5 Saddest YouTuber Draw My Life Videos

From Loved ones Deaths to suicide attempts we count the 5 Saddest YouTuber Draw My Life Videos

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GayGod Draw my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV8969WCQGU

By Do not fry leeks,please/郭夾尾不炒韭菜 on 2008-05-22 15:37:22
tags What fools indeed we mortals are
To lavish care upon a Car,
With ne’er a bit of time to see
About our personal machinery!
– John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922), American author, editor and satirist.

Indeed, we care about and for automobiles far more than we care for ourselves. And typically, the initial thing we care about is the brand, symbolized by the logo. Some of these car logos are famous all through the world, instantly recognizable at a moments notice. The Mercedes Benz 3-pointed star, the Ferrari prancing horse, the Chevrolet bow-tie – they represent the brand wherever there merchandise are identified. Here, we present the not-so-effectively-identified stories behind some of these effectively-identified logos, in no certain order. We have intentionally not integrated logos that are self-explanatory, such as those that contain the name (or initial) of the brand – Ford, Honda, etc.

1. Mercedes Benz: Two German auto manufacturers, Benz &amp Cie. and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, merged in 1928 providing rise to Daimler Benz Co. The well-known three-starred logo was originally designed by Gottlieb Daimler in 1909, and subsequently featured on Daimler Benz vehicles. Soon after Daimlers death, his companion, Wilhelm Maybach, took over the firm and sold a lot of Daimler automobiles to wealthy businessman Emile Jellinek, who later bankrolled development of a new line of vehicles named after his daughter Mercedes. Therefore, the name. The logo is supposed to represent the brands domination of the land, the sea, and the air.

2. Ferrari: The famous Cavallino Rampante or prancing horse logo has its origins in a possibility meeting in between business founder Enzo Ferrari and Countess Paolina, mother of Count Francesco Baracca who had been an ace of the Italian air force and employed to paint a horse on the side of his planes. The Countess asked Ferrari to paint a horse on his cars for luck. The black colour was employed to symbolize grief at Baraccas death in action even though the yellow color represented his birthplace of Modena.

three. Chevrolet: The Chevrolet bow-tie logo is one of the simplest, yet most effectively-known corporate symbols in the world. It was initial employed in 1913 and there are conflicting stories on its origin. Even though 1 theory goes that it was inspired by a wallpaper pattern observed by co-founder William Durant, an additional says that it represents a Swiss cross in a homage to the origins of the other co-founder Louis Chevrolet. Incidentally, Durant had founded Basic Motors ahead of he was forced out and established Chevrolet.

four. Dodge: The brand has a new logo since this year, but most folks still identify it with the rams head logo. The logo 1st appeared as a hood ornament in the 1930s. The ram was chosen for its ruggedness, some thing Dodges have usually attempted to portray. In fact, so common did the logo grow to be that Dodge trucks began to be known as Rams. These days, it is still used for the spun-off Ram brand.

5. Buick: Not many know that Buick is the oldest American automobile manufacturer. Founded in 1899 by David Dunbar Buick, it was later acquired by William Durant and became the centerpiece of the Basic Motors conglomerate. The logo was originally a single shield representing Buicks ancestral coat of arms. In 1960, the single shield was replaced by a trio in red, white and blue representing the three cars then in the Buick steady – the LeSabre, Invicta, and Electra.

6. Maserati: This Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer was established in 1914 by the 5 Maserati brothers Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto, in the town of Bologna. The trident logo was created by an artist and is based on a sculpture in the Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune) at Bologna. Neptune is the Roman God of the Seas and is represented with a trident in his hand.

7. Mitsubishi: The Mitsubishi brand of cars is member of a bigger conglomerate that started life as a shipping firm in 1914 and is named soon after the Japanese words for 3 diamonds (“mitsu” which means “3” and “bishi” meaning water caltrops, also rhomboidal like diamonds). Consequently, the origin of the logo becomes clear.

eight. Subaru: The name of the firm is really the Japanese translation of the Pleiades star cluster, which also means to gather collectively. Subaru is a division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). The name refers to the five organizations that joined forces (Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, Omiya Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiya Sharyo and Tokyo Fuji Sangyo) to form FHI. The logo represents the cluster.

9. Mazda: The firm derives its name from the Persian God Ahura Mazda as nicely as the name of the founder Jujiro Matsuda. The stylized M logo, also identified as the owl logo, represents Mazda stretching its wings for the future. It may also represent Ahura Mazda, who is often depicted by a flying sun-disk.

10. Audi: The companys name is primarily based on the surname of the founder August Horch, meaning listen – which, when translated into Latin, becomes Audi. Horch had initially founded Horch Automobil-Werke, from where he was forced out before founding Audi in 1899. In 1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer, to kind Auto Union. The Audi logo of 4 intersecting rings represents this merger. Its resemblance to the Olympic logo triggered the International Olympic Committee to sue Audi in 1995.

