five Chilling Correct Hunting Stories – Darkness Prevails

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Take pleasure in these real stories from hunters and the factors they’ve seen in the forest!

Darkness Prevails presents Correct Horror stories and Real Ghost Stories!

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Hunting in cake pop forest
By Twig Aho on 2014-07-23 03:34:21
tags Some thing so amazing happened right now that I had to share it with as several men and women as I could in our church. It is Easter Sunday and the kids in my community came to my house to get me to perform basketball. In between games the little ones and I took a break and they had been talking about presents they got for Easter, an Easter egg hunt they had yesterday and the candy they received in their Easter baskets. I advised them that Easter is about Jesus increasing soon after He was crucified to save us from our sins. I told them Easter isn’t going to have anything to do with Easter bunnies, egg hunts, Easter baskets, presents, or candy.

A younger boy asked why we have the Easter bunny and all those other items. I explained two reasons very first, shops like to profit off of each holiday so they push all varieties of things on people, second, Satan does anything he can to distract our attention from Jesus and the reality. “Why do we do it?” he asked. “I will not realize.” I explained a lot of times men and women do not know why they do things they just follow what everyone else does. Just since everybody does it, even so, isn’t going to imply it is right. “It’s like we are cheering on the devil” he explained. I was blown away when he stated that. At his younger age he understands the spiritual battle.

Then a boy that was a minor older, who doesn’t attend a church, explained it is like there are two roads. Satan is on one road trying to get you to adhere to the Easter Bunny, smoke, drink, do drugs and gamble. God is on the other road striving to get you to do what is proper. “Specifically!” I mentioned. “God says in the Bible he wants us to take the correct path.”

The younger boy then mentioned, “It is like in the cartoons when the angel is on one shoulder telling you to do great and the devil is on the other shoulder telling you that performing bad is Okay.” I told the youngsters how wise they are. At the very same time I was in awe of how God opened their minds to the reality and turned them into preachers.

“If adults believed like you youngsters, the world would be a better spot,” I informed them. “We need to query everything in accordance the reality in the Bible.” I explained to them how Satan loves to go following the minds of youngsters and steer them in the wrong path simply because he desires to mess up their entire existence and hold them from going to heaven. The kids have been not happy about Satan attempting to steer them down the wrong path. I told them Satan in no way quits tempting us, so just be aware of it and attempt to stay on the proper path.

The little ones advised me this was a fantastic conversation. I am surprised by how God is operating by means of me to attain them with His gospel. Only God can make these items happen!

Given that I started constructing relationships with the youngsters in my neighborhood I realized that they want to do what is right and want to know the truth. They seem to be to want to be led in the right route. The dilemma happens when we steer children toward the globe.

Keep in mind Proverbs 22:six tells us, “Train up a youngster in the way he need to go, and when he is outdated he will not depart from it.” The children don’t just pay attention to the phrases we inform them. They watch how we dwell and the instance we set. We want to adhere to Jesus, our Best Instance, not the instance the world sets.

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  1. Broke my phone like 2 weeks ago and finally got a new one, now for a binge of your videos while playing battlefront 2 lmao

  2. When I was listening to the 3rd story (stalked by a mountain lion) the name of the town was so familiar I looked it up and it turns out I used to only live like 5 miles away from the Rio Grand City I remember my padre even used to do work there. I know mountain lions live there but I never saw one in my 11 years living by there. But now I’m 197 miles away according to google maps. (Lame clame to fame)

  3. I know I’m late, but thank you so much for using my story. I know it’s not scary, but I’m so happy you used it. Again, thank you.

  4. I am so sorry to be annoying and corny.. BUT eveytime you say in the beginning. "but first" I am waiting for you to add "let me take a selfie". Yes, annoying song.. I can’t help this urge though haha. Thank you for your awesome stories and hard work 🙂

  5. I guess you could say for some of these the Hunters became the Hunted Eh Eh??

    I’m sorry I’ll leave now

  6. I assume it’s abnormal that I was more concerned with the safety of the mountain lion in the third story than the life of the person. lol

  7. Can you tell me the background music you’re using? The one with the woman singing? Sounds really beautiful. :3

  8. how come all your story titles on the screen say something to do with the mall?
    "pervert at the mall….creppy stalker at the mall"…..etc???

  9. Science has proven(i think)that humans have a mild ability to detect mild changes in electrical or air current changes, aka the “being watched” sensation, so yes, you most likely are being watched by something.

  10. I don’t think I am the only one who is sick of the people writing these 2 lines:
    -blood curdling scream
    -what I saw next

  11. Timestamps in case you got lost… (Otherwise, watch the intro 😉 Papa Darkness always got a message)

    1- 1:26 – They Followed Us – by Steven S.

    2- 14:38 – I Ran into the Mogollon Monster – by Kyle J.

    3- 17:36 – Stalked by a Mountain Lion – by Matthew L.

    4- 22:00 – Bigfoot Encounter While Hunting – by Mistery Man

    5- 24:29 – Bigfooted Freak Stalking Me – The Falling Creature

  12. Brenden, I just wanna ask something. You sometimes tell us to submit at
    and sometimes at:
    Can someone explain why he switches websites?

  13. I’m going hunting with my Dad this deer season. The opening day of deer season is on Friday the 13. o.o Does anyone have a tank I can use? XD

  14. you’re a terrible writer and a terrible liar, the first one is straight out of the script the village LMFAOOOO

  15. I was sitting on the porch talking to my uncle a few months ago and we heard a scream in the woods. It was definitely a mountain lion, but it is fun to pretend it is a forest creature.

  16. Hi Brenden, I really enjoy these true stories, especially skinwalkers and the like. Thanks! I wanted to mention Mogollon is pronounced "Mug-ee-yon".

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