From CRIPS to NBA STAR? The Story of DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan absolutely had it rough, but he pulled through to become an NBA star. His come-up story is just remarkable.


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Danielle Failor 3
Sophomore guard Kelsey Minato scored a Patriot League Championship game-record 31 points, as the second-seeded Army Women’s Basketball group defeated No. five Holy Cross, 68-58, to claim its second conference title March 15 at Christl Arena.

By virtue of winning the conference championship, the Black Knights (25-7) earn the Patriot League’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament for the second time in Division I program history. Army final reached the national tournament in 2006. The Black Knights’ 25 victories set the team’s Division I record for most victories in a season, and tie the all-time total set as a Division II plan in 1983-84 (25-3).

“These kids knew that what ever the atmosphere was going to be, they were going to make their own history here tonight,” Army head coach Dave Magarity said. “For us to come out and execute the game program the way that we did was specific.

“(The team) embraced what occurred the last time we played a championship game here. We told the story, we showed them the story, but we also spent a lot of time talking about how this is their time. (The 2005-06 group) is such a huge component of the fabric of our history right here, but this group will go down as one particular of the best.”

Minato, who was named the tournament’s most-worthwhile player, went 10-of-18 from the floor and 8-of-8 from the foul line, while also grabbing 5 rebounds. Senior guard Jen Hazlett earned All-Tournament Group honors and finished with seven points and 5 boards, and freshman forward Danielle Failor posted seven points and seven rebounds. Junior guard Krishawn Tillett and sophomore forward Brianna Johnson also tallied seven points.

Seniors Brisje Malone and Alex Smith every netted 16 points to lead Holy Cross (20-12), even though sophomore Raquel Scott posted a double-double with 15 points and a game-higher 15 rebounds.

Photographs by Eric S. Bartelt/Pointer View and the U.S. Military Academy Public Affairs Workplace. Text and story by Harrison Antognioni/Army Athletic Communications.

By West Point – The U.S. Military Academy on 2014-03-15 19:27:42

When the media came on to the practice court, some players had been stunned at the conga line of folks that kept filing in.

“I did not know it was going to be like that,” said Udonis Haslem. “When the door opened I expected 5 or six guys like we usually do back home. I forget I have to [multiply] that by a hundred.”

This is various from anything the Heat have ever experienced prior to. It really is various, for that matter, from anything just about any group with no Michael Jordan on it has knowledgeable just before. Not even main market place powerhouses like the Lakers and Knicks have drawn mobs of this size to chronicle their daily grind. (And for those of you who will inform me that you’re sick of the Heat already, sadly your actions belie your words. I could create about Dwyane Wade’s option of dental floss right now and there is a good possibility it would lead our web site in eyeballs.)

As a outcome, there is an odd circular impact: A single of the biggest mlb jerseys stories of the Heat’s coming season is how they deal with all of us.

And by “us,” I contain those of us that are not necessarily in this to break down box scores. With the Heat crossing into rock star territory, stars like Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh are now in the crosshairs of assorted peepers and paparazzi. Heck, their backups may be also.

Which requires us back to the selection to come here in the 1st location. With eight new faces on assured contracts, such as two rather crucial ones in Bosh and James, and an unprecedented avalanche of media attention, maybe no team has required a remote getaway far more than this 1.

That’s what led the Heat to their existing quarters at an on-base lodging hotel at Hurlburt Field, an Air Force base just outside of Fort Walton Beach, Fla. that is impermeable to prying paparazzi eyes. (Even though it really is spartan accomodations by standard NBA standards, they are not precisely slumming it. 1 source compared it to a Courtyard by Marriott.)

Unless you happen to be in the military, the only way you are spying on these guys is with Google Earth. Writers had to get a government security clearance just to come here, had their nfl jersey  sniffed by educated dogs and were even escorted to the restroom.

However as soon as on the practice court, it was Anyplace, NBA. The portion of Heat practice open to writers featured 5-on-5 defensive drills with four quintets — Bosh, Wade and James had been each on distinct sides — but we did get treated to one breakout exactly where James slammed house a strong dunk. (The Heat, it need to be noted, brought their personal rims. No way a normal issue rec-center model was surviving a week of LeBron throwdowns.)

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50 thoughts on “From CRIPS to NBA STAR? The Story of DeMar DeRozan”

  1. It’s no wonder he never went back to L.A or signed with one of those teams. He doesn’t want to get no where near those gangsters

  2. Does he really earn 27 million a year. You telling me he earns 2.5 million dollars a month. That shit sounds like bullshit. Cristiano Ronaldo earns similar and he is way more famous than this guy

  3. this is a bullshit ass video white people need to stay off anything having to do with black people their culture and any history of black people whether collectively or individual.

  4. Just to add to the video, which I didn’t make clear enough. He is NOT a gang member. He just happens to rep the crips. I added in the description some sources showing that DeRozan may represent the crips. You guys can connect the dots, my fault for making this not clear enough. But, the evidence I showed, he definitely has some form of ties to them. He ain’t no criminal, I never said that. He obviously never participated in any criminal activity. I’m not a fan of any gangs, don’t get me wrong, but I for one don’t give af if he likes to represent them.

  5. Humble? He has Blessed One tattooed on his hand. Even if his grandmother called him that in place of his name it is anything but humble to tattoo it on your hand. Why wouldn’t he get his grandmas name instead? He believed his own hype. He isn’t humble.

  6. Boy how you gonna make him look like a inspiration when he openly supports and brags about having ties to a gang! Those gangs ruin countless people lives and commit tons of crime. Much more inspirational would be Jimmy Butler, Wardle Curry, Or Dwayne Wade. Those guys didn’t do anything wrong they were just born into rough situations they got themselves out of!

  7. I now have a whole new perspective and respect for Demar derozan, i have always liked him but i like him even more now!!!

  8. How’s that "Crips took care of hif, defended him". From whom? Themselves? Joke. So basically they decided they are going to hurt anyone but not those who they see as a value to them.
    What about that less talented kids from the same block who also loved to play basketball, but weren’t athletic enough to dunk at 12? They were not worthy of their "protection"? Fuck this fucking video, gang is a gang, criminals ruining communities. Nothing more to this. DeMar has a Stockholm syndrome.

  9. You’re funny , you jock his nuts because he’s affiliated with a gang ? Lmao funny little guy ain’t cha .

  10. If you true to ya set you can’t get jumped out. You just stopped hanging around them, but ya can’t get out of a gang actually.

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