Permanently Alone: A Valentines Day Tale

Pleased VALENTINES DAY! and to people like me, Happy SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!

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The UnValentine : “Think of a day that describes Valentine’s day and rhymes with cupid.”
It’s good to lastly have a guide out.…

&quot&quotExactly mid-way by means of the frigid month of February A day is celebrated by the dumb and ordinary. And all about me, notes are passed by idiots and stupids– Packed tight with sugar-mottoed hearts and naked pudgy cupids. This ritual, carried out underneath heart-shaped, crimson flag, Does absolutely absolutely nothing for me, but to make me gag!&quot
View On Black
Written by Sam Beeson.
Paintings by me. 🙂


Told in verse, the story is of younger Lily and her distaste for the complete Valentine’s Day hoopla till she meets a boy in her class who appears to locate it equally distasteful. I believed the story was a cute a single but the best things about the book was the artwork. I identified it delightfully macabre in a way. I think Lily reminds me of a blond Wednesday from the Addam’s Loved ones. The total book is like a Valentine’s Day gift from Tim Burton. ( )
icedream | Feb two, 2008 |
This is a wonderful guide. The illustrations are lovely, the poem cute but not sappy, and the sentiment is best. I was entirely taken with the detail on each web page and in every single drawing. This is a ideal minor book for the little piece of all of us who secrectly (or not secretly) hates Valentine’s Day. ( )
ElizabethEWS | Feb two, 2008 |

There are two ways to strategy this little volume. The very first is as a sumptuous, prolonged-type Valentine-card-with-character. As this kind of, it succeeds superbly.

The other alternative would be to method this as an actual guide. In which case, you get a cloying and patronizing tale of a contemporary-day Harriet the Spy, documenting in her notebook her disdain for her schoolmates’ Valentine’s Day dither. Nevertheless, she’s simply a bitter wallflower! For when she receives her very own Valentine—from a disaffected, pseudo-goth boy—she turns into a Valentine’s Day Booster, and we near with a shot of her and her beau running hand-in-hand collectively by means of a area of…

…dead grass. (I have to admit, I do like the illustrator’s sense of humor.)

Method it as a Valentine’s Card. And if you are going to give it to a person who’s really disaffected with the day, make sure to graffiti it first.
sanguinity | Jan 31, 2008 |

The poetry inside the 32 webpage book describes a tween named Lily. A blond, blue-eyed, pigtailed girl dressed basically in the superb paintings by Jesse Draper, and is described by Mr. Beeson as &quotsour&quot and that she &quotdidn’t feel in adore.&quot He then describes her anti-love positions and her particularly virulent hatred of Valentines Day (it makes her &quotgag&quot).

Then, in true Valentines Day fashion, she receives a wadded up note of poetry from a kindred soul, a BOY named Ray! And really like blooms between this anti-really like pair, proving as soon as again, enjoy conquers all.

The final 3 pages of the guide are actual Valentines. Or must I say UnValentines. Two to a page, with perforations in the middle, the fonts are reproductions of the paintings in the guide. On the back is a superb UnValentine statement. Extremely novel and helpful.

The guide is present-book sized, made to fit on the greeting card rack. Priced at $twelve.95 US, it fits in with the other gift-books and yet is undoubtedly not your typical sugary poetry book. The paintings are also extremely reasonable and when combined with the Victorian typefaces and adornments lend an air of elegance to the whole package deal. Overall I am reminded of Chas. Addams’ cartoons in the New Yorker and the superb loved ones he produced in the kind of ironic humor attempted. All in all an intelligent get on a holiday that is all too often inducing of a diabetic coma.

Get it for individuals you do not really like. The UnValentine by Sam Beeson, paintings by Jesse Draper.

posted also on:
Speechguy | Jan thirty, 2008

Lily does not think in enjoy. Within her journal she chronicles her intolerance of cutesy Valentines and mocks the idiots who send them. Yes, Lily doesn’t think in love UNTIL… you will have to select up this Gothic inspired tale, as I’ll not give away it’s fantastic strategies.

So significantly can be said for this tiny guide: imaginative, expressive, and heartening. The artwork, by Jesse Draper, is wonderful. I cannot wait to send out the Valentines integrated in the back!

