Excerpt from A Bronx Tale – Why Not to Watch Sports

This excerpt of this great film presents a purpose why not to watch sports. Let me know what you believe.

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Effectively, the season is just beneath one week away which means fantasy baseball season is rapidly approaching. Drafts have currently started and leagues are beginning to form. The recognition of fantasy baseball has definitely exploded over the past couple of years. Everyone appears to be joining in on the enjoyable. I not too long ago saw a news story someplace about how girls have been increasingly becoming component of the fantasy sports scene. I completely adore fantasy baseball. It provides me a opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season and take a appear at what happened final year statistically.

I have to admit that I have accomplished far more mock drafts than I can count so far this spring. I enjoy placing collectively a baseball group and competing with other customers on a fantasy baseball internet site. I primarily use Yahoo! to play fantasy baseball but I have been experimenting with ESPN as nicely as MLB.com. I locate it extremely entertaining to put collectively a fantasy group from scratch. So a single issue I wanted to speak about was a suggestion on how to draft a team. I am in no way a fantasy baseball specialist but I do have my own method that has worked for me in the past. Initial off, I want to commence by saying that I believe Jose Reyes is the single most overrated player in fantasy baseball.

Yes he is a 5 category fantasy player but his typical, energy, and RBI potential are not worth a very first round choose in my opinion. I comprehend that shortstop is a extremely scarce position but I am not prepared to blow a very first round pick on a shortstop other than Hanley Ramirez. I would a lot rather use my first round choose, particularly early in the draft, on a energy hitter that will hit for a ton of average, home runs, and RBIs. Albert Pujols is the single most consistent hitter in the significant leagues and I would a lot rather take him than most other players. Even so, my absolute preferred spot in a fantasy draft in a ten group league is the six-8 spots and in a 12 group league I like the eight-10 picks. You can still get an incredible player at the prime (specifically given that somebody will almost certainly waste a pick on Reyes and I have even observed Chase Utley go in the very first round or extremely early second round) and you then you get an early second round choose proper soon after that.

What I have identified myself undertaking is becoming capable to grab someone like Miguel Cabrera (who might win the AL MVP this year) and then turn around and grab somebody like Lance Berkman or Carlos Lee and every as soon as in awhile Mark Teixeira will drop down to the 14th or so pick and I can grab him also. There are a lot of players that can fill in for speed. The most essential choose for me in the third round choose this year exactly where I entirely and totally zone in on Carlos Beltran. I believe that he is underrated and he is ranked about 25th overall in fantasy baseball. The guy is a solid and constant five category player. I sit back and watch people draft pitchers with some first and second round picks.

This is where some conflict comes up when I talk to men and women throughout mock drafts. For me, pitchers are so considerably much more volatile than position players. People with the final first round pick and the initial second round pick have consistently been picking Johan Santana and Tim Lincecum back to back. Now of course they are going to have the best one particular two punch of any rotation in the league, but for me overall health among pitchers is significantly more of a concern than position players. Plus, a top tier position player is going to play around 160 games when fully healthful and a starting pitcher is only going to make 30-35 begins in a season. I honestly wait till around round six or seven just before I start drafting pitchers.

You can place together a really great employees late in drafts if you know what you are doing. I have been acquiring pitchers like Chad Billingsley, Javier Vazquez (who ought to be amazing in the NL), and Yovani Gallardo after the 8th round. That is going to be three ERAs around 3.50, WHIPs around 1.20, wins about 15, and strikeouts around 200. That is a devastating 1-3 on starters. Oh, and I actually laugh hysterically when people blow their fourth or fifth round pick on Papelbon. Why do people slobber all over one category pitchers? Closer is the single most unpredictable and volatile position in fantasy baseball. We saw teams switching closers all the time last year and I was capable to not draft a single closer in one of my leagues however completed 7th out of 12 in saves last year. Granted 7th out of 12 is not that great but thinking about the quantity of saves I got off the waiver wire and totally free agency it just goes to show how rapidly and how numerous closers can drop their jobs.

This year I have been taking Brian Wilson as effectively as Matt Lindstrom quite late. Generally around round 18. My lineup is typically mostly filled out by the time I begin drafting pitchers in the 8th or 9th rounds. Like I stated ahead of I definitely enjoy carrying out fantasy drafts and playing against family members and buddies or comprehensive strangers. If any of you who study this would be interested in beginning a league for fun or just talking about fantasy baseball in basic feel free of charge to head on over to the forums page and post your thoughts and/or if you are interested in starting a league and playing against every single other and other members of this internet site. Fantasy baseball is a single of those items that I really feel like anybody who loves baseball will take pleasure in. It gives you a possibility to analyze statistics of certain players, teams, ballparks, and any number of other factors.