11. Pontiac: GM may have declared its intent to phase out the Pontiac brand by the finish of 2010, but its arrowhead logo continues to be very visible on American roads. The brand was named following Native American leader Chief Pontiac who led a struggle against British occupation in the 18th century. Although the earliest Pontiac logo depicted by a Native American chiefs headdress, it was updated in 1957 to the currently utilized American Indian red arrowhead design, also recognized as the Dart.

12. BMW: Rounding off this list is drivers preferred BMW. The abbreviation stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Performs). The two-layered circular BMW logo, also described as a roundel, has been interpreted to represent a spinning propeller, considering the firm began as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. The white and blue colors represent the official flag of Bavaria, a state in Germany exactly where BMW originated.

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50 thoughts on “five Saddest YouTuber Draw My Life Videos”

  1. Where is SuperMarioLogan? He got diagnosed with a deadly disease and met a friend in hospital, his friend had cancer and Logan became good friends with him. One day his friend passed away.

  2. Well I’ve had a lot of low points and a lot of high points in my life. I think one of the lowest points was grade 10,I got into a relationship with this girl. It turned very abusive, very fast. This went on and off for a course of 5 years, until finally on the fourth year back in 2015 I told her where to go. It was a very confusing year for myself, I was trying to figure myself out. I got into a relationship with this boy that spring, I’m pretty sure it was just a rebound, but I still thank him dearly for what he did. Back in 2016 was the year I finally figured out myself worth, I figured out that I was better then what I was called, I was beautiful, handsome and was allowed to express myself the way I wanted. Then 2017 came along and I’ll admit it was a fucked up year, I think it was one of the worst years of my life. I meet a man, at the beginning of the year and we got into relationship. It tunes out he was a girl that I had liked for about four years. I had no problem that he was Trans, he gave me a ring and it seemed golden. My great grandmother who had a big influence on my life died of cancer, my family on my Mom’s side threw me out because I didn’t take there narsisictic ways; and my Christmas gift was my boyfriend breaking up with me.

    It’s why my New Years resolution is to make this my year, make it about myself, my goals, my growth, and just be true to me. I shall and will. #make2018amazing

  3. I can relate so much on Mark’s story. My Aapa (grandpa) died of cancer. He couldn’t speak because there was tubes down on his throat to clear the liquid in his lungs. I stood by him till the end of his suffering.

  4. The hardest thing that happens to me in my life was when my grandpa passed away, in 2016, we were really close, had some fun adventures together and he even saved me through some trouble with my parents, later that day, I was still walking home from school, 30m passed to and hour maybe, When I slept and woke up the moment my mom comes home, she cried in tears and I wanted to know what was going on and what was the problem, I heard that my grandpa passed away when he wanted to talk to me for the last time… 🙁 this made me shed some tears every time I see a kid with his grandpa anywhere in the world, but I’m happy and proud he gave me those happy moments of my life together when he was still alive….

  5. I feel sad now because now im adopted by my aunt because my mom would always get drunk and get depressed and at that time my dad left and it’s sad because my mom left me and my four siblings at a sleepover and never came back.

  6. well…i never new my dad so one day i looked back in my baby book and i found out i actually had one…hes name is Bengerman Rubio…when i soon realized that was his name i started to ask questions to my mom and nana. And they said that hes worthless, he was never there for me, and that hell always never ever be my father. i brock down to the floor after and started to cry and bawl. This is hard to say to all of you guys. I hope i get to see him someday…thank you for reading. If you have any hard times in life plz commet down under my name and #hopefullyigettoseemydad

  7. the hardest part of my life is when my mom and my dad split up and blamed me for it my mom and my dad said i knew we should of used protection and said that i was a worthless peice of sh*t and that they should of just had an abortion and none of it would of happened

  8. My mom just died of cancer and I want to be a youtuber and my mom’s last words were the same as marks dad’s

  9. i saw mark and i already know all about his life but i watched anyway and i still cried. i always do. hes my hero and i love him.

  10. i was sleeping in the morning my dad came other and told me my grandpa died he didn’t no why i was crying still for 10 days my dad went to his funeral it was for 2 days he came back i was realy realy realy sad. In my old school i fit in perfect but then i got bullied it carried on sinse the 4 day of school i moved school i fit in now i have got lots of friends i still get hurt fellings

  11. I know this is suppose to be a top 5 sad draw my life Video but dat one scene with the sound had me laughing it’s at 2:55

  12. Unlike almost everyone in our culture everyone defend the victim of bullying. So I was never bullied.
    The real sadness comes from the moment that I realized how people look at children with devorced parents which is again odd in "our culture" then I realized I’m asexual so for a teenager with alot of hormones it was odd.
    Then at the age of 15 I had to choose a major and as you don’t know choosing science was a prestige by the time and I chose literature and yet again in "the eyes of society" literature grads. Where failures to society.
    Life wasn’t hard for me because I ignored the hate I got and kept going.
    My family torn to shreds at that time so I turned heartless and couldn’t feel the smallest amount of soul in myself.
    I was allways the roll of watcher in life’s theater and just wrote it down and stored it.
    I was allways the watcher and never played my life.

