Ensiferum – Tale Of Revenge

He bears a tale so gloom and tragic by no means to be acknowledged
Into darkness now fallen, into hatred now grown
Like stillborn youngster drifting in the silent seas
Of blood, crushing all his dreams
No castle walls can hold the fury in his eyes
Devotion for death, now controls his existence
No gold or silver can deliver him consolation
Only one particular factor is left within him, the need of revenge

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One particular light so cold and pale, sleeping quietly all alone
One particular daily life so outdated and gray, wandering away from house

Parted with a horrid cry, snow falls on his grief
United by the sword of wicked screams
What deeds he has carried out to hear these deadful sounds
In the ruins of recollections he wanders, forever bound
Forever bound to death!

Wait for me in th mountains, haunt for me in the winds
Wait for me in the land the place nothing at all lives
Till the day I have found revenge, I will feed my sword
Until finally my heart is cold, every breath of mine is yours

Volund’s Tale, Stage 8:
Volund gets his revenge on the king by raping his daughter. To quote Joseph Campbell: &quotAnd constantly, right after the initial thrills of getting beneath way, the journey develops into a journey of darkness, horror, disgust and phantasmagoric fears.&quot And so, at this stage Volund will get a caged bird with which he can seduce the king’s daughter.
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By Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer/…./ on 2014-07-07 00:04:44

Oedipus President

“The Iraqi folks are searching at America and are saying

are we going to minimize and run once more? We’re not going to lower

and run if I’m in the Oval Workplace. We will do our work,”

President George W. Bush Jr.

Although George. W. Bush’s statement was meant to present America’s resolve to stay the program in Iraq, it also showed one thing else – an extraordinary insight into a son’s oedipal struggle to prove his father wrong.

George Jr.’s statement, “are we going to lower and run again? We’re not going to reduce and run if I’m in the Oval Office.” was a direct slap at his father, former President George Bush, Sr. since, if George Jr. is to be believed, Bush Sr. minimize and ran in Iraq when he was President a single decade just before.

It was previously thought that George Jr.’s invasion of Iraq was motivated, in portion, to avenge a failed assassination try on his father by Saddam’s secret police. It now appears George Jr.’s motive may possibly be far distinct and much less benign.

It is explained Bush Sr. favored George Jr.’s younger brother, Jeb, and hoped that Jeb, not George Jr., would adhere to in his political footsteps. If so, George Jr. has decided to make his father spend for his misplaced favoritism.

Peter and Rochelle Schweizer wrote in their book, “The Bushes, Portrait of a Dynasty”, that in 1994 when Jeb lost the governor’s race in Florida and George Jr. won in Texas, George Jr. talked to his father on the cellphone and afterward complained: ”It sounds like Dad’s only heard that Jeb misplaced. Not that I have won.”

But George Jr., a willful guy, is not one to be so easily denied his father’s adore. Not only did he turn out to be the son that would grow to be, as his father, President of the United States, he made a decision also he would be a better President.

Some believed George Sr. had produced a fatal blunder by not getting rid of Saddam from power when he had the possibility. So, when George Jr. became President, he surrounded himself with the really men- Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz – who believed his father had erred.

George Jr., as President, would not make the blunder his father manufactured. Alternatively, like the son he is, he created the error his father consciously chose not to make. George Jr. instead unleashed the ungodly forces of Muslim fundamentalism that his father’s advisers adamantly counseled George Sr. to keep contained by not getting rid of Saddam from energy.

It now seems George Sr. and his advisers could have been correct and Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz wrong when George Sr. chose to allow Saddam stay in energy. This is not to say that George Sr. did not make any mistakes. In retrospect, I feel we all wish George Sr. had hugged George Jr. a whole lot more when he was a kid.

Regrettably,George Junior’s reaction to his father’s favoritism was not to be confined to foreign policy. Bush Junior’s profligate investing flies in the encounter of his father’s rules. Regrettably, all of us, such as our youngsters and our childrens’ youngsters, will shell out the price.

