5 brief stories by classic science fiction author H. Beam Piper (Full Audiobook)

5 Sci-Fi Short Stories by H. Beam Piper
H. Beam PIPER (1904 – 1964)
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Five quick stories by traditional science fiction writer H. Beam Piper audiobook

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Brief Stories
Language: English (Total Audiobook)

An ordinary horror story (Page 1 of 8)
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By Wasfi Akab on 1989-01-01 00:00:00
tags It was a time of wonderful hope and excellent imagination, a time when anything could happen, a time of boundless dreams and limitless journey. It was 1930s America, the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Of program, the 1930s in America was also a time of great want, desperation, and privation. But maybe it was the really true crisis of the Great Depression that produced the science fiction genre so appealing to so several individuals. If a single could posit a potential utopian society, then maybe there was hope on the horizon for a far better tomorrow, hope that hundreds of thousands of individuals nationwide held shut to their hearts.

Though science fiction had really been “born” in the latter part of the nineteenth century through the immortal works of such brilliant writers as Jules Verne and, later, Herbert George (H. G.) Wells, the genre truly reached its peak in the pulp magazines of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. For a single thin dime, readers could be transported to the far long term or to the edge of the galaxy, and could encounter odd new beings and scenarios that have been far eliminated from their everyday actuality.

In the pages of this kind of traditional periodicals as Wonderful Stories, Astounding Science Fiction, Wonderful Adventures, Wonder Stories, and Argosy, pulp writers referred to as ‘fictioneers’, spun fantastic tales of adventure on other worlds and in other occasions. Whether or not you have study any of their stories, you’re no doubt acquainted with at least some of the names that first saw print in those cheaply-published dime novels: names like Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, E. E. “Doc” Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Jack Williamson, and L. Ron Hubbard, to title just a handful of.

Buck Rogers received his start off in the pulps (in the August 1928 situation of Incredible Stories), as did Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars, who took his very first bow in the pages of Argosy’s February 1912 concern. Edmund Hamilton rocketed us into the deepest reaches of outer area with Captain Long term, even though Doc Savage built and utilized gadgets decades ahead of his time, such as the very first phone answering machine, night vision goggles, and a car with automated transmission, as significantly the province of science fiction in their day as time travel is to us. Though the form was typically labeled trash by literary sophisticates, it was often widely read through: an anecdote relevant in Jim Sterankos Historical past of Comics, Volume I tells the tale of a Connecticut school instructor who complained that 90% of the students have been confirmed pulpaholics. Trash or not, the pulps had been king of the newsstands for a number of decades.

Pulps had been popular from the 1930s via the 50s, holding their own even right after the introduction of their chief rival, comic books, in the early 1930s. By the mid-1950s, nevertheless, pulp publication came to an end, no longer in a position to compete with the new technologies known as tv. Fortunately, however, many of the greatest stories from the Golden Age of Science Fiction have been stored alive by way of hardcover and paperback collections all through the many years, thrilling new generations of followers.

For people of us who really like pulp fiction (the stories, not the movie), we’re fortunate to be residing in the midst of a pulp renaissance. There is more reprinted pulp materials obtainable these days than ever just before, from a myriad of publishers.

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  1. WHO IS the READER???  PLEASE post the readers name when you upload an audiobook!!!! When I find really good readers I write their names down so I will know when I come across a book read by one of the really talented readers… IF they don’t want to use their real name, then use a STAGE NAME, but once they choose an alternate name, they MUST stay with it.. This fellow is rather good! I would love to add him to my list, BUT it isn’t in the description!

  2. Read by Mark Nelson. "The Answer:" 0:00:30 "Temple Trouble:" Part 1 0:31:28, Part 2 1:17:28 / "Flight from Tomorrow:" 1:54:15 / "Police Operation:" Part 1 2:50:00, Part 2 3:14:40, Part 3 3:57:54 /"Graveyard of Dreams:" 4:21:11 Thank you, Full Audio Books for Everyone, for the YouTube book. I subscribe to your channel. ~Nathan http://reverbnation.com/brydn

  3. Can you read the horor stories of h beam piper and andre norton and do you have the pulp stories of Frederiick c Davis and can you please add the operateor 5 stories by Frederick c Daviis this plea is for librivox audiobooks

  4. In my opinion one of the greatest authors ever. Piper, Asimov, Vogt, Simak, Saberhagen, Heinlein, and many more, have each added so much to my life. Their books are part of me. Through many years I have read, and re-read them. Now I have another way to enjoy them! Thank you for the upload!

  5. I love all of the great works by H. Beam Piper. Especially the Paratime series. He was such a talented writer and master of storytelling, as well as a gun collector and shooting enthusiast too. I am thoroughly surprised, that the Paratime novelettes have not been made into movies or a TV series already. I can picture Matt Damon playing Verkan Vall and Angelina Jolie or Cecile Cassel as Hadron Dalla. Science fiction is suffering a major setback recently due to all the "reality based" shows and cheap romances, and something original like the Paratime Series would immediately become successful, especially in today’s market and using the latest in CG and video art.

  6. Here’s some more H. Beam Piper trivia for you: The fifth story in this series, "Graveyard of Dreams", was actually an experimental short story that he wrote and put on the backburner while he focused on completing the Paratime series. Once that was done, "Graveyards" was expanded into one spectacular novel, titled "The Cosmic Computer", which set in motion the philosophical debate about religion versus technology, and the role of sentient supercomputers as godly figures due to their unlimited intelligence and power.

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