Fairy Tail Episode 277 – Message of Flame (Dub)

Here’s the dubbed episode, as requested! ) Get pleasure from!

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P.S. it made me cry. just wanted to let you know.

Fairy-tale house in the marshes
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50 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Episode 277 – Message of Flame (Dub)”

  1. Is Fairy Tail ending? Is this the only first season? WILL THERE BE A SEASON 2 IM GONNA CRY SO MUCH IF THERE ISN’T WAHHH

  2. I really want to see more of this anime tbh fairy tail is my favorite anime and it will b cool to see all of them to come back and stronger then ever it will b great to have this anime on line again

  3. don’t worry….. but you might worry…… but……


  4. Gildarts having all those pics of chicks in his bag was priceless.

    But still, this was a happy but fair ending. Wish the guild didn’t split.

  5. Me found out this is the last episode

    Me:starts crying mum comes in with a hammer


    Me>sobbing< thisnisnthe last episode of fairytale

    Mum:drops hammer and goes back to sleep

  6. Natsu… hate 2 break it 2 ya… but there’s no way u can act cool when ur saying “hand over the fishy and no one gets hurt”

  7. I don’t want fairy tale to end i just want to watch more episodes this is the best anime I have watched so far

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