A day of economic reckoning set in movement by George Bush Jr. is about to descend on us and if you are to survive the crisis, you had much better be ready.

Darryl Robert Schoon
“How To Survive The Crisis And Profit In The Approach”
“Time of the Vulture Investment Module”

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  1. The performance of Jaris was juste *** awesome as usual
    Big up to Ensiferum***** and to other Finnish bands specially Kalmah *****, Wintersun***** ,finntroll ***** Ablazer***** and Children of Bodom ***** from morocco

  2. May Revenge be our last resort…for those who muster the courage to hold it’s blade back are true men & woman DO not throw away your Golden life in vain….let alone end the precious live’s of those you hate & despise true strength of the spirit come’s from Self-control but like the old saying go’s an EYE for an EYE a TOOTH for a TOOTH.

  3. Revenge is a worry topic, even needs might to be discussed some times. Ensiferum seems to understand this subject if maybe even just a little of that broad field. Another one amazes with from the band Ensiferum.

  4. Arrastra una historia tan trágica y tristeza que nunca habrá que conocerse
    Ha caído ahora en la oscuridad , ha crecido en el odio
    Como un niño nacido muerto a la deriva en lo silenciosos mares
    De sangre, aplastando todos sus sueños
    No hay muros del castillo puede contener la furia en sus ojos
    La devoción a la muerte, ahora controla su vida
    No hay oro o de plata puede traerle consuelo
    Sólo hay una cosa que permanece dentro de él, el deseo de venganza

    Una luz tan fría y pálida, durmiendo Completamente sola
    Una vida tan vieja y gris, vagabundeando lejos de su hogar

    Se separaron con grito horrendo, la nieve cae en su dolor
    Unidos por la espada de gritos malos
    ¿Qué hechos ha realizado para escuchar tan terribles sonidos?
    En las ruinas de la memoria vaga, siempre vinculado
    Por siempre ligado a la muerte!

    Espérame en las montañas,atormentame en los vientos
    Espérame en la tierra donde nada vive
    Hasta que llegue el día en que satisfaga mi venganza, alimentaré a mi espada
    Hasta que mi corazón esté frío, cada uno de mis suspiros te pertenecerá.

  5. Lyrics

    Ele carrega um conto tão melancólico e trágico para nunca ser conhecido
    Dentro da escuridão agora caída, dentro do ódio agora crescido
    Como uma criança nascida morta à deriva de oceanos silenciosos
    De sangue, massacrando todos seus sonhos
    Não há muralhas de castelo que possam segurar a fúria em seus olhos
    Devoção por morte agora controla sua vida
    Nem ouro ou prata podem lhe trazer consolação
    Apenas uma única coisa é deixada em seu interior, o desejo de vingança

    Uma luz tão fria e pálida, dormindo silenciosamente sozinha
    Uma vida tão fria e cinza, vagueando longe do lar

    Partido com um choro horrível, a neve cai em sua aflição
    Unido pela espada de gritos perversos
    Que feitos ele tem feito para ouvir aqueles sons da morte
    Nas ruínas das memórias ele vagueia, limitado para sempre
    Limitado para sempre à morte!

    Espere por mim nas montanhas, grite por mim nos ventos
    Espere por mim na terra onde nada vive
    Até o dia onde eu encontrei a vingança, e eu alimentarei minha espada
    Até que meu coração esteja frio, cada respiração minha é sua.

    Hail BR…!

  6. Found this song when i was searching songs for my english final! Might i add it got me an A+!! So happy i found this amazing band!

  7. I know this fits a lot of heroes and villains, because it’s essentially about the stereotypical motivation of revenge.

    But for me it seem to just scream Arthas.

  8. This is all about the lich king,damn I love this band can’t wait to see them again and to see Jari in Wintersun

  9. Actually beautiful lyrics well done to the lyricist. Very haunting and amazing. More people should listen to this. Putting on my Facebook xx

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