging words and are cop-out words.
~ Loretta Lanphier, MD, who healed herself of cancer
By kira_westland on 2010-09-29 13:18:49

“The power of really like to alter bodies is legendary, built into folklore, typical sense, and each day experience. Enjoy moves the flesh, it pushes matter around. Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a worthwhile element in healing.”

Larry Dossey

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, other folks and life are generated from reactions we produce inside ourselves in response to our beliefs about the planet around us. Our thoughts turn into behaviors simply because we select actions according to the beliefs we hold as becoming correct about our “reality”. By deciding on how to perceive ourselves, we can either intend, think and behave our way to success or failure. For example, if we believe we are useful and worthy of getting visible in this planet we will reside up to that truth. If we think we are incompetent and insignificant, we will live down to that truth.

Internal dialogue is one quite strong issue that shapes our self-concepts because it’s a continuous conversation we have with ourselves about every thing that takes place to us, about us, and surrounding us. This dialogue is on-going, takes place in genuine-time and provokes a measurable physiological alter in the body.

A second issue that considerably impacts our wellness, is the way we tend to label everything and absolutely everyone then “judge” them into groups, subgroups, classes and functions – including ourselves. These labels have a powerful effect on our perception of self since we “reside” according to the judgments we’ve produced about other individuals and ourselves (“I am a loser” or “I’m a winner.”).”

Most of us have beliefs that repeat over and over in our heads so often they have grow to be deeply ingrained in our psyche and replay automatically, influencing our behaviors without having our awareness. We add even much more which means to these judgments by attaching to them future predictions, such as: “That beautiful woman will not go out with me since I am a failure.” These silent beliefs are dangerous and potentially self-defeating simply because they have the energy to set us up for a distinct outcome, which could not be a good a single.

When we listen to unfavorable beliefs about ourselves, others and life’s situations for lengthy periods of time they turn into invisible to our conscious thoughts generating them hard to recognize and transcend. It does not take long before these beliefs begin to limit what we attain for and accomplish. They also result in us to block any conflicting (optimistic) details whilst confirming any new unfavorable details, creating emotional highs and lows that repeat endlessly.

Considering that we are the ones who write our own life retailers, we can also create our personal satisfied endings. Monitor your thoughts diligently and speak positively in order to take empowering, forward moving actions to manifest all your dreams.

Nancy Murdoch

50 thoughts on “From Fatboy To Slim (Well being Documentary) – Genuine Stories”

  1. He should have tried keto! All his favorite foods are ok, and losing weight is easy! Search Butter Made My Pants Fall Off.

  2. That doctor is lying about only being able to sustain 20lb. It is entirely physically possible to lose and sustain much more as many have proved. The problem with these patients is that they have a highly emotional, psychologically skewed relationship to food and have zero idea what a normal amount of food or remotely healthy meals look like and can’t be arsed to learn.

  3. his parents are such assholes at 32:30 especially the dad lmao if you want to support your son surely you should go through his pain too? And the fact he doesn’t see it as his fault just because his other two didn’t become obese is bullshit lmao.

  4. I don’t agree with weight loss surgery unless you are completely immobile. It’s sad to see such a young guy went through such a big surgery already while he just needed a proper diet, parents who don’t enable him and regular exercise. I am not saying it’s easy but it is doable for sure! The surgeon is terrible for telling him only surgery will help him.. seems like he just wants to make money.

  5. wtf was with all the lies from the docs pushing the expensive $20,000 band saying you can’t lose and keep off more than 20 pounds? What a load of shit. You diet, lose the weight and have to keep eating right and exercising to keep it off. That’s the same for anyone.

    What ever happened to the fucking Hippocratic oath?

  6. This video is a tease! Where is part 2? I thought they were gonna show the end result of the operation. I wanted to see how he looked skinny.

  7. I absolutely adore your youtube channel, I don’t get out much these days with health issues, watching your videos passes a lot of time for me in the day. Thank you guys, I’d be lost without you.

