4 Disturbing Real Playground Horror Stories

Horror can strike even in the most innocent of places.. These are 4 stories that consider area in public & backyard playgrounds.

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4th story was added final minute, but the author wished to remain anonymous anyway.

If you want to send me a individual Real story of yours, please send it to me through e mail. I will not go through anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar, so all I inquire is that you make them neat and understandable.

American Horror Story
Welcome my buddies, have a mint julep and check out my deceased relatives…lol

Actually this is one of the houses in the William L. Finley Nationwide Wildlife Refuge in Oregon all jacked up in Photoshop.
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50 thoughts on “four Disturbing Real Playground Horror Stories”

  1. "Huge wooden playground" that is Castle Park/Wooden Castle, Adelaide, South Australia, I fucking love that place, it is actually so big, a part got burnt down almost, so it’s all brown except for a white and red tower

  2. One time for the boys and they are going on their way home to the gym right after the appointment so I️ is the morning

  3. I love ur vids but I wud prefer u 2 upload more frequently bcuz they really r awesome 2 watch… keep up da good work ??

  4. U know what’s the scariest thing about the playground

    When some one randomly asks if u wanna play with them ummmm I don’t even know u?!

  5. I’m 14 and live with my parents. And of course I have to watch this at night when I’m home alone and there’s a park across the street

  6. I have a story I’d like to submit. One night I woke up for no reason and was incredibly cold, I say up and looked around the room. In the corner was a woman with dripping wet hair and she took one step towards me and disappeared. I’m 15….and live near three lakes.

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