  13. I always try to convince my uncle not to smoke cus I’m afraid he might get sick or get lung cancer
    Like if you been trough the same

  14. The sadist thing in my life is that just maybe 2or3 month’s ago my mum died. and my dad am not aloud to see BC he beats be so I now movied school and movies in with my granny who is supporting on my chiseling like YouTube and my channel

  15. I know this video is old so no one does this anymore but I went thru a tough time. I actually just recently moved from the only home that I’ve ever known. I had to leave my sister and my friends behind. I honestly didn’t think that losing my friends was that big of a deal compared to losing my sister who was my best friend. I’ve also tried to kill myself in the past but I didn’t have it in me to do it knowing all the hurt that would be left when I die. I just wanted to share and vent it out. Not that anyone cares. Bye

  16. The saddest part of my life started about 2 years ago you see I’m an alcoholic have been ever since I was twelve but it really got bad about two years ago when I first moved out on my own and where I moved too I didn’t really know anybody so I was kinda isolated and the only thing that brought me happiness was alcohol so I began getting black out drunk every night and apparently when I would blackout I would be really mean too my friends on skype and they put up with it for awhile but eventually I got tired of saying mean things too my friends so I pretty much stopped talking to them because I couldn’t stop drinking but I didn’t want to hurt them anymore which led to me being isolated even further and eventually it got to the point where I just didn’t wanna live anymore so for about 4 months I tried to kill myself via alcohol poisoning every day and night because I thought that it would be right to die by alcohol sense I lived by it but the thing was I would just blackout and pass out so I would wake up and immediately start trying to drink myself to death because I felt like I had done so much wrong to so many people I cared a lot about that I just needed to stop existing I also felt like I couldn’t be happy in anything anymore, I just wanted the suffering to end and I honestly couldn’t see a future of any happiness for me and during that time my grandmother died which made my depression worse and then one day I awoke in a hospital you see the night before I hade managed to drink way more than I usually could and I also downed a whole bottle of pain pills and when I came to in the hospital all I could say was why can’t I just die while crying my eyes out the hospital sent me to a mental hospital which got me into a rehab and that place has saved my life and holds a special place in my hart it’s been about nine months sense then and I’ve been sober ever sense and during my time sober I’ve helped a lot of people who where contemplating suicide and also alcoholics get to the place where they can get help they needed. If you are contemplating suicide please get help from someone and I know it’s hard but please get help because life is such a beautiful thing and I think that you should have the opportunity to see how beautiful it can be it’s gonna be tough and it’s gonna feel like you can’t do it but when you finally get the chance to see how amazing it can be it’ll be worth it.

  17. im my school there is this boy called gavin hes been callled fat gross gay, just because he looks different, kids would only play with him just to tease how slow he is at tag, every time the girls would scream whenever he came near us, i was pretty ashamed cause i was apart of it too, tbh he was a pretty gross kid but once someone pushed him to the ground and slapped hi threw rocks at him his sister tried to afend him at school, but that made her abusive to other children, im sorry gavin. *very true stor4y no joke*

  18. The worst part of my life is when my parents got a divorce and I sunk into a hole of depression while barley ever being able to see the only thing that really mattered to me in my life. My dad. He was so important to me and because of the divorce he started having suicidal thoughts. This scared me really bad and I was super scared that I would my dad. I’m 12 years old now and these problems haven’t disappeared quite yet. I’m still trying to stay away from falling in a pit of suicidal thoughts but it’s easier said than done.

  19. On your video top ten kids shows in real life family guy is not a kid show I was going to tell you on the video but the comments were turned off

  20. When i was little, i went to ACAC summer camp and after school. There, fat shaming was almost encouraged. People would even try to harm large people, and being one of those people, it tore at my heart. One day, the bullies (almost all the kids over the age of 9) were bullying one of my best friends, cough ally cough and ohh did it piss us off. But after what happened to her, my other friend was too scared to help. i didn’t blame her, though, she was also "overweight" and physically bullied sometimes. So i went to help, and as we ran away, they screamed at us things like, "go to he*l", and "You will probably die from diabetes".

    The only thing that kept me from falling into depression was my friend, Quin. We told each other everything, except i never told her what i was going through, how much my heart ached and bruised, until one day. Out during recess, we were playing hide and seek, when my heart had had enough. i broke down to tears. Quinn found me and was shocked when i told her what was going on. she ran off, and i thought that was it, but then she came back. The care and compassion i got from her was more powerful than any heart ache or punch in the stomach.

    Since, many terrible things have happened, sure, but many good things too. Quinn now lives far away, but I made more friends.

    Do not pity me. It’s the past now. I rose above all these challenges, emerged.
    I am now a warrior who fights (not literally) for others’ freedom from the chains of pain of the past, and stands up for those who can’t.

    for all the bullied, abused, forgotten out there, together we can rise above this hate, and emerge from sorrow.

    We all will become warriors.

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