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We are proud to present ALWAY5: The Ryan Dungey Story. From a kid with a dream to a 9-time champion, this documentary provides you a seem at Ryan’s phenomenal job. It tells the story of a established and driven athlete and his journey from a modest town in Minnesota to turning out to be a motocross legend.

No. five Exide Batteries Toyota
Photographs from the Car Club 500 race weekend at the Car Club Speedway in Fontana, California – February 20th – February 22nd, 2009

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By Valli_Hilaire on 2009-02-21 13:50:59

We are all in this life on the Earth at this time collectively, generating a story that fits within our current consciousness. As society has designed, the story of the human race has grow to be limited to how else to break down Mom Earth in purchase to maintain on surviving. There is more tension and strain on the planet now than ever before, and the worst is nevertheless to come. We are moving into this up coming section of time which will be filled with more destruction, personalized and impersonal than ever just before, and a higher reduction of lifestyle than any other time on the planet. There is no cause to hide in the closet, but a lot more reason than ever before to come out and celebrate the presents inside of you and all about you from the Earth and life that you have created.

The Earth does not go round from the energy we produce through the world wide web, railroads, vehicles or airplane. We make the Earth what it is, and consider from it what we like until 1 day, it all runs out and we give up our inability to have, do or be adequate to dwell up to society’s standards. We have run away from our private light in purchase to create the shadow of the human race and disharmonize our bodies with the natural order of life. We see this in the weight problems epidemic, in people’s inability to absorb and assimilate all that daily life has to supply, and so deeply wounded, that they are unable to consciously heal. We see this in our schools with kids building a higher percentage of finding out disabilities, that is, an inability to get in what is currently being taught. Now, feel about it for a second, if mothers and fathers aren’t assimilating, kids aren’t studying, do you believe there could possibly be a purpose or coincidence there?

Could there be anything in the foods program that has caused this disorder and distress to bombard us at this time? Or is it just a loved ones concern, lack of training or luck? What if all the physicians in the planet gave up contemplating they know how to treat everybody and advised people to go residence and lick their wounds and discover to really like themselves! What we have right here is a loss of love in the loved ones, society, planet inviting us to evolve past our current unconscious energy struggle into a aware society-and thereby world-a single person at a time. The planet was not created in a day, but the way out is not to flip away from the destruction, but turn out to be mindful of what we do that brings about us and our planet power loss and decide to come collectively to adore a single yet another by way of the ache as if we are only as robust as our weakest hyperlink.

What is our responsibility as a unique and personal thread inside of the cosmic consciousness of our planet?

You invitation to inhabit your existence completely begins now with a poem by Jane Hooper called Please Come Home.

Please come residence. Please come home.
Discover the place exactly where your feet know exactly where to walk
And comply with your own trail house.

Please come house. Please come house into your own entire body,
Your personal vessel, your own earth.
Please come home into each and every and each and every cell,
And completely into the room that surrounds you.

Please come home. Please come home to trusting oneself,
And your instincts and your approaches and your knowings,
And even the specific quirks of your personality.
Please come residence. Please come home and once you are
firmly there,
Please stay awhile and come to a deep rest inside.
Please treasure your house. Please adore and embrace your residence.
Please get a deep, deep sense of what it is like to be actually home.

Please come home. Please come house.
And when you happen to be truly, actually prepared,
And there’s a detectable urge on the outbreath, then please
come out.
Please come house and please come forward.
Please express who you are to us, and please believe in us
To see you and hear you and touch you
And understand you as ideal we can.

Please come house. Please come house and let us know
All the nooks and crannies that are calling to be observed.
Please come property, and allow us know the Much more
That is there that would like to come out.

Please come residence. Please come residence.
For you belong right here now. You belong amongst us.
Please inhabit your spot fully so we can find out from you,
From your voice and your techniques and your presence.

Please come residence. Please come home.
And when you really feel by yourself house, please welcome us too,
For we as well fail to remember that we belong and are welcome,
And that we are referred to as to express completely who we are.

Please come residence. Please come house.
You and you and you and me.

Please come residence. Please come home.
Thank you, Earth, for welcoming us.
And thank you touch of eyes and ears and skin,
Touch of love for welcoming us.

May we wake up and remember who we really are.

Please come property.
Please come home.
Please come home.

This is your invitation to produce a radiant lifestyle from deep within oneself. There lies a messenger in you with a story that is currently being lived through you. When you get out of the way and allow your light to shine, moving away from limiting ideas of who and what you are and towards a life of self-expression, and the things that carry you into the current minute, you become radiant and permit other people to shine as by no means prior to. Life awakens when you make the decision to believe in you intuition and move past your concern into effectively-currently being, faith and simplicity as if each and every new day supplied you the opportunity to step into your following level of greatness.

Waller McInnes is a existence coach, writer, yoga and meditation instructor and founder of Develop Radiance–offering coaching, personalized meditations, courses, workshops and advice to awaken to your existence and shine. Her services and products are made to unwind the Entire body, release the Mind and restore the Soul. Go to for far more info and her website for inspiring techniques to stick to your inner vision. Call 615-618-6556 to book a telephone consultation and get a customized meditation for cost-free.

24 thoughts on “Fox MX | ALWAY5 | The Ryan Dungey Story”

  1. A motocross and supercross legend. He is my idol and a feel so bad that Dungey retires from supercross and motocross but I also feel so good for him, for his career, his trajectory and for being who he is and not becoming someone else because the fame.
    Hope Ryan Dugey gets what he wants. He is my best motocross motivation???

  2. Truly sad to see him retire but I’m glad he is doing it on his own terms and happiness. You are a legend Dungey. My 3yr old son started racing last summer and I hope he sticks with it as hard as you did.

  3. Great film about Dungey’s career. Truly a class act for the sport, and someone for young riders to look up too.

  4. Thank You Fox Racing for this Great Video of One of the Greatest Riders I have ever seen The Fox Brand has been in My life since the 70’s Seems I made a good choice also

  5. I met him at supercross in Arlington 2016… he was such a cool dude. His dad. His mom. His wife they were all sitting outside they’re rv and he went out of his way to get up and sign my brothers hat. He went inside to grab him a jersey but I guess management said he couldn’t because he came outside with it and someone came up to him and he went back inside then just ended up taking pictures. Been my idol since I seen him on tv 5 years ago.

  6. A motocross tear jerker for sure you can’t ever hate a guy with that kind of determination glad I got to grow up witnessing history

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