Fairy Tail Episode 1 English Dubbed HD

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Penny Sampler ♥ Small Homes
This is the initial block I’ve produced so far of the Penny Sampler that actually conveys the fairy tale theme I’m hoping to accomplish. Scandinavian Fairy Tale is the motif and colour palette I’m attempting to go by – it type of ended up getting a blend of all the colour schemes presented in the fabric choices post. Some brilliant pops of child-like shade, some subdued organic pieces (and a lot of lower volume!), and a bit of the vintage scrappy appear.

I needed this block to be like a tiny, cheery village on the edge of the woods, with some meadows of flowers to make it very picturesque. I’m organizing on incorporating touches of embroidery to some of the blocks right after the total quilt is carried out, and I believe I may possibly stitch a tiny wolf tail behind a single of the trees – modest hint of fairy tale danger ♥

I’m incredibly proud of this block (you might have noticed that I am on paragraph 3 now haha, that sort of tells you something), as it took a extremely long time for me to decide which materials to use, and the place, and how to actually give not only a feeling of depth and dimension to this village, but also to talk the setting and surroundings. I have by no means approached a block like that prior to, so this was a actual struggle…and then, I really feel, a fantastic good results ♥
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65 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Episode 1 English Dubbed HD”

  1. Oh my word! Your tree fabric is perfect, and the wildlife adds the perfect touch! You rocked this block!!!

  2. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/84398862@N00] Thank you so much! I can’t wait either, I’m really making a lot of choices as I go, so who knows where it will end up?? ♥

  3. I only just realised Lucy blushed hearing the name ‘Salamander’ Natsu is the real Salamander… only 4 mins in and already a Nalu moment LOL

  4. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/36174503@N03] Thank you! I did follow her directions, although I did contemplate sewing the background together, then appliqueing the houses on as well as the roofs. But I wanted the challenge of trying to use the restrictions of the pattern (why?!?! haha). In the end, actually sewing it all together wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t as complicated as it seems from the outset, which I was very happy about!

  5. this is super cute with the printed fabrics! Did you follow her directiosn exactly? I thought it seemed like more work than necessary (of course I haven’t done mine yet)

  6. The dragon in the background isn’t igneel, but in season 2 Igneel becomes the background attack. Hint : E.N.D!
    anyone who knows this has either read the manga or watched the show! :3 I’m not planning on coming back to this series because I’ve watched and read it all multiple times. Sad isn’t it. I’ll miss this wonderful community.

  7. Also noticed that the love spell broke when Lucy seen Natsu but everyone else looks at him but it didn’t work…….This ship was born to be together#TeamNalu

  8. I have watched the whole series time to watch it again and for people who are now starting this you will love it

  9. Many of my friends have recommended I watch this show but I don’t like anime so I guess I’m giving it a try

  10. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/50590626@N04] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/28293993@N08] Thank you so much!! I just hope the rest of my blocks won’t be heavily overshadowed haha c:

  11. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/lv2create] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/dutchcomfort] Thank you!! I’m just so proud that my vision that I had in the start really came through and communicates itself! I was so worried it would be too abstract or messy to be readable. I was sort of tempted to make it into its own mini quilt when I was done! I might make a look-alike for that purpose ha ♥

  12. Wow,! There are not words for how awesome this is. I absolutely loved reading your thoughts about it. Mostly I just want to say congratulations for such an amazing, meaningful start. Cheers!

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