5 Genuine Life Demons Summoned from Ouija Boards

Prime 5 creepy accurate stories of haunting ghosts, evil spirits, and deadly demonic possessions conjured by Ouija Boards in genuine life events. A unique nightmare collaboration with Corpse Husband.

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Story Dynamics
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50 thoughts on “five Real Life Demons Summoned from Ouija Boards”

  1. Ouija boards were just a family board game, then one got used in a horror movie and suddenly all this stuff started being spoken of. Probably reason = People don’t realise the real history of the game and think that the horror movie was a documentary 😛 😀

  2. I had a demon as a friend as a child my parents thought I was joking he would tell me things about people in my family that they only knew and were freaked out when I mentioned there secrets i once asked why he only talks to me and he said he had no choice he was assigned to me at birth by a very distant relative and because my energy is pure and innocent I knew when he was in the room because music would play like a violen sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard not even the greats could match his talent he left when I was 18 i believe he was good and his intention was not to scare me but to be my friend it sounds weird I know but thats my experience

  3. I wonder what it like to be a demon
    scaring people, pranking them, and possiblly having sex with them

  4. I wish you narrated  the words instead of having them on the screen, it would be nice to listen whilst getting ready and laying down.

  5. For sure these other worlds exist.Telling yourself they don’t helps you stay in that reassuring but boring world of our “ right mind”…

    Eating a lot helps too.Be a good sheep and you won’t see the wolf.. always waiting for you to stray.

  6. I remember using one… are you a demon? (YES) whats your name?
    (Foras) thought it was just me or something…. googled it. Definately a demonic name ?
    Makes ya think…

  7. Guys, don’t believe in this things, i know its a story. But there’s people out there believing in "ghosts" or "evil spirits" that you can’t even see. Your brain is messing up with you and the more you believe in it, the more your brain messes up with you. So please people if your not believing in this things, you chose the right way.

  8. that’s bullcrap… sorry,but there’s no such things as demons or ghosts or stuff like that cause if there’d be, I’d be one of the richest men in Europe… imagine -100 $ for a night in my haunted house…. siit i’d be rich 😀

  9. the demons that these people were experiencing due to their use of the quija board were manifestations that we’re brought forth from their own psych. when a person uses a quija board and a either good or evil intity appears it came from the users mind.

  10. Interesting subject matter. I was disappointed though. There is no dialogue. I am completely blind. Dammit!

  11. Best use for a ouija board is firewood.
    Seriously, don’t try them.

    If you want to get rid of ghosts or a curse, get a priest.

  12. I still prefer top5s above your channel. Although i actually like your topics more, it’s not narrated but written, i don’t really like that. Also, the storirs are not always complete. For example, how did bessie’s story ended? You said she ran away and that she saw the demon on her son’s chest. And then, suddenly, the story ends. It’s incomplete…

  13. ur videos seem like they would be interesting but who wants to read the entire video u should consider speaking
    just my opinion

  14. People sometimes leave their imagination get the better of them. I remember I was in the Irish defense forces and the billet’s (recruit accommodation) was supposedly haunted. One night one lad suffered a seizure and had to be brought off in a ambulance to be treated. Of course afterwards stories came out about levitations and other paranormal nonsense. I’ve actually met people who told me all this nonsense and claimed to be there when I know they weren’t because I was there.The moral of the story is believe nothing you hear and half of what you see because people are full of shit

  15. iv’e heard nothing but bad things about the Ouija board, the argument is " if it’s so evil, why do they sell it at kids stores" ?? yea, well I dont know but I always stayed away from using one & everyone has told me to never use it by your self. who knows…. this world is full of things we cant comprehend. That,,,I do know!

  16. Why does every haunted person get sent to the psychiatric ward…smh humanity is filled with fools. Trump, capitalism, christianity, etc. Fools.

  17. My mother in law claimed to have a ouija board that wouldn’t burn even with gasoline on it when she was a teen.

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