Fish Story

Sometime in the 1980s, Caspar Salmon’s grandmother was invited to a gathering on the Welsh island of Anglesey, attended solely by individuals with fish surnames. Or so he says. Thirty years later, filmmaker Charlie Lyne attempts to type myth from actuality as he searches for the truth behind this fishy tale.

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Fish Tale
I had a dream about this shot and had to make it come accurate.
By capn madd matt on 2009-03-01 22:46:31

Located in the northern element of the Venetian Lagoon with a single hour ferry trip from Vience, the island of Burano is truly a paradise for these in enjoy and people who have unique adore for colors. Properly recognized for the lace creating as effectively as colourful houses. This kind of stunning houses carry new air to the town which is entirely different from the historic environment of Murano or Venice. Arriving here, guests come to feel as if they were wandering on the streets in fairy tales. The brightly-painted walls extend all by means of Burano, not just along the principal tourist canals. This local home painting tradition originated back to the colour scheme of fishing boats. The regional residents can not paint their residence freely. When they want the houses to seem more colorful, permission from the authorities is should. Let’s have a appear at the colourful tale homes in Burano.


The town of Burano covers the island with many modest canals acting as thoroughfares


This island is photographers’ paradise


The colourful backyard covered with flowers and painted walls


A brightly – painted window



The home are painted colourful in order that fishers can detect their homes from the sea


Most of the homes are of little size make the town cozier


Drying laundry adds to the standard decorative gaiety of Burano


The town of fairy tale is really a paradise for lovers


The major thoroughfares are linked by bridges




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My favourite is traveling. I really like to create about gorgeous locations and tourism events.

44 thoughts on “Fish Story”

  1. Loved this story, produced a fair few chuckles. Incidentally on the Jeremy Vine show earlier they mentioned a young girl who attended, by the surname Turtle. Jaw dropped – they didn’t give her a dead turtle to eat, surely? Nope, they found a tin of Turtle soup from somewhere. Phew!

  2. well that’s a story….im not 100% but I made aquariums for a sea zoo in Anglesey…?. sure I have pictures somewhere.. but not sure of date !!.. nice film..

  3. This video made my day and it’s not even 7am. Most amusing. There was a lot of laughter throughout and I laughed along.

  4. As a non native English speaker, the biggest take away for me from this video is how many words I presumed were just English names are in fact types of fish.

  5. Heard about this on Jeremy Vine today; absolutely brilliant story and really well put together. Nice work Charlie

  6. Lucky thing they didn’t invite the present leader of the Scottish Nationalists.
    She’d have bankrupted them!
    Mind you, her predecessor would have been easier to accommodate!

    Incidentally, they probably called the venue a ‘sea zoo’ because that translates better into Welsh than ‘aquarium’.

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