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Every As soon as In A Even though In The Middle Of An Ordinary Life, Adore Provides Us A FairyTalE..!!
This Is The Story Of Two Souls and Their FairyTalE..!! Am Overwhelmed To Share A Beloved Productions FairyTalE Developed By M.R.T Srinivasan..

We Thank Nandhakumar Srinivasan For Believing And Encouraging The Total Crew ..!!

Kindly Watch And Post Your Valuable Remarks..!!

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Kishore kumar Srinivasan

Divya Barti


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Matt Bacon

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Fairy Tale Romance
Do you keep in mind in the fairy tale?
How the wicked witches spell transformed the handsome prince to a toad
Thru the energy of her potion she handed him the notion
That he was decrease than the grime in the road
And thou she left him green and warted her evil program was thwarted
When there chanced to happen by a younger miss
Who in spite of his complexion supplied her affection
And broke the wicked curse with her kiss.
As soon as on a time ago I was down and feelin minimal
Like a lonely frog in a pond Daily life was just a joke
And I was quite close to a crokin I was zapped by life’s wicked wand
Then in the depth’s of my depression There came a correct expression
From a love from a lady so sweet She gave warm fuzzy emotions
Feelings that were healing And knocked me of my tiny world wide web feet…


Taken @ The Returning – by Marcus Inkpen

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    art work award
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