Escape Stories: Triumph In excess of Tyranny – Excellent Escapes and Prison Breaks E10

The twentieth century has endured some of the most tyrannical regimes of all time, to escape from them families risked every little thing to reach freedom and keep with each other. These are the stories of outstanding bravery in the face of crushing oppression, of daring and ingenuity against mind-boggling odds. These are correct stories of people who triumphed more than tyranny.
Cold War-era escapes incorporate two from East to West Germany in a which a couple drove a sports activities automobile beneath the border barriers and a loved ones who hid in a butcher’s truck. Also: a Cuban pilot who fled in a MiG fighter jet and returned two many years later for his family members. TRIUMPH Above TYRANNY * One particular Hundred minutes to Freedom * The Berlin Wall * The Sewers of Lvov

Sainte-Mère-Église, Normandie (Explored 31 March 2014)
If you ever noticed the film the Longest Day, the story of the D-Day landings in Normandy in Planet War 2, you will bear in mind the American parachutist that received caught on a single of the spires of a church. Well this is it and they still commemorate the soldier, John Steele, with a model of him hanging there. He was captured by the Germans when daylight came but amazingly escaped, rejoined his unit, and survived the war.ère-Église
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This story is about a recruit that experimented with to escape from Parris Island carrying out recruit instruction throughout the 80s. At the time, he was really in rehab due to the fact he had broken his foot. He had broken his foot performing wind sprints for the duration of his initial phase of training. When you are injured in the course of boot camp, they put you into a unique health care rehab platoon right up until you have been healed.

He escaped during the evening by pretending that he was going outside for fire observe duty. He was entirely dressed in his 782 gear. 1st of all, he headed into the woods that was assigned to third Battalion and during that initial evening, he managed to map out in his mind the full wooded location. He spent the entire subsequent day sleeping beneath the liner to his poncho. The next evening, he was reduced on water and he had to sneak into the exercise area to fill up his canteen.

That second evening, he experimented with to make his way to the head gate. If you’re not acquainted with Parris Island, there is a kind of causeway that leads to the front gate that is lined by a bunch of skinny palm trees. What he did was he truly walked down the middle of the causeway and scurried and hid behind a palm tree when a car was approaching so that the headlights would not choose him up.

After he made it to the front gate, he had observed that there was only one particular guard on duty and the guard wasn’t genuinely all that attentive. The guard was viewing Television and every 10 minutes or so, he would go out and walk all around. He knew that his chances of receiving caught at the primary gate had been higher, but he did not have a option. That was his only way to escape.

He ended up crawling very minimal to the ground at the edge of the causeway that lined the swamp. He did deal with to sneak previous the guard.

Later on on he was caught by a police officer in Beauport. The pleasant police officer truly bought him breakfast and chatting about how he had managed to escape. When the escapee was returned to the Corps, he was told that he was also beneficial and that he was not going to be sent home.

He really did graduate from boot camp at Parris Island and then went on to serve practically a decade in the Marines.

I understand that boot camp can be a scary prospect for some. However, the common individual will be capable to succeed at boot camp. I recommend that you see the video clips available for cost-free at this website: Marine Boot Camp Movies

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  1. Do not complain, living in the GDR was not so bad. Shops were full of goods, people had work and places to live, education was free. Just do not mess up with politics and you would be fine.

  2. (VERY GOOD PROGRAM) Lorenzo had a lot of stones, leaving Cuba with a Soviet MIG to give to The USA and flying back to Cuba to pickup his family for a second escape, also how brave all of those people were especially the Jews in the sewer. They were lucky to make it through the war. All of those stories are incredible. Thank you for uploading!

  3. Wooww.I’m really amazed at how brave and courageous some people were back in the world war second with the diabolic nazis chasing innocent folks everywhere.I’m so glad that some people manage to escape from their cruel hands and wicked ways even if it meant suffering enough just to survive.They are heroes too.This is really a good video and pretty informative as well.Worth watching.

  4. At 18:55, the car look like the James Bone car in 007 movie; very matching the "theme of action".

    What would be your opinion?

  5. One of the biggest crimes against humanity, families had to live in gutters to save their lives. Hats off to the guy who saved that family.

  6. Una excelente fotografia que has planteado y captado con mucho cuidado y habilidad.
    Felicitaciones por tu hermoso trabajo y por tu merecido explore.
    Si lo deseas, te invito a visitar mi galeria; quisiera conocer tu opinión.
    Saludos y feliz semana

  7. Thank you all for the compliments. The following photos are of the stained glass windows inside the church which commemorate the event and the return of the paratroopers 25 years later.

  8. The car escape is my favorite, easy, simple, quick, a class act with flare and elegance. And he got the satisfaction to see the faces of the East German border guards after he swished past their check point. My guess is that the American soldiers must have like an act like that. They were the reason why a storm of bullets didn’t follow the car. Magnificent !

  9. And the two party system has about thrown our freedom away and we will be like Cuba if not stopped but anytime somebody does something about it the media yells stuff since they are owned by global families. They didn’t used to be till the 90s.

  10. The whole computer industry has been shot to hell with censorship and copyrights. PC Gamers will say "Well I still use my PC so what’s the worry?" good for you then but when you want to go get parts it will be a lot harder then 6 years ago and PC’s are seen as expensive gaming machines to play COD rather then useful products.

    I think that’s why a lot of youtubers who do older PC stuff only do a little bit then drop out. Their computers break down from age and find out "Oh I have to get a smartphone and only do apps!". A lot of modern computer users still have old 32 bit computers duo core single thread machines that are reaching if not already at the end of their life and are just discovering 64 bit

  11. I think if these escape from "socialist" country stories were shown to some of these chucklehead protesters it may open some eyes… some people don’t know how good they have it, smh…

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