Escape Stories: On the Run – Great Escapes and Prison Breaks E09

To be on the run is one of man’s primeval fears: to survive the chase is a single of his greatest triumphs. These escape stories function males who located themselves up against the overwhelming odds of the manhunt: to survive in the hostile surroundings they needed courage, nerve and sheer endurance. Innocent or guilty, these males have grow to be folk heroes by means of their escape stories. This compelling episode characteristics some of history’s greatest ever escapes.
Segments incorporate a British commando who escaped from war-torn Iraq the 70th birthday of Ronald Biggs, one of the participants in the “Wonderful Train Robbery.” Also: legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper. ON THE RUN * Who Dares Wins * The Portland Hijacker * Papillon * The Excellent Train Robber

Right here is Warner Bros. official Letters from Iwo Jima site:…

… a single of the excellent historical movies of our time. Yesterday I watched this movie with Scotty, a friend of mine from Austin. Scotty was a marine on Peliliu in November 1944 when that island was taken from the Japanese by U.S. Marines. Scotty has one of the medals, observed worn by Basic Kuribayashi, The Order of the Increasing Sun. Scotty told me the intriguing story of how he came to be in possession of the medal, but I don’t have his permission to retell it right here. The medal is the 1 General Kuribayashi is wearing about his neck in the illustration right here. Scotty promised to bring the medal subsequent time he comes and I will scan it and make him a color print of this image, so he can have it framed with a image of it becoming worn. Scotty’s job with the Marines on Peliliu was to repair telephone lines. In 1944 radios have been powred by means of tubes which had extremely delicate filaments and have been usually out of order. Communications therefore fell back on field telephones which transmitted more than wires. As the wires had been found and reduce by the enemy, Scotty would be sent out to repair them. At initial his commanding officer sent two guards to go with him, but soon after a few trips, Scotty asked permission to go alone, since 3 marines produced also a lot noise and improved the danger of the assignment.

And so, two old men sat and watched a movie and gained a far better understanding of these folks we hated so intensely, so numerous years ago. Even, had they been victorious, the Japanese soldier suffered more than the American soldier, just due to the fact of cultural differences. The movie reveals this abundantly..

Wikipedia’s Plot Summary:
The film is primarily based on the non-fiction books &quotGyokusai sōshikikan&quot no etegami (&quotPicture letters from the Commander in Chief&quot by Common Tadamichi Kuribayashi (portrayed on screen by Ken Watanabe) and So Sad To Fall In Battle: An Account of War[four] by Kumiko Kakehashi about the Battle of Iwo Jima. Whilst some characters such as Saigo are fictional, the all round battle as effectively as a number of of the commanders are primarily based upon actual individuals and events.

In 2005, Japanese archaeologists explore tunnels on Iwo Jima. They find something in the dirt, and the scene changes to Iwo Jima in 1944. Private Initial Class Saigo, a baker conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army, and his platoon are grudgingly digging beach trenches on the island. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Common Tadamichi Kuribayashi arrives to take command of the garrison and right away starts an inspection of the island defenses. He saves Saigo and his pal Kashiwara from a beating by Captain Tanida for having uttered ‘unpatriotic speeches’, and orders the men to stop digging trenches on the beach and commence tunnelling defenses into Mount Suribachi.

Later, Lieutenant Colonel Baron Takeichi Nishi, a well-known Olympic gold medalist show jumper, joins Kuribayashi for dinner. They go over the grim prospect of no naval or air assistance and the fanaticism their fellow officers would show. Kuribayashi evacuates the civilian population of Iwo Jima to mainland Japan. He clashes with some of his senior officers, who do not agree with his approach of defending inland instead of the beaches Kuribayashi believes the Americans will take the beaches rapidly, and only the mountain defenses will have a much better possibility for holding out against the enemy.

