Escape Stories: Wonderful Escapers – Fantastic Escapes and Prison Breaks E07

Man’s desire to escape imprisonment is overwhelming and this fascinating episode functions some of arguably the most daring escapes ever known. Innocent or guilty they all displayed outstanding ingenuity, cunning and endurance to beat the system. Right here, in ‘Escape Stories’, they tell their wonderful tales of bravery.
Incorporated: the story behind the 1978 film “Midnight Express” a Cold War spy’s breakout from an English jail a lady who fled Iran with her 7-12 months-old daughter ABC Information correspondent Charles Glass’ escape from Lebanese captors in Beirut. Great ESCAPERS * Midnight Express * Not With no My Daughter * Over The Wall * The Missing Hyperlink

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Stories can be located anywhere, and each and every thing has a story, you just want to uncover it. They can get us to places we cannot think about as effectively as support us to escape from actuality for a while. But not all stories are told by way of phrases, some are advised by means of photographs, just like this photo.

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By Elias Ruiz Monserrat on 2015-07-22 18:14:00
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  4. 34:03, How to make a secret compartment. 1. find an existing compartment. 2. remove divider. 3. fuck off for a pint. Job well done.

  5. nowadays guards and prisoners would never be left in a dark room, you wouldn’t be able to scale a wall with just a ladder and guards certainly wouldn’t be allowed to take cover in downpour.

  6. I always thought that the _real_ escape ending was waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the movie . . . it seemed like the movie ran out of budget and just threw something together really quickly that was cheap and easy . . . the real escape was far more interesting and rife with tension.

  7. Blake was a traitor so he gets aided by more traitors and it seems to get celebrated, those that broke him out deserve 42 years too.

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