For instance, Matt Holliday was one of the ideal players in the Significant Leagues even though he was in Colorado. Now he is in Oakland and it will be interesting to see what will come about to his numbers moving from hitter friendly Coors Field to the pitcher friendly stadium out in Oakland.

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49 thoughts on “Excerpt from A Bronx Tale – Why Not to Watch Sports”

  1. If someone doesn’t care about you why should you care for this person?This phrase helped me overcome a very difficult situation and has become a priceless life motto!!!!One of the greatest and favourite movies!

  2. Mickey Mantel doesn’t care about you, so why should you care about Mickey Mantle?Fucked up way of looking at things. That’s why no one cared when he died.

  3. 1:23 My Opinion With All them grown folks getting mad about them clowns kneeling down during the national anthem

    They dont care about you so why should you care about them

  4. Yes, just like in high school , many of the jocks went onto college and university and were totally lost. The fact is when they went onto post secondary education , they were just another number, some of them dropped out.

  5. So people need to watch a movie ( which is fake) to understand that celebs don’t care about regular people like us?? If that’s the case I feel sorry for a lot of people. I’m still going to watch sports, doesn’t mean I worship nor care about celebs. Stupid title for a clip from a great movie.

  6. Doesn’t have anything to do with not watching sports but rather idealization of celebs. Sports are fine as a distraction, just don’t make them your heros

  7. I had this kind of mentality since a very young age so when I watched this movie it was amazing. I found it strange that I had the same mentality as this guy, but at the same time I felt smart. I realised just how in touch with the real world I was.

  8. It’s amazing how underpaid Mickey Mantle is even by 1960 standards if he did make 100,000 dollars. By today’s standards, that’s a little over 800,000 dollars.

  9. It’s brilliant. It is a perfect example of why I love a good mafia movie. When you go deeper than the oversimplified ‘good-vs-evil’ layer, the wisdom is intriguing. Those guys knew that the government was the real evil, and that the average citizens are brain-washed morons. (Remember the classic line from Godfather 1, "Now who’s being naive, Kay?"). Personally, I’d rather have Sonny as President.

  10. The man’s got a point. If you enjoy,you can watch or support any sports teams but hooliganism is for idiots.

  11. I personally don’t give a shit about sports, like, the guy is right you know? On the other side, I get good time watching games with my friends who do care, I don’t preach to them, but certainly it is not the same to me as it is to them

  12. A Bronx tale is the best movie I’ve ever seen, I wish I can go back to when I was smaller and saw it for the first time

  13. It’s ok to watch sports, but you gotta keep it in perspective. Watch sports like you watch a movie, it’s just a form of entertainment. Why should you get emotionally invested in a bunch of millionaire ball players lives. F*ck em.

  14. I just lost my father, a veteran who was a Vietnam vet. His dying wish was to reach out to the Spurs and meet Manu. I didn’t get not one email reply, not a phone call. Selfish Bastards!! Exactly right they make millions and don’t care!

  15. I think people are taking this the wrong way. Sports are entertaining. We enjoy watching top athletes perform at an elite level. It is exciting and brings sports fans together. What is stupid though is the idolisation of athletes. You hear people all the time talk about how they love messi and ronaldo and how ronaldo is their hero and idol bla bla bla wtf? They don’t even know you exist. Enjoy the performance but don’t idolise the performer.

  16. Yeah buts football brings people together, gives you moments that you will take to your death beds, what else am I supposed to do 3pm on a Saturday? What else am I going to talk about during the week?

  17. People try to tell me this. But it’s never been about the money they make to me. My sports passion is kind of a selfish one. When I root for a team, they become a part of my identity. It doesn’t matter to me whether they care about me personally or would help me out. I don’t begrudge anyone for having the opportunity to make millions to do what they love. That’s not their fault that our capitalist society rewards them so. But when they lose, I lose. That’s how it feels. That’s why it hurts. It’s that simple. No speech from some prick mobster would change that.

  18. @1:10-@1:40 is the reason I dont repsect sports figures like i used to. They make millions on us and all we get is the satisfaction of watching, cheering, booing and trash talking. Oh and good food and good drinks

  19. Its time to bail on sports when you’re older than the players. Its sad when I see a 50 year old dude wearing a 20 something year old players jersey. Wearing a college jersey is even more sad….your wearing their work clothes around..lol. Sports fans are such losers.

  20. yup Donald Trump how much money does he make a year,how much money do you make,and when you cant pay the rent,go ask Donald Trump see what be says,he doesnt give a fuck about you lol nobody cares #truth love this movie good point

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