Poor nutrition and unsanitary situations take their toll on the garrison many die of dysentery, such as Kashiwara. The Japanese troops commence utilizing the caves as barracks. Kashiwara’s replacement, a young soldier named Superior Private Shimizu, arrives for duty on the island. Saigo and his buddies suspect that Shimizu is a spy sent from Kempeitai to report on disloyal soldiers given that he was trained at a Kempeitai institute. The initial American aerial bombings take place shortly following, causing significant casualties. Following the raid, Saigo is sickened when he sees the corpse of a buddy, still sitting upright. Yet another casualty was Jupiter, Baron Nishi’s horse, which was also killed by a bomb. The raid forces the Japanese to dig deeper into the volcanic island. A handful of days later, U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima and the Japanese open fire. The battle for Iwo Jima begins.

As the landings take place, the American troops endure heavy casualties, but the Japanese beach defenses are rapidly overcome, and the attack turns to the defensive positions on Mount Suribachi. Saigo assists the defense by carrying ammunition to machine gunners. When a Japanese machine gunner is killed by a shell from an American ship, Saigo is ordered by the organization commander to use his rifle, since the machine gun is damaged. He handles it so clumsily that he is sent to retrieve some machine guns instead. Even though delivering the request from his firm commander to the commander of the Suribachi garrison, Saigo overhears Common Kuribayashi radioing orders to retreat northward. The Suribachi commander, even so, ignores the order from the common and rather orders Saigo to deliver a message ordering the guys of his organization to commit suicide. The Japanese soldiers of Saigo’s unit commit suicide with grenades, including Saigo’s friend Nozaki, and Captain Tanida shoots himself in the head with his Kind 14 8 mm Nambu Pistol, but Saigo runs away and leaves the cave with Shimizu, convincing him that it is much more productive to continue the fight rather than die. They come across two other Japanese soldiers, but a single gets incinerated by an American flamethrower through a hole in the tunnel, causing the 3 remaining soldiers to flee. They then come across Japanese soldiers beating and tourturing a captured Marine (There are beliefs the captured Marine was Ralph &quotIggy&quot Ignatowski). The Marine pleads to the Japanese to have mercy on him, despite the fact that his plea falls on deaf ears as the Japanese soldiers stab him to death with bayonets, much to Saigo’s disgust.

Saigo and the remaining Japanese soldiers in Mount Suribachi attempt to flee beneath the orders of Lieutenant Oiso and flee the tunnels at night. However, they run into U.S. Marines, who wipe out all the Japanese troops except for Saigo and Shimizu. The two men flee to friendly lines, but they are accused by Lieutenant Ito of deserting Suribachi. Ito raises his katana to execute Saigo and Shimizu for cowardice when Common Kuribayashi appears to cease the punishment, confirming that he had indeed ordered the retreat and thus saving Saigo for the second time.

The soldiers from the caves attempt a futile attack against American positions, with the Japanese taking heavy losses. Saigo and the surviving soldiers are told to regroup with Colonel Nishi. Ito then heads towards the American lines with 3 land mines, intending to throw himself below an American tank. The next morning, heavy fighting requires spot. The Japanese take casualties, but manage to kill a number of U.S. Marines and destroy a tank. Lieutenant Okubo, Nishi’s executive officer shoots a U.S. Marine, who is subsequently captured by Nishi’s men. He reveals his name to be Sam, and Nishi orders his medic to give him help regardless of the Japanese’s dwindling medical supplies. Despite their efforts, the Marine dies of his wounds. Nishi reads a letter the American received from his mother.

As a bomb hits Nishi’s cave, Nishi is badly wounded and blinded. His guys bind his wounds, and Nishi orders them to an additional position on the island. As a last favor, he asks Lieutenant Okubo to leave him a rifle. Right after leaving that position, the soldiers hear a distant gunshot from Nishi’s cave.