This guide may possibly be marketed to the basic public, but as a former secondary educator, I can guarantee this story will be a huge hit with the teen crowd. Guys, if you want to score factors with your girl, skip the flower shop and head more than to the bookstore.

Ultimately, a classic for this sorely unrepresented holiday.
Tasses | Jan 28, 2008 |

Copyright Jesse Draper
By Jesse Draper on 2008-01-10 11:24:01

The month of February brings Valentines Day, the beautiful occasion devoted to love. This is the holiday of adore,romance and attractiveness. For the past couple of centuries, it had been the day for romantic celebrations. In the existing age, it has turn into a vacation for absolutely everyone.

Valentines Day is not only a holiday for lovers, it is an event for all men and women. It is a time celebrated by children as nicely as grownups.

Foods is an integral component of Valentines Day celebrations, considerably like other holidays. In the US and elsewhere, Valentines Day witnesses fervid festivities that contain preparation of a great deal of foods. It has turn out to be a customized for folks to acquire and present candies, chocolates and cakes. While several Valentines Day celebrants go for getting these meals, several also enjoy generating these at home. Several people enjoy to throw a Valentines Day feast making cookies, cakes, cupcakes, truffles and other food items at home.

Observing a Valentines Day party at home is really well-liked in western nations. Several hosts use a Valentines Day party as a splendid possibility to shock their visitors with their culinary abilities. It is one more explanation why Valentines Day recipes have gained better reputation.

A whole lot of individuals look for Valentines Day recipes to make mouthwatering dishes simply to give a deal with to their close friends, parents, lovers and spouses. Many extended household members meet up throughout this event to have enjoyable with every other. Meals include the right festive note to such family members Valentines Day celebrations.

Holiday fun is just incomplete with out excellent Valentines Day dishes. Vegetarian as nicely as non vegetarian cuisines are cooked up during the event. Chocolate cakes, butter cookies, butter biscuits, roasted chicken and lamb cuisines are some of the most well-known dishes for Valentines Day celebrations. Such is the attraction of these food items that even these who do not enjoy celebrating Valentines Day are not able to resist making or enjoying lip-smacking cuisines in the course of the vacation.

If you are looking for good Valentines Day recipes, you can get a very good assortment at

~ Have a lip-smacking time,
Madhumita Roy.

Madhumita Roy is the writer of self-aid life-style content articles and the proprietor of web sites and You can stick to her on Twitter at @mroy39.

80 thoughts on “Forever Alone: A Valentines Day Tale”

  1. Roses are red grass is green, climb into my bed if you know what I mean?

    I will follow you forever, across the border… if not for that restraining order.

  2. I’ve got nobody to celebrate valentine’s day with for like… whole my life. xD
    Never got something.
    And I don’t really care about valentine’s day. =o
    Spent today in th gym, boxing. =p
    Kay,bye. =D

  3. I think valentines day is a corporate holiday made to scam the people, but I’m not saying i don’t wish I could celebrate it with someone.

  4. You are incredible Jesse! I cannot believe how good of an artist you are! I am a tiny bit jealous, but a good jealous, not a bad jealous 🙂

  5. Yes Cory,
    this is what I am showing these days. 🙂

    Currently I’m building up a body of work for galleries, but it’s slow going.

  6. Kayleigh we your fans,love you everyday,every minute and every second,you’re beautiful you’re cute and you’re funny i mean,who wouldn’t love you on first sight you’re a cute princess.If you’re alone or with someone,we will always love you and we”ll always make our best to make you smile.

  7. Not sure if it’s any concelation but I’m sure there are plenty of forever aloners whom are drooling right now!

  8. beautiful book…your work is lovely…amazing really.

    PS: I LOVE Valentine’s Day and passing love notes and such

  9. I agree with you, if you love someone you should show it all the time, you dont need a special day every year when you do something special. Because if you really love someone, every day with them are special.

  10. 3 years alone too i almost got a date for this year but then this morning she got pissed i didn’t buy her anything… we were only dating 5 days and she expected diamonds movie and a dinner… Don’t blame ya but i’m not technically spending it alone… i got my xbox controller!

  11. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called My Stars!, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

    Super awesome!! I’m so extremely happy for you. And proud of you. Wow. You rock!

    Your Photo is invited to
    My Stars!

  12. I’m broke as hell and emotionally bankrupt. You can go on thy dates, I’ll just go shoot some squirrels…

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