27 thoughts on “From a Gas Station to the NHL | Accurate Hockey Stories”

  1. Great video, got so much motivation and small tips for my training! And that would be cool if yoy could do that shopping video too

  2. Hey Zac love your videos thank you so much. Right now I’m playing on the junior varsity hockey team at my high school. I’m 14 years old and am 1 of only 4 freshman to make the team. From what I’ve heard it sounds like the path to any of the Junior hockey leagues is AAA. Is it still possible to go from high school hockey to junior leagues like NA3HL, NAHL, or even USHL? My ultimate goal is to play in a junior hockey league and I want to know what else I need to do to achieve my goal. Thanks

  3. Love your channel zak. Your tips and videos help me get the motivation I need to get to my potential level. This year I got cut from the A/AA team but I’m working my but off in order to make that team my passion has grown for the sport since then. I actually quit baseball after playing since I was four (I’m now 13) because I wanted to play summer hockey! I missed hockey that much! That I quit a sport that I love to train and work hard on the stuff I need to fix! Thanks.

  4. these are amazing!!! they are helping me out so much! if it’s not too much work for you, keep doing these! they are amazing thanks so much!

  5. Hi Zac, loved this video! Lately during scrimmages I’ve been feeling like my legs don’t have any juice left really quickly when I’m in the defensive zone and trying to cover my man. How could I improve my leg endurance for quick stops and starts in different directions?

  6. Hey Zac, I’m 16 and play high school hockey I work so hard everyday on and off the ice. I’m doing my best but it just doesn’t seem to be paying off I also play other sports do you think that could be a contributing factor?

  7. What workouts do you recommend with access to a squat rack, bench press, free weights (dumb bells), and pretty much everything a standard gym would have. But what workouts or plans do you think would be suitable for D3 High School Hockey training?

  8. it would be unreal if you could get a video with a Nhl defenceman that is smaller in stature like Ryan Ellis or Kris Russell kinda thing just to show how much harder the had to work to get where they are today!!! other then that I live what your doing with your channel and you are an inspiration for me to become a better person and hockey player!

  9. "If coach says do 6, then find a way to sneak in 7 without him noticing. You don’t tell anyone. You just do it."

  10. RMU? Dang man! I go to the games all of the time! Hell thats terrible and they had a good season those years. Extremely motivational and driving. Good luck in the future Christian!

  11. Hey Zac, I’ve watched everyone of your videos and they’ve helped me tremendously. It’s really helped me more than any other hockey YouTube channel I always give 100% when I go out on the ice and this channel has really reinstated the reason why I do that thanks

  12. I’m from Poland there is the low level of hockey ,but a watch your videos and I learns a lot about practice and mental aspect of the game . I take my game on the next level ! Thank you Zack .

  13. Thanks for watching everyone, I hope this interview helps. Make sure to thank Christian for coming on the show. Hit him up on Instagram or Twitter. Also, if you watched the WHOLE interview let me know what your favorite part was below.

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