Being fed up with the battle, Saigo says to Shimizu that he will surrender to the Americans and does not care if Shimizu reports this to the Kempeitai. Shimizu divulges to Saigo that he had been dishonorably discharged from the Kempeitai. In a flashback, it is revealed that he was discharged since he refused to obey a superior’s order to kill a barking dog. He was then reassigned to Iwo Jima. This causes Saigo’s attitude towards Shimizu to soften significantly. Shimizu breaks down and fearfully asks Saigo to surrender with him. Shimizu and yet another soldier try to flee the cave exactly where they are stationed. Okubo orders them to halt when they fail to stop, he shoots the other soldier although Shimizu escapes.

Shimizu surrenders to a U.S. Marine patrol and finds himself in the organization of an additional Japanese soldier who had surrendered. The patrol moves on, leaving Shimizu and the other Japanese soldier and two Marines. A single of the American guards, who does not want to be burdened with POWs, later shoots them, considerably to the other Marine’s surprise and the two catch up to their patrol. The dead soldiers are discovered by the Japanese and Lieutenant Okubo points it out as a lesson for anyone else who wishes to surrender. Saigo, deeply saddened by his death, puts Shimizu’s senninbari on his dead physique.

Meanwhile, Ito has not come across any American forces to attack. Desperate, exhausted, and malnourished, his fanatical will breaks and when American Marines discover him, he surrenders.

Saigo and the remaining survivors uncover that Kuribayashi’s cave is under attack, and a fierce battle rages. They charge by means of the crossfire, and lose several guys, such as Lieutenant Okubo who effectively neutralizes an American Browning M1919 machine gun and its crew. They enter the cave beneath a storm of American bullets, meeting up with Kuribayashi, who recognizes Saigo. One last attack with all the remaining men is planned. Kuribayashi orders Saigo to keep behind and destroy all the documents, like his own letters to his loved ones. By this, Kuribayashi saves Saigo’s life a third time. Kuribayashi and his remaining troops launch their final attack. Most of Kuribayashi’s males are killed, and Kuribayashi is critically wounded.

Kuribayashi’s loyal aide Fujita drags him away from the battle. The subsequent morning, Kuribayashi orders his aide to behead him nonetheless, the aide is shot dead by an American sniper as he raises his sword. Saigo seems at this moment, getting buried some of the documents in the cave rather of burning them all. Summoning his final reserves of strength, the quite weak Kuribayashi asks Saigo to bury him so that nobody will uncover him. Kuribayashi then draws his pistol, an American M1911 — revealed in two preceding flashbacks to be a present Kuribayashi was provided in the United States prior to the war, at a celebration in which he was the guest of honor — and shoots himself in the chest. Saigo carries away the dead basic (unknowingly leaving the pistol behind near Fujita) and buries his physique at yet another place.

Later in the day, a patrol of American Marines come across Fujita’s body. One particular Marine claims Kuribayashi’s pistol and an additional claims Fujita’s sword as war trophies. They then search the area and find an exhausted Saigo with a shovel in his hand. Upon seeing the pistol tucked into a Marine’s belt, Saigo swings angrily and wildly at the Americans with his shovel. Too weak to fight properly, Saigo is knocked unconscious with a rifle butt and is taken on to a U.S. aid station on the beach. Awakening a whilst later, he glimpses the setting sun, with ships in the distance, as effectively as a U.S. truck, and smiles grimly.

The scene shifts back to the Japanese archaeologists who uncover the bag of letters written by Japanese soldiers on the island, in no way sent, that Saigo buried in 1945. As the letters fall from the bag, the voices of the fallen Japanese soldiers are heard reading from them.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this was a very poorly "planned" (I use that word lightly, because it seems like it wasn’t planned at all! Just drop a bunch of soldiers behind enemy territory, and hope for the best. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.) mission! The courage of these elite SAS soldiers is impressive ;however, they should have been surrounded with a MUCH BETTER leadership and logistics team–PERIOD!!!

  2. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Reportage!, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    This is gripping stuff, Bill – thanks for sharing : )

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  3. db cooper’s obviously dead if non of those bills, which they recorded, were ever circulated; no mystery in that.

