5 True Zombie Stories

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The list Contains *Spoilers*

five – Michael Terron Daniel – Eats Neighbours Dog
4 – Felica Felix Mentor – Haiti
3 – Florida Keys Zombie Outbreak
two – Tana Toraja – Walking Dead
1 – Miami Zombie – Rudy Eugene

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grand view of the ruined city

What will you do to survive day zero? An immersive urban survival function-play community – urban survival adult story roleplay infected zombie undead rural dystopian walking dead post apoc role-play sex forced fantasy urban noir

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By ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ on 2015-02-19 22:22:19
tags Zombies are monsters which are hungry for brains. They are the walking deads who are typically the victims of a fictional pandemic illness causing the dead to to reanimate. They grow to be common with the modern horror fiction generally with the scenarios describing a breakdown of civilization occurring when most of the population turn out to be flesh-eating zombies.

One of the most often asked query about zombies is if they really exist or not. Some men and women genuinely believe that they are exist, but some of them see them as a myth. But it is properly identified that with the use of poisonous drugs, people can be put in a zombie-like trance state.

Zombies, who are frequently hosted by film and literature circles in recent years, are now a component of scientific investigation. The subject of the new study about zombies is “Who would win the war if there was an outbreak of a war among zombies and people? The result of this investigation carried out in Canada is that if there actually had been zombies, if not intervened very speedily, a zombie attack could bring the end of the civilization.

In these films, computer games and books, zombies appear as walking dead bodies and transform other folks to zombies by bites. In this study, the zombie attack is deemed as a rapidly spreading deadly infection and a zombie attack model is developed based on the biological assumptions of these popular motion pictures. Despite the fact that the researchers give individuals the possibility to fight by deciding on only the slow moving zombies, catching or improving them only delayed the inevitable end.

According to experts, the important difference amongst the spread of infection and actual zombies is the fact that zombies can be back to life again. This study rises concerns to most often asked query of if there is a way to fight a zombie outbreak. The only hope to survive is to hit them frequently. There is need to create approaches to deal with them quickly, otherwise the humanity will be in a huge difficulty.

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50 thoughts on “five Real Zombie Stories”

  1. Soo #4 couldnt they get the death records of Felicia or dental records and find out if that "zombie" was really her. they say til this day no one knows bhut im sure theres ways… also at around 3:50.. thats a dead body standing there while they clean it and dress it? weird. looks like a super sickly live person standing there…

  2. if zombies were to come it would be a viral infection but it would be incapable of taking over the brain it would eat the victims skin but wouldnt make the victim mind controlled

  3. I believe the man that ate the other mans face was in a drug induced possession. I think it happens when someone is already being tormented by Demons, & then while on drugs the Demons take full advantage & jumps right in. That explains the eating of flesh & growling. Believe it or not, it’s just my personal opinion. God bless! ❤


  5. Just so u know, Zombies do not eat living things like this, they will chock u, beat u up, kill u only per order! If someone eats a dog, this person is not a zombie but possessed! A zombie is a normal person they take away his soul through black magic, and they can hurt someone else with that soul, also they can have the body work as a slave, this person can be a person back again they say if he/she eats anything with salt!!!!!
    Some people complaint they see other people that no one else can see: possible it’s a zombie’s soul, sometimes if it’s continues, this soul can force u to suicide…. etc
    And psychologists will say: mental issue!

  6. poor dog  and that was the most crazy thing I ever saw so far in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!# so not what I expected ******************************************************************

  7. I remember when I was watching the news one day at my old house and they were talking about the man eating the guys face. it still scares me.

  8. The last the guy was on bathsalt the police were also unable to find if he was mentally unstable before the attack

  9. 1:57 YO that picture was in my classroom in the section of like important people of history or something like that.

  10. what happen in Tana Toraja is something I dont believe since I was a kid, according to folk stories, in school, story about various traditions in my country, etc
    but then, 28 years later…I believe

  11. If dat anyone ate my dog I will friggin’ hunt that person down and kill him! Even if it’s not my dog ?

  12. If number one was real then the man would have turned into a zombie no matter what cause he’s infected with the disease even though he’s not dead

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