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As we have pointed out before, we’d take on a prank over a date any day of the year. But at times, we gotta express that weird and uncomfortable Really like feeling… And it usually happens in the strangest circumstances ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Enjoy Waterfall
The name of this waterfall is Thác Tình Yêu, or Really like. Its name originates from a legendary love story that has been told to generations in this land. The story tells that long time ago, this waterfall was the bathing place of fairies from heaven. 1 day, a fairy was mesmerized by flute sounds of a young boy close to the fall, so she spent every evening listening to his melodies. Not extended time after, her parents came to know the secret, and forbade her from coming back to the fall. The passionate fairy transformed herself to a bird so that she could live with her really like forever.
By Shawn Harquail on 2017-09-09 ten:06:41

Possessing worked as an agony aunt and writer for more than thirty years I am in the best circumstance to assist you with your story.

Regardless of whether it is health-related, emotional, sad, content, romantic, it does not matter. So lengthy as it is one thing that numerous other people would be fascinated to read.

Most journalists are desperate to get hold of your story and turn it into a money spinner for themselves. Frequently they will offer you peanuts for your story and then go on to sell it for a excellent deal far more than they paid for it.

The purpose I am more appropriate for you is that I am an agony aunt. Dedicated to caring about men and women. Yes I am a writer also but the caring side of my nature is extremely powerful.

And as I am nearly retired I am not desperate to make money.  I have paid off my property and have no debts and just function a small.  In reality I turned away a lot of income when I chose to retire, so that proves that funds is not the be all and finish all to me.

I will put your happiness and welfare very first.  I will not allow you to sell your story where you will regret it later or where you are underpaid.

And I have knowledge of dealing with journalists who tried to exploit me or underpay me, so I do know what I am undertaking!

If you are interested then you can contact me by going to my e mail address and sending me an email telling me your age, something about you and your story.  If it is genuine and appropriate I will get back with free of charge guidance on how to proceed. That advice is totally free and with no obligation and is about you feeling better ,not me creating funds out of  you.  If it is a truly great and appropriate story then we will go on from there. You will then make a decision if you want to proceed, there is no obligation, you may possibly prefer to leave it, which would be fine. The essential issue is to really feel right about it and get closure if you have been by way of a undesirable expertise.

My email address – without the spaces  is  feisty sensible lady  @ aol  . com.  My employees will pass on any replies to me.

Take care.

Worked as a full-time, self employed, specialist writer, clairvoyant, therapist, life coach and relationship expert for many years, with famous consumers, newspaper articles and gives of radio and tv operate.

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