  4. Why would you take " the hard way out "? And covering 200 miles in negative temp. nd no food or water this guy is a badass fr. Took out 2 truckloads of armed guys by himself?? Dammmn

  5. I hope the US or UK figured out who those Syrians were that did the mock execution. It would be nice if they sent a couple of spooks over to visit them, and play the same game–only in reverse!!!

  6. Ryan?Isnt that guy who write crap based on his life in the Iraq hiding behind rocks.I believe some people bought his books,mói not even at 50p at local carboot sales.

  7. 25:30 "No one has ever escaped Devils Island. Those caught in the attempt could expect no mercy (shows a guillotine)"
    meet Papillon 27:00 made 8 unsuccessful escape attempts. AhHaHaHa
    Goyim, I …

  8. how on f*ing earth is it possible to give to such an idiot the task of giving the radio frequency for such in important mission of a SAS squad???
    I mean it`s a SAS squad in a f*ing war, not kindergarden games !!
    how on fucking earth is it possible to make this kind of mistake in such situations??
    how on f*ing earth is possible to put such idiots to deal with these types of situations?

  9. I wonder if the idiot really kept struggling while in the quagmire since it’s possibly the worst thing to do when stuck in one

  10. He never saw his daughter. He added that to his story roake his familly feel special. I see through that, because I wouldve done the same thing. Fair play mate

  11. The quotation at the beginning of the Portland Hijacker is directly taken from Churchill from WWII, but as the person making the comment is from the States it is obvious that he believes that it is his own or he would have given credit to Winston.

  12. So an SAS soldier escapes to Syria for safety and now the U.S and its coalition are bombing the fuck out of the country. They should have shot that soldier on sight. None of those muppets even know what their missions are really about or why they are fighting pretentious wars. They just follow orders like good little puppets.

  13. I’m glad Biggs got away only because that sentence was too long for a robbery that didn’t produce any kills but then again he did or should I say one of them did beat the shit outta that one guy and he never told where the money was either so I can see at least 15 to 20 years but hey some you win and some you fucking lose..

  14. So I guess If I make a crime in the u.k fly to rio, have kids with my wife then the U.K law can’t get me well that would be something but then again in today’s world I am not sure if that can happen again or would it?

  15. D.B. Cooper is easily one of my favorite outlaws in United States history. Still no one can find him or even knows who he is. What happened to the money or even why he did it. He could have demanded a lot more cash but for some reason he only asked for 200k. Was he saving the money for retirement? or was he in some kind of trouble and there was no other way to get the money? maybe he got in trouble with a loan shark… who knows but would love to see what he’s like in real life.

  16. If he was the only one alive, how could one of his comrades give up his position, and if he ran away, how would his comrade know his position in the first place?? Plus, the SAS didn’t even know the weather conditions before the mission took place? Give me a fucking break,,,and to add to that, why would they look for SCUDs? they were highly ineffective against the Patriots…bullshit story

  17. …and I thought the radio never working in critical battle was only a shopworn movie cliche!!! I must say, that is baffling to me. When lives are on the line, how do you make such a PATHETIC mistake?? On top of that, how in the hell did they NOT KNOW that it was below zero there? Doesn’t someone check this kind of stuff, before tossing PEOPLE into the "fire"? It makes it seem all so unorganized. At a high level, my major issue with it is this. You are ALREADY going into a CHAOTIC situation!!! Don’t you think there should be fail-safe processes in place, to–AT THE VERY LEAST–ensure that key tools and uniforms are working and suited to the environment??

  18. why don’t they give up on Cooper if he is smart enough to pull off the job he is smart enough not to get caught

  19. It has already been proven that Bravo Two Zero went down nothing like how some of the SAS members in that squadron and especially Chris Ryan’s account. Other members and higher ups have confirmed that most of the firefights never happened and he most certainly did not kill two truck loads of soldiers. And apparently they killed over 200 hahaha they were all lying about everything and for the money from the book they wrote and interviews.

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