  8. Wow.. the logic in this family. Have a feast and then next day start dieting which will take you 2 times a long to burn off that feast you had. You can only sustain 20 pounds if lost. NO. People have lost weight the old fashioned way and kept off way more than 20 pounds in the long run. Even when he was eating the salads and drinking the liquid diet he said he was losing weight. but before the thought of surgery that way supposedly didn’t work at all. It didn’t work because he didn’t stick to it. And when you "diet" it shouldn’t be so drastic. You should start by changing 2 meals a week to something more healthy. Slowly introduce healthy meals into your lifestyle and this will help you get over your addiction to sugar and salt. Most of the time you are just eating because you brain is addicted to sugar and salt. It’s hard to quit and addiction cold turkey. You end up binging in the end. So don’t "diet".. create a life style change by changing just a few things a week and challenging your self to keep changing more. So also, i’m annoyed because this boy is still a teen. Your frontal lobes are not fully developed until age 25. That means you have trouble regulating decisions that can affect you long term. Rental car places in the US will not rent a car to someone under 25 because they know the chances for the car to get torn up are so much higher. Yet we allow kids to have a gastric band and if they eat a piece of chicken when no one is watching, they can die? like wow. This surgery shouldn’t be allowed unless the person is over 25. I think this was way too easy and the doctor sounds like a crook.

  9. There is a big difference between a band and a stapled stomach!
    And no-one here have a clue. The band is reversible. Why the drama?

  10. I know it’s easy to judge and this is just my opinion but the kid is 15 years old, the medical industry is making so much money off of obese people who need therapy more than anything – a nutritionist and personal trainer. Cheaper than surgery, healthier, and better long term results. Wake the fuck up with this gastric bypass shit. He’s FIfteen (!) years old. Go ride a bike.

  11. Shame to the people writing filthy comments on this video instead of thinking about the educational value it is imparting.

  12. what in hell is a stone? I know there talking pounds but someone help me? cause 29 stone don’t sound bad to me. But ya they look big but I don’t understand stones

  13. I never understand why people think surgery is the only option. Just before the operation he changed his eating and lost weight.
    I think perhaps he didn’t "try" before the surgery to lose weight, just looked at surgery as an easy option.
    And his parents only pushed for surgery. His mum said that the day of surgery marks the day when he and his family will eat differently.
    It should have been done before then

  14. I don’t understand why he would need surgery. By the laws of science, a caloric deficit leads to weight loss. you don’t need surgery

  15. 52:38 Some put on a nice dress for Christmas, some wear a t-shirt at least, and some come topless… it’s going to be hard for this guy; little consciousness for civilized behaviour or discipline in this family.

  16. The amount of misconceptions and misinformation spread in this documentary is really frustrating. Paired with the artificial narrative, this thing is almost impossible to watch. It’s a shame this garbage is marketed to people.

  17. the mother is horrible. she bought cola and crap food for herself at the hotel. so much for helping your son with temptation

  18. It makes me so sad watching these kids suffer, especially from bullies etc. Before I met my boyfriend he weighed 140kg (around 22 stone) and in three years he went down to 88kg (13,8 stone) from going to gym and eating less every day. He made the choice to change his way of living, no one else told him to. I’m so proud of his determination! He’s going to gym every day now but he still has a long way to go. He also has a lot of excess skin which he was quite embarrassed about when we first started dating. We’ve been together for almost a year now and I love every little piece of him. <3

  19. he has a horrible group of "adults" surrounding him, feel sorry for the kid. could all be solved by correcting some fundamental mistakes of humanity, starting by eating a species specific diet

  20. just wanted to say something else. I blame his parent 100 percent for his obesity. look at all that food that would feed at least 4 family’s. and they just laugh and giggle while he is shoveling 6 sandwiches down his throat like seriously. i feel sorry for him cause there parents could of watched what they fed him when he was little I have 4 kids trust me I know this

  21. People are simply commenting on his physique.Some are not even concerned to the pain and treatment he undertook.This video is uploaded as an informative one rather than the filthy comments. How senseless a person commenting on this can be. Have some shame!

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